Can French Bulldogs Swim

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You should see your french bulldog as a newborn baby when it comes close to water at a depth of less than a few centimeters. The french bulldog breed has a good swimming instinct and interest in water but their anatomy makes it difficult for them to swim.

Here is how a bulldog can fly and swim at the same time

So while it might be tempting to let your frenchie cool off in the pool it's important to know that they absolutely cannot swim.

Can french bulldogs swim. This is a common problem for dogs of a similar breed and size. Learn about the best life jackets to keep them afloat, puppy pools, and the reasons behind why frenchies just sink in the water. If a french bulldog were to only use their front legs, they’re going to struggle more and tire themselves out faster.

This does not mean that they can’t play with you in the water, though. Can any french bulldogs swim? Why can't french bulldogs swim?

Caution for french bulldogs around water is a genuine concern and should not be taken lightly. Then you should consider getting a kiddies pool for your furry friend. , but they are top heavy and those that can swim cannot swim for more than a few feet without eventually going under.

In other words, they sink very easy and have quite some trouble keeping their noses above the water line and breathing in the water. And frenchies do love water, especially on a hot day and they are looking at cooling down. The dogs have an average lifespan of 10 years and tend to weigh approximately 20lbs when they are fully grown.

This requires 100% constant supervision. Sure you can let one go and it may swim 10 feet or a bit more, but even the most water loving, seeming like he can swim frenchie, will go under. October 27, 2019 ~4 minute read as an amazon associate i earn from qualifying purchases.

It's easy to see why someone might think frenchies can swim. These pets are a smaller breed of the dog family and very popular in europe and the united states. However, french bulldogs can take a guided swim in pools or puppy water tanks.

This makes it difficult for french bulldogs to tilt their heads upward in water, thus making it difficult to breath while swimming. With those short snouts, cute faces that we love so much, wide skulls, little legs, and body proportions, they are just not cut out for swimming. If the only or major reason you need your dog to swim is to cool off when overheated and in hot summer months.

French bulldogs believe they can swim wholeheartedly, yet their body’s buoyancy is something which begs to differ. After all, they overheat easily, especially in the summer and the water is a great place to cool down. When the weather grows warmer, we also need to remember that french bulldogs can tend to overheat more easily.

Additionally, you should purchase a life vest for your dog. The question of can french bulldogs swim is often a “yes, but” because of poor heat/humidity tolerance, along with other issues. Most bulldogs can swim, but not well.

Can french bulldogs swim in kiddie pools baby pools? It's true, french bulldogs can't really swim. Thanks to their brachycephaly skull, a frenchie’s facial structure will have a short nasal passage and flat skull.

Quite the safer option compared to lakes, ponds or pools. Well, now some of you will probably say that your frenchie knows to swim, right? French bulldogs can’t swim and here’s why.

No, french bulldogs cannot swim well. However, i bet you've never allowed your dog to swim in the sea, lake or river. Features of their facial structure, such as their short nasal passage, require bulldogs to tilt their heads upward while in water.

Your frenchie has probably used to spend a pleasant and relaxing time in. They make an excellent companion as they are always calm. They can not properly swim and are prone to sinking.

Can frenchies swim at all? Frenchies can be taught to swim if you dress them in life swimming jackets. As a result, swimming is much more difficult for them than other breeds.

French bulldogs have a short body, flat face and thick neck structure. Some owners have bulldogs that love water and enjoy. But the truth is like most bulldog breeds they may be able to sustain brief periods of swimming but they will eventually make their way to the bottom of the pool or lake.

French bulldogs have to spend a lot of energy and force just to float and keep their head above the water. Why french bulldogs can't swim. French bulldogs that have very moderate faces for the breed;

You should never, under any circumstances, leave your french bulldog alone near water or outside on a hot day. French bulldogs can't swim and no matter how hard you try, you'll not be able to make them become good swimmers. Affiliate disclosure the owner of this website,, is a participant in the amazon services llc associates program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to review to amazon properties including, but not.

So, can french bulldogs swim? As such, they should not swim without a life jacket. All bulldogs are generally bad swimmers because they are top heavy and have flat snouts.

They look adorable, but it’s also because of these traits that they can’t swim. A french bulldog definitely loves water, but most bulldogs can’t actually swim. Although you can see a lot of photos and videos of french bulldogs swimming on the internet, you must not let that fool you!

Canine life vests are easy to find in most pet stores during the summer, or are available online the rest of the year. A bulldog can bathe well and even going a little further into the water can go well, as long as he can stand on the bottom with his feet. This breed’s brachycephalic snout increases heat/humidity intolerance during exercise and similar activities.

Why can’t french bulldogs swim? However, wearing jackets is not enough for these little gremlins, so you gotta keep an eye on them even when they wear life jackets because there is a possibility to roll over. Some french bulldogs will only use their front legs to swim, especially if their head is pointing upwards, so giving them some extra support can help them use their back legs too.

It is very unfortunate that french bulldogs cannot swim in restless waters like seas, lakes and rivers because of their body structure.

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