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Blues come in two shades, a deep slate blue and a lighter silver blue, both acceptable in the show ring. *to get a box around your free listing, become a link partner!

Sealpoint, Siamese kitten Siamese cats blue point

Most of our kittens are seal point, but we have an occasional blue.

Blue point siamese cat breeders. The most common is seal point, the dark brown points. The siamese cat is a sociable breed originating in an old region of the world, in an area called siam. “applehead” siamese kittens or traditional siamese kittens come in several colors.

Seal point siamese and chocolate point siamese kittens for sale in charlotte nc. I have loved siamese cats since i was a child. At one point in time there used to be around 30 different color points and marking varieties in the siamese breed for registration and showing.

The siamese is one of the first distinctly recognized breeds of oriental cat. We love the traditional siamese breed and carefully selected our progeny for hearty applehead genes with a touch of wedge elegance. Absolutely gorgeous siamese x bengal kittens 10 weeks mum is a apricot point siamese and family pet and dad is a bengal x.

The breed originated in thailand (formerly known as siam), where they are one of several native breeds and are called wichian mat (a name meaning moon diamond). Our babies come in seal, chocolate, blue, lilac, as well as more exotic colours such as lilac tortie and blue tortie points, and the rare cream point siamese. They ask nothing more than to be close to you, to be carried around on your shoulder and to gaze into your eyes (which is quite unusual, as to most cats a direct stare is regarded as aggressive).

Special cats for special people. Breeding quality siamese kittens and balinese kittens since 2003. We’ve spent hours researching to find all of.

Home raised, healthy, happy pets. My name is kim and i look forward to helping you find your new family member. We do not sell breeders, and we do not provide stud service!

Kittens sold with written health guarantees, and a written sales contract. The next popular is blue point, a slate gray as seen below. Here are some examples of our traditional siamese and what they look like as kittens!

However, over the years those numbers have dwindled down to four with most registries, and those four color points are seal point, chocolate point, blue point, and lilac point. Their bodies should be a pale grey blue, not beige. As with seals, they may darken with age.

Sacchidananda (acfa cfa tica) balinese,oriental. Upgrade your free listing for only $30/year. Other common colors are chocolate point and lilac point.

From blue point siamese to seal point siamese and everything in between, we are fortunate to be able to provide our clients with a range of siamese colour points, old and new. Finding a siamese cat breeder in florida can be difficult, but we’ve done all of the hard work for you. We raise the four standard colors of siamese, including seal, blue, chocolate and lilac point kittens.

All cats are lovingly raised in our home and we strive for healthy, happy showcats and kittens. We breed old style siamese kittens, sometimes referred to as thai cats, in the 4 standard colors which are seal, blue, lilac, and chocolate point. These are people who specialize in the breed and really understand their personality traits and how to care for them.

We do not breed wedgeheads. We are also extremely proud that again, we became a cattery of supreme excellence for 2020. Kim novak's siamese cat pyewacket has a featured role in the 1958 movie bell, book and candle.

Our siamese cats and siamese kittens are strictly indoor cats. If you live in florida and you’re trying to adopt a siamese kitten or cat, your best choice is to go to a siamese breeder. Montresor cattery, a special den of pure elegance in siamese cats, who grow up in the house as members of our family.

Pet cat breeders of purebred registered champion kittens. Seal point, chocolate point, blue point, chocolate tabby, seal tabby, blue tabby. For more information or to sign up, visit our get listed page.

You will have a blood line family tree proving the pedigree. In the skippyjon jones book series, the titular character is a siamese cat who befriends a group of chihuahuas. Home ==> breeds ==> siamese ==> cat breeders ==> massachusetts get a deluxe listing!

I would love the opportunity to introduce you to this exceptional breed and help you find your new best friend&perio. Or solicit listed breeders for any commercial purpose. You will be able to show your kitten/cat in official shows for the breed.

Blue isles siamese shows and sells siamese cats and kittens. We breed old style siamese kittens, sometimes referred to as thai cats, in the 4 standard colors which are seal, blue, lilac, and chocolate point. Find / search cat breeders.

Because of differing tastes among cat fanciers, the siamese cat has been bred to emphasize certain more popular cosmetic traits, relegating the original characteristics as somewhat obsolete in today's world. Blue isles (cfa) siamese more. Most breeders of the blue point would agree that they are very loyal to their owners and extremely affectionate.

The lilac point siamese is a very delicate, yet interesting combination. In the past we have also raised balinese, but are no longer able to produce them. Our kittens are sold for pets only, please!

I only sell on the active to breeders with a prefix and who have a proven track record. Traditional siamese kittens & traditional balinese kittens (aka old style siamese & old style balinese, applehead siamese & applehead balinese) c.f.a. Katz meow cattery is a hobby breeder in waterford, michigan.

Our kittens are well socialized, highly intelligent, and have gentle temperaments. Carolina blues cattery siamese kittens for sale in charlotte, nc. Godspeed (cfa) cornish rex more.

2 red tabby and 1 apricot tabby siamese kittens with beautiful markings 1 girl and 2 boys available kittens are extremely playful and brought up in a busy hous In the 20th century the siamese cat became one of the most popular breeds in europe and north america.

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