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They are hardy, friendly, easy to handle and can adapt to any environment no matter the size. There is, if truth be known no economic benefit in keeping chickens at home for eggs these days but the difference in freshness and quality beats shop bought eggs by a long way and the pleasure in seeing a group of hens scratching around the garden providing you with a daily dose of amusement as well as organic bug control makes them so worth.

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Hybrids were originally created in the 1950’s as crosses of pure breeds and they were bred specifically to lay a large number of eggs in a year with a good ratio of feed to eggs and would mature and start laying quite quickly.

Best chickens for pets and eggs uk. The child can feed them little bits of corn and the chickens will come running when they see the child coming. First, laying habits are crucial. 5 minutes raising a flock of backyard chickens as pets with “benefits” is a fun, fulfilling activity that the whole family can get involved in.

These chickens love attention and will happily sit on your lap. In other words, you want chickens that are easy to look after. Find out more at

Brahmas make excellent pets, and they are a popular breed in northern climates. This guide is aimed at keepers wanting to keep laying chickens. It is known as friendly and robust.

They are also extremely friendly with humans so great if you want to train them to eat from your hand!. They have feathered feet, and they lay about 150 brown eggs a year (originally developed for meat production). There are many breeds of hen available in the uk, especially when you take hybrids into account.

Brahmas do well in cold or damp climates. Due to their friendly docile nature they can make great pets, and are suitable to have around children. Australorps are gentle and tolerant of confined spaces, making them a good breed for beginners and for smaller chicken coops.

I live in the uk have 3 chickens one hybrid given to me by a. As far as aggression goes, any breed developed historically for laying eggs rather than fighting or simply looking good, is going to be fairly easy to look after and handle. All of them have their good qualities and if they are kept in the right conditions and looked after with care, they will all lay eggs and be friendly.

There are so many breeds of chicken available, well into the hundreds! These are the top chickens most suitable in terms of temperament as a pet whilst also providing a steady volume of eggs to meet your needs. Sex link chickens lay about 260 brown eggs each year.

The main attraction for many potential owners is the prospect of fresh eggs, although they also make great pets and add character to any garden. The goldline hybrid one of the most prolific egg producing hens there is, laying a large number of eggs during their first 3 to 4 years of life. Normally they’re very inquisitive and friendly, and each one has its own unique personality.

Best chickens for eggs and companionship. The pekin is known as a true bantam as there is no large counterpart available. One of the best starter chickens to get is a hybrid chicken such as the easter egger, isa brown or the star (black star or red star) chickens.

These chickens originated as court birds for the sultans of the ottoman empire. This is a friendly breed, often termed the “golden retriever” of chickens. They take to confinement well and lay a whole lot of fresh eggs for you.

If you have a child with disabilities then chickens are also excellent pets. The sussex chicken is a very calm and easy to tame breed. Along with the rhode island red, the sussex, and particularly the light sussex, has been a favourite amongst both farmers and back garden poultry keepers in the uk for many years, particularly during world war ii where it was kept extensively as part of the ‘war effort’, providing.

Are you looking to keep chickens for eggs, meat, pets or a combination. This gentle hen boasts soft, shiny black plumage with tinges of green and purple. They know when there’s a treat on the way.

Most chickens being sold as egg layers to beginners for backyard flocks are what we call ‘hybrid chickens’. You can expect them to produce up to 250 eggs per year. So what criteria lands a breed on the best chickens for eggs list?

A guide offering tips and advice on keeping chickens for eggs and as pets. The extremely beautifully colorful chickens are a sight that few can resist, and they tend to be broody, so if you allow a clutch of eggs to hatch for a sustainable flock, the hen will do a good job with the chicks. Brahma chickens are large, calm, and hardy chickens.

In general, it has a dark appearance with brown and black feathers. It is easy to rear and should be provided with quality feed. Chickens are also great pets for children with disabilities.

Chickens were one of the first animals domesticated by man. Does your breed have the capacity to lay an egg a day or is it more like two to three eggs a week? Chickens were once thought of strictly as farm animals, but as more cities allow backyard chickens, these birds are now being kept for their pet potential, as well as their eggs.the following recommendations of the best chicken breeds for pets are based on keeping pet hens, since roosters are naturally more aggressive.

These beautiful chickens have a white body, with some black around the wings, tail, and hackle. Although some would say that it can reach as much as 300 eggs a year. For the beginner or novice chicken keeper, it can be hard to know what may be the best breed to keep, but read on for a few tips about what breed may be right for you.

Picking out the best chickens for eggs is a business decision that’s crucial to success. Kids love to help collect eggs, refill feeders and waterers, and watch the chickens chase bugs in the yard. 320 during their first year.

Overall chickens as pets are excellent for all people. Chickens communicate with more than 24 vocalisations, each with a distinct meaning, including warning their friends about different types of predators or letting their mothers know whether. Best egg layers for the table.

And hens that lay lots of eggs too, probably! Sultans are exotic chickens that make excellent pets. So, they make wonderful family pets.

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