Bald Spot On Cat Between Shoulders

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It was not discharging pus. This can mean more hair coming off on the brush, but can get to the point of developing bald spots.

Why does my 13 week old kitten have bald spots between his

Feline skin ulcers have many possible causes including parasites, infections, allergies, disease, burns, and a variety of other skin irritants.

Bald spot on cat between shoulders. Many owners report a subsequent bald spot after treatment, but say their kitties usually regrow hair in a few weeks. It is the size of my thumbnail and is concerning me. Small area of similar irritation under left eye appeared at the same time.

Unless you have a hairless breed such as a sphynx, there's a certain amount of natural hair loss that you should expect.however, if your cat's hair is visibly thinning, there are bald patches, or you. He is just about 4 years old, and has always been healthy. Skin ulcers in cats can be a red, inflamed sore spot on the cat’s skin, or the wound can open, seeping discharge from the affected area.

Anywho, i decided to apply it to several spot close together between my cat’s shoulders and when i did that instead of all in one place he didn’t get the bald patch. He is a completely black cat so a patch of bare white skin would be very apparent. The only explanation i can think of is that she is allergic to the heartworm.

Start date jul 25, 2018; Vet suggests ways top stop cat hair loss and irritation between shoulder blades. It looks pretty scabby, but i don't see scratches or anything.

The cat bald spot diagnosis can be done by performing a few tests, but a few additional symptoms may also help detecting a possible medical condition. Somehow a good chunk of hair is missing between tiger's shoulder blades, he is an indoor kitty only, i don't get it, 6 months ago the same thing happened but it was smaller and tiger didn't lick it off as bad as he did this time! I have a tabby cat who is roughly 8 months old.she has minor fleas, but does ldoes not itxch till she gets sores.

7 reasons why my cat has bald patches. I tried to take a picture but he didnt want to sit still any longer. In cats they are sometimes even referred to as miliary dermatitis.

I was wondering if you could perhaps help! We did not notice it last night. Bald spot / redness between shoulders.

No signs of inflammation at all. It has been a long time since i have posted here! Wash the product from your cat, antiseptics to treat the wound and if necessary antibiotics.

Hello, first time here, just looking for some help. An external parasite, for example, can cause both hair loss in cats as well as scabbing, as the parasite can damage both. Other causes of feline skin lesions:

Jul 25, 2018 #1 v. However, there have been occasions in which shoulder disorders have been reported in cats. Such missing patches of hair on a cat will rightly lead to concern with their care.

This is the best photo i could get. I got home from school today and noticed a bald spot on my year old cat. Use another form of medication in the future.

Nothing red, scaly or crusty. A hot spot in a cat is a very itchy skin infection, also called acute moist dermatitis and pyotraumatic dermatitis. A healthy cat will have a thick and lustrous coat (excluding naturally hairless cats), an unhealthy cat will lose not only their shine, but also the hair itself.

I have an indoor cat and he does not have any issues and also have an outdoor only cat and he is fine too. This morning it looked like an abrasion caused by sandpaper. Jane miller january 14, 2020 cat health leave a comment.

Voadkyn tcs member thread starter. Acute moist dermatitis (cat hot spots) acute moist dermatitis, or “hot spots,” are round, raw lesions that occur most often on the head, hips, and sides of the chest.they are most common on cats with long, dense hair, and occur most often during times of hot weather. Keep an eye on the area and check for a lump under the skin.

They will pull their hair out in chunks and sometimes lick a space bald if they have flea allergies, but if that's not the case, it's something you want the vet to see. My cat recently (3 days ago) showed signs of balding inbetween her shoulderblades. It was in between her shoulders and i was very confused as to why she had it.

My cat seems to have chafing hair on his back and shoulders has two bald spots (one shoulder blade one upper back) the exposed skin is white it seems there is no irritation. Hot spots can happen to any cat, but cats with fleas or a history of allergies are more prone to developing a hot spot. Tonight i got home from work to find my male with a bald spot between his shoulders about the size of a dime.

I have been using apple cider vinegar two times a day kind of in that area and was wondering if some cats can have hair fall out from it. The hair around it appears normal as does the skin of the bald patch. The spot between the shoulder blades is a good area to apply these treatments, as your cat can't easily reach it to lick off the medication.

I would have the vet test for ringworm just in case. My cat has a bald spot in between his shoulder blades. My cat has developed a bald patch on his back between his shoulder blades.

Learn more about the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of these conditions in cats on About 2 months ago i noticed she had a circle with no hair and it actually looks liek the top layer of skin has been ripped first i thought it was a yorkie/shih tzu mix my neighbor owns dragging her by here neck, so i didnt really get to panicy, well they just got rid of. It’s not uncommon for cat owners, alarmed to find a bald spot near a kitty’s belly or armpit, to ask their veterinarian for advice about handling excessive grooming.

A bald spot on your cat can vary in appearance, and your cat may have many areas of fur loss or just one or two. She is an indoor cat,and has not been outside since we got her. From time to time, some cats can develop a bald spot where they have had a vaccination.

Abnormalities of the ligaments and tendons in the shoulder are rare in cats, they are more commonly associated with large dogs and working dogs. Reply may 26, 2018 at 2:24 am External parasites such as fleas or mites can lead to skin lesions and itchiness which can cause hair thinning and self inflicted bald spots.

My indoor/outdoor cat has this bald irregular spot directly in between the shoulder blades. She eats, drinks, plays, but this still bothers her. He's eating well and doesn't appear to find it sore on touching.

Depending on the cause, you may also notice that your cat has scabbing in places where they used to have fur. Medication was applied by the shelter in this spot between her shoulder blades. One of my cats had a bald spot this morning on his back between his shoulder blades.

Cats with long, thick coats may also be. Joined jul 25, 2018 messages 2 reaction score 0. It was approximately the size of a dime.

The hair grows back over time.

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