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Thoughts/reviews on cat 3126 engine. They were a well built engine but their top end was weak.

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I will be towing a 34 foot 5th wheel.

3116 cat engine reviews. I have never had a cat diesel in any of. It has a 14' dump with 42 sides (13 yd) and a 3116 cat (not sure if 250 or 275 hp) mated to a 13 spd. Albeit the 3116 was used in a wide variety of application including many marine applications the cat 3126 and later the cat c7 were arguably better models.

Joined jan 1, 2012 posts 4,892 likes 3,250 location boothbay, maine first name john boat make 26' duffy, 23' seaway, 14' holland It is a straight 30 weight. How they do on mileage?

I have a 1993 kodiak, with the cat 3116 engine in it. I am considering the purchase of a mdt. Apparently the truck was stuck at a fairly steep angle.

I had a '96 450 dancer with 3116's. Our remanufactured caterpillar 3116 engines are completely remanufactured from the ground up to your specific serial number. My concerned that i heard cat made junk engine back in 90's but couldn't find info on i6 expect it was v8 diesel.

No shade tree mechanics on the cheap. To conclude the cat 3116 isn’t a terrible engine but is damn near at the bottom of the best diesel engine list. Id take a dt466 or a 8.3 cummins any day to a cat 3116 or 3126 1996 gmc k2500 4×4 6.5 turbo diesel, with mods blew the head gasket, put all new heads, valves, injecotrs gaskets etc on the truck only to get it together and find out it had no oil pressure, and sounded horrible (pry a spun bearing).

The engine is really strong and pulls the heavily loaded trailers easily, even up long hills. Manual allison auto my goal is a reliable truck that can pull my trailers around and do general farm duty. That could be, but the trucks that are in my price range almost all just say cat 3126 for the engine with nothing about it being an a, b, or an e model.

I have since bought a flatbed dump with the 3116, and am currently looking at a grapple/dump with the 3116 engine. 3116 are ok, they are usually gutless but run a long time. They are utilized as marine powerplants and perform well.

One still running with 650 hours will probably last awhile longer. I like the looks of the international, we even have several at my place of employment. Make sure you get a complete cat history on the motors;

Good engine, starts on the first revolution of the starter, runs strong. It was #5 exhaust valve that would blow up in the cylinder and make a big mess. Click the picture of spec sheet below to see the entire cat 3116 spec sheet.

They were not cats best engine. My m35a3 is equiped with the cat 3116. Which is the most reliable engine, the cat 3126 or the dt466?

20 jul 1994, 14:00 boat engines capt. I am a field mechanic for cat. I have a 3126e in my cat service truck.

The replaced engine had heating problems for a while. Changed oil every 4000 miles. One of my drivers hit the ditch on a remote site in northern saskatchewan.

One was repalced by cat under warrenty when ther boat was a year old with 300 hrs on it. I never have had to shift out of 10th on the steep hills. Total dry weight of the 3116 is reported at 1,500 pounds.

How many miles can i pull out this 3116? The 3116 is a mechanically injected motor that is pretty problem prone. Remembering the cat 3116 diesel engine it's been a few months since we sold our last bus with a cat 3116 diesel engine.

I would prefer an engine in the 250 to 350 h.p. We use the cat recommended oil; I think the 3116/3126 engines are fine, but possible need better/more frequent routine service than a dt466.

My local cat dealer is recommending that i put walker air seps on the engine to 1) prolong life, 2) reduce fuel consumption, 3) reduce noise and 4) lengthen service life of a variety of engine components. They are a little more $$ to maintain, however, if you buy an mv for collection/fun purposes, you will never wear it out A wrench happy mechanic tore the engine down thinking the head was cracked.

The caterpillar 3116 engine is built for pulling power. I am looking at a 94 gmc c8500 tandom axle truck 58,000 gvwr, 14,000 front/40,000 rears with leafs all around. It had 4.33 gear ratio in eaton rear axle and tires is 22.5 it had 6 speed manual.

It's down to basically a fl70 (8.3), ih 4900 (dt466) or chevy kodiak (3116). Do a little info search on the engine. The cat 3116 was engineered to be disposable.

Actually the valve stem would separate and the bottom half of the valve would bounce around and make major impressions on the piston and. It took forever to get the valves and timing adjusted. Sotouboy hi all, i have a pair of cat 3116’s in my 1999 ocean alexander 426 with 2,000 hours on them.

Bob armstrong, power & motoryacht magazine tags: Only has 78,000 miles on it!!!! Its overall fluid capacity is 6.6 gallons for engine oil and 7.4 gallons for the engine's cooling system.

The 3116 is capable of generating peak power levels of 205 horsepower at 2,400 rpm and 350 horsepower at 2,800 rpm. Cat 3116 dt466 8.3 cummins which transmission will be better? That is why i asked about them.

The 3116 had lots of early problems, soft blocks, head, injector problems. And get a cat survey. When they go … read more

Click here to check price: Boat engine reviews, diesel engines reviews, caterpillar 3116 review 0 likes 371 views the caterpillar 3116 is a versatile engine with a wide range of applications. I have a 92 chevy topkick with a 3116 cat engine in it.

We have a 1996 grand banks 46 with 350 hp cat 3116's turbos. I have a 10 speed trans. Saeo special application engine oil which is specific to the 3116 and 3126 marine and truck engines and is available from cat distributors and at most cat service centers.

I bought the truck about 6 months ago to haul my tandem dual, gooseneck trailers loaded with firewood. They can be tuned up on the dyno by a cat dealer for a few bucks out of warranty. I ran the truck hard for 2 years and never had any trouble.

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