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Originating from english bulldog stock, this dog's ancestors functioned as cattle and pig herders, but the alapaha blue blood bulldog is bred solely for security and companionship. What an awesome looking breed! what an awesome looking breed! ruger the alapaha blue blood bulldog puppy at 8 weeks old—ruger is a little higher energy than baloo but is a faster learner.

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In a true alapaha blue blood bulldog show of loyalty, otto often visited papa buck's grave to guard it.

Alpha blue bulldog pictures. Explore 23 listings for alapaha blue blood bulldog puppies for sale uk at best prices. Alapaha big sky kennels city: Information and facts of alapaha blue blood bulldog:

Other names of this bulldog are otto bulldog, and catahoula bulldog. Guardian, protection, companion, sport and farm use. Due to the breed’s origin as a working canine, the alapaha is dutiful, obedient, loyal and protective of its home as well as family.

What is certain about this breed is that it is a hard working, highly trainable breed that is confident, alert, possessive, protective and good tempered. Baloo the alapaha blue blood bulldog puppy at 9 weeks old; They are great with children, and get along with other animals.

It is a working and a guarding dog breed. The alapaha blue blood bulldog is a grand, powerful, exaggerated bulldog with a broad head and natural drop ears. Alapaha blue blood bulldog temperament.

They nearly reached extinction, before efforts to bring them back. Unfortunately, in 1943, papa buck lane was hit by a train and died. It is a medium size dog breed.

Lana lou lane's alapaha blue blood bulldogs in 1986. He will protect his family as well as his property. The alapaha blue blood bulldog comes in a wide variety of colors, including several shades of red, grey, fawn, brown, black, brindle, and mahogany, always with white or brown and white markings.

Alapaha blue blood bulldogs are an excellent companion and make excellent guard dogs and watchdogs. Blue merle, brown merle, white, black. See more ideas about blue blood bulldog, blue bloods, bulldog.

The cheapest offer starts at £500. Alapaha blue blood bulldogs (aka abbb or otto) are a highly rare breed worldwide. The alapaha blue blood bulldog has a short, stiff outer coat and soft undercoat.

Alapaha blue blood bulldog description. Full name is alapaha blue blood bulldog. Find alapaha blue blood bulldog puppies for sale and dogs for adoption.

The origin of this dog breed is united states. As a family guard dog, the alapaha's mental characteristics and abilities are very impressive. Many people believe that they descended from a part of the south of the united states for about 200 years, but the first official one originates from 1979.

Lana lou lane then took over her grandfather's breeding program and in 1986 she got in touch with the arf (american research foundation) to request help and information on how to increase the small number of dogs she had in. See more ideas about blue blood. Browse thru alapaha blue blood bulldog puppies for sale in usa area listings on to find your perfect puppy.

Alapaha blue blood bulldog dog breed information, pictures, care, temperament, health, breed history. The alapaha blue blood bulldog the alapaha is a natural family protector. 8/02/12 see alapaha blue blood bulldog breeders below!

Find your new companion at If you are unable to find your alapaha blue blood bulldog puppy in our puppy for sale or dog for sale sections, please consider looking thru thousands of alapaha blue blood bulldog dogs for adoption. Early, frequent socialization is essential.

As a rough guide, the average cost to keep and care for a alapaha blue blood bulldog would be between £100 to £180 a month depending on the level of insurance cover you opt to buy for your dog, but this does not include the initial cost of buying a healthy, responsibly bred kennel club registered pedigree alapaha blue blood bulldog puppy. The purpose of this breed is: Alapaha blue blood bulldog pictures and photos, old and new.

Baloo has one blue eye and one brown eye, as you can see. Blue merle, brown merle, or red merle, all trimmed in white or. Ich liebe hunde niedliche welpen hund und katze tiere hund süße tiere katzen englische bulldoggenwelpen hundewelpen französische bulldogge

The alapaha blue blood bulldog was used on the old plantations in southern georgia around the alapaha river. The alapaha blue blood bulldog is an average shedder. The alapaha blue blood bulldog has been known by many names throughout its history (which, itself, is hotly debated between the two major authorities the abba and iabbr).

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