Blue Blood Bulldog Temperament

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They will consider the family and any children in it part of their pack and will be possessive and protective, but they may be aloof with strangers plus territorial/dominant towards other dogs. The program started back in the 1800s and was intended to rescue the plantation dog of southern georgia that was nearly extinct.

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Blue blood bulldog temperament. They are a loyal breed who also make brilliant guard and companion dogs. The abbb is the bulldog from the southern georgia alapaha river region. The prominent muzzle is covered by loose upper lips.

They are exceptionally loyal to their families. In den usa gibt es weitere, im typ ähnliche bulldogkreationen wie den alapaha blue blood bulldog aus georgia mit ca. The alapaha blue blood bulldog was developed by using:

Alapaha blue blood bulldog temperament members of this breed are alert and confident making excellent family protectors. The alapaha originates in southern georgia (united states). This means that these chunky dogs are courageous, with a strong territorial streak.

The alapaha blue blood bulldog is primarily used as a companion dog, or a guard dog. Lana lou lane’s alapaha blue blood bulldog read more » Alapahas are catch dogs, which means they are dogs not originally meant for families, but rather to work by catching and driving hogs, pigs and cattle.

Alapaha blue blood bulldog puppies that are well trained and cared for will grow into loyal, endearing canines. They can be suspicious of strangers and unknown dogs. Due to the breed’s origin as a working canine, the alapaha is dutiful, obedient, loyal and protective of its home as well as family.

Excellent with and protective of children. Today, the alapaha blue bloods are dutiful companions and guard dogs. The alapaha is known as a ‘catch dog’, with the primary purpose of the breed initially being the protection and herding, or catching, of livestock such as cattle.

They excel at obedience therefore easy to potty train, etc. Once known as otto, silver dollar, cowdog and catahoula bulldog, the alapaha blue blood bulldog began to diminish in numbers across the southern united states. The alapaha blue blood bulldog was used extensively in the development of several different breeds including the american pit bull terrier, catahoula leopard dog and black mouth cur.

Alapaha blue blood bulldog temperament. The breed’s primary purpose was to catch, hold, and drive disorderly cattle. Early, frequent socialization is essential.

Here are eight fascinating facts about this. They are great with children and other animals. The breed is very protective of its pack members and makes a good defender and watchdog.

Her website was discontinued and removed from the archives in 2002. They are also patient with children in the household. 48 cm schulterhöhe, den catahoula bulldog, eine mischung zwischen catahoula und bulldog von max.

The alapaha blue blood bulldog, often known as just an alapaha dog, is one of many breeds described to resemble a typical english bulldog. October 10, 2010 — 0 comments The alapaha blue blood bulldog results from three generations of an old breeding program of papa buck lane of rebecca, georgia, usa.

61 cm schulterhöhe, den victoria bulldog, eine rückzüchtung des alten, leichteren english bulldogs mit max. The following information was taken from ms. Alapahas are very observant, dutiful, and courageous and make excellent watchdogs.

The alapaha blue blood bulldog resembles the early bulldogs of england in appearance and temperament. Both the parent breeds are very similar in size and temperament. This write up is very rare and has only ever been seen by folks that saw lana’s website before she passed away.

Lana lou lane’s website 2 years prior to her death in 2001. Buck lane's granddaughter, lana lou lane continued her breeding program until she passed away in her sleep on. Due to their history, these dogs are prey animals and are very protective and territorial.

The blue blood cane corso is a hybrid of the alapaha blue blood bulldog and the cane corso. They don’t look for a fight, but they will definitely defend their family or themselves. Old southern white aka white english bulldog (web) who arrived in the usa around the 1700s, colby pitbull, old southern bulldog (osb) and catahoula cur aka catahoula leopard dog.

Originally the breed was bred to catch, hold, and drive cattle and hogs. When you need a protector who is home when you’re not. The alapaha blue blood bulldog is very intelligent and highly trainable.

This breed is named as such for its streak of royalty. it is a great watch and guard dog. Displaying a presence of nobility, they are confident, alert, protective, loyal, possessive, and defensive. These are the qualities of … alapaha blue blood bulldog read more »

Alapaha blue blood bulldog temperament. They are not dog or human aggressive. They will fight to the death to defend their owners and make excellent companion dogs.

The alapaha blue blood bulldog is a “guardian” breed. This is how she … ms. The “otto,” as the alapaha was often referred to, was the product of a line of dogs bred by papa buck lane.

Alapaha blue blood bulldog temperament. The temperament of an alapaha blue blood bulldog. The prominent eyes are the glass eyes (blue) or marble eyes (brown and blue mixed in a single eye) and are set well apart.

The alapaha blue blood bulldog has a fantastic temperament and gets on extremely well with children, although they can be a little aloof at times. The alapaha blue blood bulldog is dutiful and quickly trainable.

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