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Black cat, white cat, what does it matter as long as the cat catches mice? Don’t let their color fool you!

Black Cat Appreciation Day Black cat appreciation day

The adoption center is also home to plenty of adorable black kittens as well.

Black cat appreciation day instagram. Learn all about why we love black cats for national black cat appreciation day on august 17. It’s really sad that in this day and age, black cats are still the last cats to be adopted. Animal welfare organizations like the aspca actually encourage the promotion of black cat adoptions on days like halloween, friday the 13th, or even black cat appreciation day, which is aug.

Illustration,digital art,adobe photoshop,wacom cintiq,mixed media Due to old fashioned superstition, some people believe black cats are unlucky. Even though most superstitions say that black cats are signs of bad luck, there are still some cultures believing of the opposite.

In particular, a scottish lore says. Black cat appreciation day was created to help raise awareness of the troubles faced by shelters when rehoming black cats. It's black cat appreciation day, so the aspca is waiving black cat adoption fees by jen chung aug.

Black cats are good luck charms. On thursday, august 17, at the aspca adoption center, you can adopt a black kitten at a reduced fee of $50.or, if you adopt an adult black cat, you will receive a free hard carrier to bring your new cat friend home in! The following are the reasons why you should celebrate this holiday.

Today is a good day to relax. Black cats are just like any other cats. Since our black cats tell all book was published, i’ve noticed an uptick in black cats in my @blackcatsofig community on instagram.

17, black cat appreciation day celebrates the myriad charms and. This day symbolizes the bond between cat lovers and their black cat companions, and is a day to appreciate the black cats in your life. Sounds a bit silly but people strongly believe in some of these things!

We will randomly choose one winner on august 18 after contest ends. Please post your appreciation by tuesday, august 16, noon pst with the hashtag, #bccblackcatappreciation and the black cat crew will repost the top five entries on black cat appreciation day. “it’s black cat appreciation day.

Wayne morris declared august 17 th to be black cat appreciation day to remember his sister june, and the bond she shared with her black cat, sinbad. Black cat day black bear black cats black cat appreciation day black cat cosplay black cat tattoos cats of instagram animals tulip. Some prefer to take home cats with more interesting colours and markings such as tabby or ginger cats.

Post a picture for a chance to win this sweet kitty kitty by 5pm aug 18. You can also support black cat appreciation day by reposting this announcement. In 2011 on august 17, wayne h.

Morris sought to cultivate love for black cats on a national level with the creation of black cat appreciation day. On national black cat appreciation day, august 17, black cats could use a good spin doctor. Black cat appreciation day is a favorite cat holiday since i began blogging here in 2011.

Black cat appreciation day was born. Today is black cat appreciation day! The black cat appreciation day is indeed an important day for black cats.

The only real misfortune is not having one to cuddle today for national black cat appreciation day. This year, i’d like to share some amazing black adventure cats from around the world. However people today still so strongly believe in certain superstitions/myths, which make them avoid black cats at all possible costs.

Black cat appreciation day was actually the brainchild of wayne morris, who invented the day in honor of his sister who passed away years ago on august 17, and the black cat that she loved. He used social networking to spread the word…and bam! In the cat world, august 17th is celebrated as black cat appreciation day…a day to recognize black cats and dispel the myths about them (though we know that all of you loyal readers appreciate all cats, every day)!

To mark the occasion, we’ll be celebrating simon’s two black cats, past and present: August 17th is national black cat appreciation day! Have a black feline in your fam?

While we love all of our feline friends at the aspca, we are celebrating black cat appreciation day 2017 with a very special promotion! • 4 photos gothamist this is cameron! If we get lots of great entries, we may continue reposting on subsequent days.

It began as a remembrance for his sister, june, who had tragically passed away at 33. This cat image has been sized for facebook and other social networking sites like twitter or instagram. See more ideas about black cat, black cat appreciation day, cats.

He is four months old, and the aspca. Am i doing it right? Black domestic cat (wikipedia) today is designated as national black cat appreciation is a tribute—if you will—to any “solid black” domestic cat of pure or mixed breed pedigree, and, perhaps, some of their wild feline cousins.

Black cats spend more time in care than any other colour save. The birth of this holiday was a means of immortalizing the love she had for her black cat, sinbad. Follow on instagram follow on linkedin pets latest 02 nov 2020, 1:30pm 12 ways to keep your dogs calm on.

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Black Cat Appreciation Day Black cat appreciation day

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