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Blue point siamese cats introduced by gccf siamese judge, and well know siamese cat breeder mrs j pounds of jomese siamese. However, over the years those numbers have dwindled down to four with most registries, and those four color points are seal point, chocolate point, blue point, and lilac point.

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Blue point siamese cat pictures. At one point in time there used to be around 30 different color points and marking varieties in the siamese breed for registration and showing. However, like the seal points, their bodies darken with age. This is the type most used in beauty contests.

Lilac point is the light grey siamese cat. A cat with a blue rinse? The nose is the colour of leather and the paw pads are blue;

The points are a slate or silvery blue; Seal, chocolate, lilac, cinnamon, fawn, red, cream, tortie, lynx, silver lynx, shaded or chinchilla, smoke and particolor points. Her favorite time of year is christmas because she loves to hide under the tree skirt.

Its constitution is typical of a common cat but with the typical. Mrs j pounds blue pointed siamese originated as far back as 1894 and were officially recognised by the gccf in 1936, making them one of the first two recognised siamese colours. Whilst the lilac point is also a very striking animal it differs slightly from the blue point in terms of its.

The blue and lilac point siamese are genetic deviations of the seals and. Blue point siamese lulu a blue point siamese, courtesy of stazia dimarca, for more pictures go here: Lulu her story is here:

Also, any version of the siamese cat can have any type of color point fur. The blue point siamese's appearance: The belly and chest are a lighter gray with blue tones;

The traditional or thai siamese cat is probably the best known. Many are a silvery grey color with bright blue eyes, but their coats can come in a range of gorgeous colors, including cream, orange, brown, and even blue or lilac. In addition to the blue pointed siamese above, this cat breed can be seen in all the pointed colours including:

This beautiful color is very common, but it should be noted that the fur of siamese cats darkens with age. Seal, blue, chocolate, and lilac are the four colors recognized by all the cat registries in the united states. Ruby is a blue point siamese cat, age nine months in the photo.

The body is gray with blue tones; They have a base of white or cream, but their face, paws, and tails are darker in color. Cream or ivory fur is more common than orange.

The blue point is most closely related to the seal point, being a diluted (or paler) version. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable rf and rm images. So, what is a tortie point siamese cat?

In the cat fanciers association, it comes in four colors: In the skippyjon jones book series, the titular character is a siamese cat who befriends a group of chihuahuas. Find the perfect blue point siamese cat stock photo.

Less than most breeds coat length. The short coat of the siamese has a fine texture. See more ideas about siamese cats, siamese, cats.

A tortie (from tortoiseshell) point siamese is a cat that has flecked or mottled points instead of solid ones, resembling the shell of a tortoise. On a white background siamese blue point cat. See more ideas about blue point siamese, siamese, siamese cats.

Their features are more pronounced. She is a very crazy cat that hates to be teased about her crooked tail. Blue point blue point is the dilute form of seal point, the dilute gene affects the distribution of pigment on the hair shaft leafing a more grey appearance like a seal point a blue point should have a black nose and black paw pads.

Seal point, a pale fawn to cream body with deep seal brown points and deep brown nose leather and paw pads; The modern siamese cat is a variety of the siamese cat that appeared in 2001 in which a finer, elongated and oriental style is sought. Kim novak's siamese cat pyewacket has a featured role in the 1958 movie bell, book and candle.

These are also the four most widely available colors. In contrast to their bright eyes, it is striking. Most of us have heard of seal, chocolate, blue, lilac and even flame points, but torties?.

Dilute is a recessive gene and could have hidden in the first generation of siamese brought over. Blue point with tabby mix blue point siamese cat with a mix of tabby have adorably colored cream or light grey/bluish fur that is ornamented with stripes either appearing a lot darker.

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