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Researchers believe that their number decreases continuously due to intense deforestation (habitat loss. The asian golden cat prefers rocky woodlands of deciduous and tropical rain forests as its habitat, though it can sometimes be found in more open habitat.

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Asian golden cats can weigh up to 35 lbs.

Asian golden cat endangered. Asian golden cat general information: It was first discovered by a zoologist in 1827. Other articles where asian golden cat is discussed:

Exact number of remaining asian golden cats is unknown due to shy nature of this cat. Like most of its wild cousins, this cat is a creature of the night. The african golden cat lives in the rainforests of central and western africa.

Asian golden cat facts and information. Lgcfm and tom expansions required: The cat is an endangered species on the iucn red list.

Humans have been ruining some of the asian golden cat's habitat. And a female cat weighed 17.4 lbs. They have a very long tail that is flexible.

Species similar to or like asian golden cat. The asian golden cat was first described in 1827 by coenraad jacob temminck, a dutch zoologist, and was named in his honor. Asian golden cat (catopuma temminckii) thanks for listening!

According to legend, carrying one hair will protect the bearer from tigers, and burning a pelt will serve to drive tigers from the village. See more ideas about wild cats, small wild cats, big cats. Asian golden cat is similar to these species:

Wanton destruction of the habitat of this cat due to palm oil plantations and logging, and the illegal wildlife trade are the biggest factors responsible for bringing down the population of this species. Asian golden cats (pardofelis temminchkii) are listed as “near threatened” on the iucn red list and as appendix 1 of cites (as catopuma temminchkii). The asian or asiatic golden cat lives in forests of southeast asia.

Endangered species and european expeditions language: They look like a domestic cat in many ways but they are quite a bit bigger. It prefers to hunt on the ground, but does climb trees when it needs to.

The asiatic golden cat is one of the least studied cats in tropical asia, and little is known of their ecology. This makes the asian golden cat endangered because they can not find another habitat so quickly. Asiatic golden cat ranges were 20% larger than those of the clouded leopard, although the two cats were similar in activity and distance travelled.

China, indonesia (sumatra), nepal, southeast asia the asian golden cat lives in woodlands or in tropical rain forests mostly. It can be found in tropical rainforests, deciduous forests and subtropical evergreen forests on the altitude of up to 9800 feet. Jungle cat, sunda clouded leopard, leopard cat and more.

There are very few asian. The asian golden cat has been labeled as a near threatened species by the iucn. The asian golden cat is one that is medium in size.

The asiatic golden cat is heavier than the african golden cat, with a longer tail. See more ideas about big cats, wild cats, leopard cat. Asian golden cats, catopuma temminckii, can be found in the oriental region and parts of the palearctic region of southwestern asia, ranging from china and india through the malay peninsula, thailand, and vietnam (wilting 2010).although vegetation and high variation of habitat should allow this species to thrive, their range has been limited by expansion rates of humans.

Other assisted reproduction procedures such as embryo transfer and in vitro fertilization are also being researched and developed for use in endangered cat species. Its diet mostly consists of deer, rabbits, reptiles, and birds. It's not easy to take pictures of this animals, cause they're often hidden between bamboo.

The asian golden cat is not extinct but is near threatened.asian golden cats inhabit some of the fastest developing countries in the world, where they are increasingly threatened by habitat. The average size of an asian golden cat ranges from 20 to 35 pounds. The asian golden cat is also known as the “fire tiger” or “temminck’s golden cat.” in some regions of asia it is believed that the fur of the asian golden cat can drive away a tiger.

In captivity the cats are friendly but little is know about their social behavior in the wild. Asian golden cat prefers subtropical and tropical forests but also inhabits the rocky deserts of asia. The cat’s fur varies in color from light cinnamon to shades of brown, as well as gray and black (melanistic).

Some people believe that when crushed up the bones of an asian golden cat can drive away fever. …(catopuma temminckii), also known as temminck’s cat. In a 2005 thailand field study, a captured male cat weighed 29.7 lbs.

Asian golden cats are known in thailand and myanmar as ‘fire cats’. The asian golden cat is considered an almost endangered species. See more ideas about wild cats, cats, animals.

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