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Typically humane societies spay cats at a very early age in order to adopt them out as soon as possible. Cats should be spayed about 6 months of age.

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However a cat can be safely spayed or neutered at any age, so even older.

Age limit to spay a cat. How young is too young? An estimated 5 million to 8 million animals are euthanized in shelters across this country every year. Cat owners find their pets recover quickly at this younger age and studies show no ill effects of spaying early in kittenhood.

No, there isn't an age limit when you can no longer get a cat spay/neutered, the only limitation might be that of poor health in an aged, or special needs, cat. In an effort to avoid the start of urine spraying and eliminate the chance for pregnancy, it’s advisable to schedule the surgery before your own cat reaches five months of age. Information about cat spaying age:

Most veterinarian clinics offer the procedure at a reduced price. To make it safe, you will need to see a regular vet (not a low cost clinici) and get preanesthesia bloodwork to rule out liver and kidney problems and other issues. Many pet owners find that the cost to spay/neuter a cat is less than having to pay for complications down the road as a result of not having the procedure performed.

Between 3 and 6 months of age is ideal. Older dogs may suffer from many problems that will require spay or neuter as part. If you get your kitten spayed or neutered when it is too young, it can negatively affect the cat.

While spaying is traditionally recommended for kitties between 4 and 6 months of age, spaying as young as 8 weeks old is considered safe, according to cat channel. Fixing an older cat has a 90 percent chance of reducing them, according to mar vista animal medical center. While there might be some differing opinions about the proper age to spay or neuter your cat, there’s no disputing that it’s one of the most responsible things a pet owner can do, not only for the life of a pet, but also to reduce pet overpopulation.

I am pretty sure they have to be 8 months old. The cat is getting up there in age and really it might just be better to keep the cat inside and simply prevent her from interacting with other stray cats. The cost of a cat spay will vary between practices but it is always worth it for the health of your cat!

It sounds like it is time for your cat to be it is miserable for you to live with a cat in heat!! However, if you spay or neuter your kitten too late, you can miss out on some of the benefits that spaying and neutering can provide. This is not based in science;

It’s possible to spay a female cat while she’s in heat. If your kitten is already spayed or neutered, we may perform the declaw surgery earlier. Most veterinarians in the united states recommend bitches and dogs be spayed or castrated between 6 and 9 months of age.

Why spay/neuter is so important for cats. If your adult cat is on the older side (for most veterinarians, over the age of 5), a thyroid gland check may be recommended or required as well. For many cats, that’s around 5 or 6 months of age.

What age should i declaw my cat? Having a cat “fixed” is a great way to help limit the population of local strays. Neutering your cat young can prevent him from starting these behaviors altogether.

The procedure is minimally invasive at this age and patients make a quick recovery. For social, health and population control reasons, it is now recommended neutering should routinely take place at around 4 months of age. If you decide to adopt a kitten, you will need to decide when to spay or neuter it.

Many veterinary offices will spay a female at twelve weeks of age. Most other domesticated cats will have been neutered as well so she should be safe. Traditionally male and female cats have often been neutered at six months of age, but this is after many cats reach sexual maturity and not based on any scientific rationale.

For the female cat, most veterinarians will place an iv catheter into the front paw the morning of surgery. Male cats tend to roam, fight and lay down urine markings more than females, but cats of either gender can engage in these unfortunate activities. Reasons to spay/neuter a cat

Kittens should be spayed or neutered when they reach sexual maturity, which is usually between four and six months of age. We prefer 3 to 4 months old for dogs and cats: The recovery time is much quicker when cats.

When to spay a cat. At what age should i spay/neuter my dog or cat? Why do we perform spay or castration at 6 months of age?

Typically, our veterinarians suggest you declaw your cat at spay or neuter time. Dear a., though spaying and neutering before one year of age is preferred, animals of any age can be sterilized. It is best for dogs and cats to be spayed/neutered before puberty which can be as early as 5 months old.

What is the age limit for cat spaying? Many animal shelters actually spay kitties prior to adopting them out at this age. Talk to your veterinarian to determine the best time to spay or neuter your pet.

“current recommendations for the age to sterilize (spay/neuter) cats are arbitrary and inconsistent. The minimum requirement is 2 pounds. There is no age limit on a spay but there are more risks as a pet ages so some vets don't want to do it.

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