Are Siamese Cats Mean To Other Cats

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After all, most siamese cats would love to have a friend to keep them entertained. I've spoken to other siamese owners and they all agree with me that siamese are mean cats.

Snowshoe Siamese I am owned by one & she's a beauty

I believe that every cat breed has its own particular nature, and the temperament of the siamese cat makes it quite unlike other breeds.

Are siamese cats mean to other cats. We have 2 large breed dogs, 2 other cats ( 1 is a kitten ) and a parrot that roams the house. Not all siamese cats are bullies. It is common for siamese cat owners to wonder if bringing another cat home would be a good idea.

They are significantly more dominating than other domesticated cats. Other cats are usually on the other end of the siamese cat’s mean streak—especially those who share the affections of the siamese cat’s chosen humans.speaking of chosen humans, this breed is known to bond very tightly with one specific human, which is great for pet parents who want their own little sidekick. I have two siamese cats.

Siamese cats have the shape of a classic oriental cat. Siamese cats get along pretty well with most cats. Their triangular faces, long tails, and slender legs make them an elegant breed.

Siamese cats tend to bond with one particular person but not to the exclusion of all other people. Even though they crave attention, siamese cats can be mean when she does not know or like you. However, after interacting with a siamese cat, you might find yourself concerned with their sometimes aggressive behavior.

Siamese cats do get along well, with exception of few. Siamese cats can be notably possessive of their owner and living areas. Siamese cats are long and lean compared to thai cats.

This breed is also notorious for becoming jealous if you don't pay attention to them, which may be why they've gained a reputation for being mean. While many cats are placid, easygoing, and like to sleep a lot, a siamese is not this type of cat. Again, this is most likely one of the most common reasons as to why your cat is biting you and shouldn’t worry you too much about the pet not being disciplined.

The siamese will make sure the other animals behave, and she mothers all of them. Siamese cats do not tolerate the presence of other cats or dogs in their vicinity. Cats groom other cats close to them by licking their fur, and humans are not exempt from this sign of affection.

Understand that siamese cats differ from other cat breeds. Our siamese is the oldest animal that we have in the house, and she is the ruler of the house. In certain ways, having a siamese is much more like owning a dog.

At times your siamese cat can surprise you with its friendly and easy going nature. Their mean behavior can give you some clues to their past. I have a siamese cat and she is mean as heck.

I’m so sorry you got that idea! Siamese cats are very territorial. My previous cat was a siamese who struggled with feline leukemia until he was over 8 years old, and was the most adorable and caring cat in the world.

Cats hold a lot of power in their tongues; So just what is it about the siamese cat personality that sets these cats apart? When you are sitting down, a siamese will be in your lap, and at night he will be in bed with you, probably under the covers with his head on the pillow.

Siamese cats, with their blue eyes, are some of the most adorable cats in the world. But it has to do with other factors as mentioned above. Like all cats, a siamese may put on a mean show if another cat enters its territory or towards anyone who appears to be a threat.

Also, the siamese breed itself is typically full of more energy and playfulness than other breeds, so you may find that this is a common theme with your cat. We can look at this scenario as an extension of the previous reasoning. I did some research to see if […]

Their lick can indicate a multitude of things. In this article, i am going to explore the siamese cat personality as well as how they relate with other cats. Once the two cats have accepted each other fully, you can be sure that the siamese cat will appreciate its new playmate!

This is probably why most people doubt this breed. He was our only cat at the time but we occasionally brought h. If you have a siamese, who had a feral past and shows mean behavior, chances are that it had a hard past.

Cats may lick their owners to let them know they want their attention, perhaps to play or be pet. Thai cats are much more rounded, with thick paws and shorter tails. I didn’t want anything to do with one.

She bites my feet and claws my face. That they’re mean, temperamental, etc. Siamese cats are extremely fond of their people.

Compared to other cats, siamese cats may seem less affectionate, disinterested, and sometimes downright mean. I held out a long time from getting siamese cats because i had heard the same thing. I had not thought of pets getting jealous of other pets before.

A siamese cat is loyal to its owner but this doesn’t mean it won’t be friendly and sociable with visitors. Now, when it comes to siamese cats, they have been labeled the most talkative breed. Siamese cats also tend to form strong attachments with their favorite humans in the household.

Never have seen her be mean to any of them Knowing that siamese cats have a unique personality, you cannot help but wonder if they like other cats. The median lifespan of the siamese group was somewhere between 10 and 12.5 years;

Although it’s not fair to label a whole breed of cat as mean, it is fair to say that some breeds are more feisty than others. Not every feral cat shows aggressiveness or mean behavior. 68% lived to 10 years or more and 42% to 12.5 years or more.

Of course that shouldn't discourage you from getting one since they are beautiful cats and every now and then they act slightly nice. One is two years old and the other is six months old. Siamese cats are, perhaps, best known for their sleek, distinctive appearance.

They like to be “helpful” and will follow you around and supervise your every move. At the end what matters is that both the cats should accept each other.

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