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The african golden cat (caracal aurata) is a wild cat endemic to the rainforests of west and central is threatened due to deforestation and bushmeat hunting and listed as vulnerable on the iucn red list. Livestock predation, which usually leads to persecution, has also been reported.

Asian and African Golden Cats Facts and Pictures

The asian golden cat lives in woodlands or in tropical rain forests mostly.

Asian golden cat population. (countries in which the species is present include india, cambodia, china, bhutan, myanmar, thailand, malaysia and indonesia.) the asian golden cat is over twice the size of a domestic cat. The asian golden cat is not extinct but is near threatened.asian golden cats inhabit some of the fastest developing countries in the world, where they are increasingly threatened by habitat. The cat’s fur varies in color from light cinnamon to shades of brown, as well as gray and black (melanistic).

Photo taken by karen stout. It was infrequently reported in south china, and thought to be rarer than the clouded leopard and leopard cat in that region. Its diet mostly consists of deer, rabbits, reptiles, and birds.

Established in 1964, the iucn red list of threatened species has evolved to become the world’s most comprehensive information source on the global conservation status of animal, fungi and plant species. The asian golden cat is prominent in ancient asian folklore. The asian golden cat is a predatory solitary animal, and can be somewhat elusive.

The asian golden cat was first described in 1827 by coenraad jacob temminck, a dutch zoologist, and was named in his honor. Sometimes referred to as the ‘asiatic golden cat’ or ‘temminck’s cat’, the asian golden cat is a beautiful, elusive creature. The asiatic golden cat is heavier than the african golden cat, with a longer tail.

In a 2005 thailand field study, a captured male cat weighed 29.7 lbs. In captivity the cats are friendly but little is know about their social behavior in the wild. Asian golden cat live throughout the indian subcontinent and prefer forest habitats with rocky areas and also found in rain forest.

They have successfully hidden from humans for hundreds of years; They are protected by some governments and the population is considered somewhat threatened. Adults can grow as large as a domestic dog weighing up to 35 lbs and reaching about four feet in body length.

According to the iucn red list, this species’ numbers are decreasing and currently it is classified as near threatened (nt). Its situation is considered to be more serious than that of the asian species. The asiatic golden cat is listed as near threatened in the iucn red list, but there is little specific information about the species available and its population status is largely some areas of its range it appears to be relatively uncommon.

Golden cat asian golden cat temminck's cat temminck's golden cat No estimate available for asian golden cat population size. The asiatic golden cat is widely reported as uncommon and threatened by deforestation.

Conversely, the closest relative of the african species is the caracal and serval. Its body size ranges from 61 to 101 cm (24 to 40 in) with a 16 to 46 cm (6. The population of the asian golden cat is classified as near threatened on the red list established by the iucn.

Allwetter zoo in germany celebrated the birth of twin asian golden cats on april 7, 2013. Clouded leopard is one of the wild cat found in the himalayan foothills of north east india. The asian golden cat has been known to threaten livestock.

Allwetter zoo is calling this a world’s first for the species. Conservation planning specialist group (cpsg) 12101 johnny cake ridge road apple valley, mn 55124 | phone: Clouded leopard is considered between the big cats and the small cats and has been classified as vulnerable.

The closest relative of the asian species is the bay cat. The asian golden cat has been labeled as a near threatened species by the iucn. In october 2014, wildlife alliance confiscated two golden

Major threats also include hunting for their pelt and bones. They can be golden/red, brown, black or grey in colour and some individuals can have a pattern of spots on their body. We know very little about their behaviour in the wild, and comparatively few of them have ever been kept in captivity.

Also called the temmnick's golden cat, the asian golden cat is found in nepal and northeast india through southeast asia, southern china, sumatra and borneo. The list categorizes animals according to their nearness to extinction. The low nucleotide diversity suggested a population bottleneck in the asian golden cat, possibly caused by the eruption of the toba volcano in northern sumatra (approx.

74 kya), followed by a. The asiatic golden cat is one of the least studied cats in tropical asia, and little is known of their ecology. This was a very significant event as the cubs were conceived via artificial insemination (ai).

Despite their similar names, these two species are not actually closely related. The asiatic golden cat (catopuma temminckii) is one of seven species of wild cat found in cambodia and may be one of the rarest. Asian golden cats can weigh up to 35 lbs.

And a female cat weighed 17.4 lbs. Asiatic golden cat ranges were 20% larger than those of the clouded leopard, although the two cats were similar in activity and distance travelled. At last report, one was being nursed by the mother and the other was being cared for by keepers.

The african golden cat is classified in the vulnerable category. Asian golden cats, catopuma temminckii, can be found in the oriental region and parts of the palearctic region of southwestern asia, ranging from china and india through the malay peninsula, thailand, and vietnam (wilting 2010).although vegetation and high variation of habitat should allow this species to thrive, their range has been limited by expansion rates of humans. Illegal wildlife trade, persecution by humans, and deforestation threaten the populations of this wild cat of asia.

Previously, it was placed in the genus profelis. It is a close relative of both the caracal and the serval.

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