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This species is endemic (unique habitat) to tanzania. They grow up to about 20 inches.

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There are a few different chameleons suitable to be kept as pets:

Are chameleons good first pets. Are veiled chameleons good pets? You came to the right place! These chameleons need special care , so if you are buying a chameleon for the first time opt for another species.

<br>you will find that there are a few pet stores that sell chameleons. The reason being these species are the easiest to care for, the most widely available and therefore the easiest to get equipment for and advice. It’ll be dead in 3 months.”

They live between 6 to 8 years and vary between 10 and 24 inches in length depending on sex; Chameleons can make good pets, who are exciting to watch and take care of, but they are definitely not for everybody. Although chameleons can be temperamental and require a lot of work, they make charming and interesting pets for those who have the experience, room, money, and time to care for them.

So, you are wondering if chameleons as pets are a good idea? The veiled or yemen chameleon is one of the easier species to keep. They can become very aggressive when a person tries to pick them up.

Chameleons look amazing with their beautiful colors, long tongues to catch prey with, and eyes that swivel in all directions. Dogs, cats, parrots, and little kids are all potential predators and will stress your chameleon if they are in visual range. Females tend to be much smaller.

Most chameleons will ready accept food form your fingers, even if they are not the tamest. Among the types of chameleons that can be kept as pets, fischer’s chameleon is a good choice. Most of them (maily all from what i have experienced and heard) you cannot pet or hold often or it will stress them out.

The word, “chameleon,” comes from the greek words, “chamai” and “leon,” meaning “earth lion,” and they originate from the lizard family. Chameleons will not like the animals we humans often keep around us. In the wild, veiled chameleons are found in yemen and saudi arabia.

They need daytime cage temperatures around 80* f and a relative humidity of 70%. Do chameleons make good pets? Males can grow to be 24 inches long and they can live up to 5 years.

Chameleons are not the hardiest nor easiest reptiles to keep, and starting with a stressed pet will only make matters worse. Chameleons are not the easiest pets, or easiest reptiles to keep. There are two parts to this question.

They do not make good pets, unless you want one like fish (look but don't touch). If you already have other pets you’ll need to do some planning as to where your chameleon cage will be. This article will talk more about each species and why they’re good for first time chameleon keepers.

These are the reasons chameleons aren’t good pets so if you haven’t read part one in the series you can have a look at that here first but it doesn’t matter which order you read the series in. You need to do a lot of research before getting one though as they have specific care requirements that are a lot different from pets you may have had before. All these things and more are reasons why chameleons are an increasingly popular choice of pet.

Chameleons are very hard to take care of. Chameleons will accept all commercially produced live food, they especially like locusts. As stated at the beginning of the article, the question really is not whether chameleons make good pets or not, but whether you would like to own one or not.

These chameleons need special care, so if you are buying a chameleon for the first time opt for another species. That said however, they can make good pets; As a teenager in the early 1990s, i worked at a pet store in southern california with a large reptile selection.

I think the biggest hurdle for many people and especially beginners is that they just are not good pets for handling. Veiled chameleons will eat some plant matter in addition to insects. The first question that you need to ask yourself is whether or not you are going to be able to take care of your chameleon.

Among the types of chameleons that can be kept as pets, fischer’s chameleon is a good choice. Birds are a natural chameleon predator so the chameleon should not be able to see any pet bird larger than itself. Chameleons are difficult to maintain, and new reptile owners should not start with this animal.

A veiled chameleon is the easiest, but still hard. Remember that chameleons, in general, are not good as a beginner reptile due to their complex needs and susceptibility to stress (especially while handling them) but if you are a. As the most commonly domesticated of all species in the chameleon family, the veiled chameleon can make an excellent pet as your first ever chameleon.

This is part two of a two part series helping you decide if chameleons are good pets or not. Talk about what is written here and use it to see how interested they get. These are panther chameleons, veiled chameleons, and jackson chameleons.

Originating from yemen and saudi arabia, veiled chameleons are one of the most popular types of chameleon and are considered a good first choice for any newbie owners. As i mentioned in the first part, chameleons are great pets but they require a lot of research before. Panther chameleons are active during the day, and require a similar environment to the veiled chameleon.

The first is whether the chameleon is a good pet for kids and the second is if kids are good for the chameleon. This species is endemic (unique habitat) to tanzania. They are popular pets and can make a good first chameleon.

The simplest approach is to ensure that current pets are not able to be seen by your chameleon. Chameleons are fun pets, but they may be difficult to take care of and will require a lot of attention if you choose to keep them as pets. In addition, the capture and shipping of chameleons (which fortunately is being more tightly regulated) results in the deaths of many animals.

Yes, chameleons make good pets, but a word of caution: They can grow to two feet, so make sure you consider that when buying a cage. Putting two chameleons together in a cage is not a good idea.

Make sure you feed a wide diet not the same every time, and you dust the food with a good quality mineral & vitamin supplement as instructed on the product. Among the types of chameleons, the veiled chameleon is the one most commonly recommended for the beginning chameleon owner as it is one that seems to adapt most readily to captive conditions. But please note that they will not make such easy pets if you are completely new to taking care of reptiles.

A special note is that chameleons will not get lonely. Chameleons are good pets because they’re quiet, they don’t need to be walked and are easy to keep clean. At shows we often hear the question “are chameleons good pets for kids”.

I tried socializing mine as a baby, and it didn't. Many more die in transit than make it to the pet store. These are very rare and you may not get these in all pet shops.

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