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Not only does hissing convey aggression, a warning to stay away, but it also establishes social order between cats. Our pets like to be in control, so it may take some time for resident cats to adjust to new kittens.

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Cat hissing at a new kitten.

Cat hissing at new kitten. A move to a new home, a visit to the vet's office, or an illness or wound may illicit a hissing sound. This can happen when there is a new cat in the household as it means the regular schedule is disrupted due to the new pet addition. A hiss occurs “when a cat exhales a burst of air through the mouth, causing a noise that sounds similar to a snake hiss,” explains dr.

Start date may 21, 2005; Anonymous thank you all for the good advice, i feel a lot better, this is my second attempt with a new kitten introduced to the house hold. Contrary to popular belief, hissing is not an aggressive behavior, nor is it generally exhibited by an aggressive cat.

Feliway imitates natural cat pheromones and helps a new cat feel more comfortable. When ever i go to pet my cat he howls and hisses at me. Joined may 21, 2005 messages 3 reaction score 0 location seattle.

Respect his boundaries, and don't handle your cat in a way he is not comfortable with. Your new cat does not want to be stressed by the smells of other cats while s/he is first adapting to his or her new surroundings. Like with humans, aggression can take on many forms.

My cat is hissing at me because of new kitten. A cat may hiss at the new kitten because she is expressing territorial aggression, feeling unsettled, and unwilling to share her space. New kitten with older cat by:

Although hissing itself is natural and harmless, it can be a precursor to your cat attacking your new kitten, which is why it is essential to be vigilant. What to do if my cat hisses at the new cat? While the hissing is still occurring, it is imperative that you do not leave your cat and new kitten alone in the same room, unsupervised, because this could put the kitten in physical danger.

5 reasons your cat's hissing at your new kitten. This is a normal cat behavior when there is a new kitten in the household and can best be addressed by properly introducing the cats to each other. Aggression may be to blame for your cat hissing at you.

Pandorasroomie tcs member thread starter. She has published over 30 articles on how to care for pets properly. Also, watch out for bullying between your kitties.

Introducing a new pet, particularly a kitten, into an older cat's home may generate hissing from both animals. A high perch, for instance, can be a good place for your cat to observe the kitten for a while. View all 42 articles learn about our editorial process.

I just got a new kitten and my original cat will now not let me touch him. This is completely normal and as long as it is just hissing and swatting, do your best to not interfere. Marci koski, a certified feline behavior and training professional with feline behavior solutions in vancouver, washington.

Your cat should have a safe place to get away from the new kitten until they have gotten comfortable with each other. Don’t take this personally, in my experience it’s really not the case. Let them feed together (but monitor them) 01.

Hissing in cats is a commonly misinterpreted behavior. Your older cat may have a period of time when it tries to establish a hierarchy with the new kitten. This is really breaking my heart.

If your cat is frequently hissing at your kitten, keep meetings short and brief, using a feliway diffuser to help them remain comfortable and calm. Here are some detailed examples of aggression so that it can better help you to understand what your cat is experiencing: Alina has been writing articles for.

Your cat will often act like they are upset at you too when you bring a new cat into the home. For example, if one cat is avoiding certain areas or one cat is blocking the other from a particular space or resource then this is a sign of bullying. Provide your older cat with areas outside the kitten's reach where only it can go.

Cats may also hiss while displaying aggression during a fight. Cats may also hiss if they are frightened or injured. Here are some things to do if your new cat is constantly hissing:

Hissing is used as a warning, telling the other cat to stay away from you don't need to be afraid, however, you do need to keep the kitten away from your other cat. This is not the same as the resident cat teaching a kitten rules/proper behavior. I know i need to give it more time, but i am very frustrated by my cat's.

It’s more likely that your cat is upset because of the new cat entering the home and they are in a mood. It requires you to distract your hissing kitten with a simple toy (look below for my best ones). My new cat won't stop hissing.

Hissing is a defensive gesture. Always make sure the cat has an escape route to avoid you if she feels threatened. Okay it is normal for most resident cats to except a new cat/kitten with some hissing, growling, and swatting.

When a cat hisses at a new cat or kitten, she is expressing a form of territorial aggression. I’m absolutely devastated that i’ve ruined things and i’m scared. My kitten is very well natured and isn't hissing or scared at all she is happy and purring.

If your cat does not like to be petted, or held, or picked up, hissing may be his way of letting you know. Your kitty views your home as part of her territory, one that she must defend from any strangers coming into it. Your cat may feel threatened by new people, noises or other changes in the household.

I feel like both of us probably have the new kitten’s scent on us, so i’m not sure why he is treating me differently now. By maura mcandrew contrary to popular belief, hissing is a normal way that cats express fear, not aggression or hatred. May 21, 2005 #1 p.

Why is your cat hissing at the new kitten? That’s why your cat loves that new basket you bought or the cardboard box you just unpacked. Your older cat may hiss and swat at the kitten when the newcomer does something unfavorable.

Distract your hissing kitten with a toy (the best option) this is by far the best option. I’ve put him in his own room with all his things. What i was talking about and i assume the op is as well is when the resident cat tries to kill the new cat!

He is still allow my boyfriend to pick him up and pet him but he is hissing at me. Distract your hissing kitten with a toy (the best option) separate the two cats completely; I just got a new cat last night.

Many believe that hissing is a form of a mimic of a cry for help, where an animal (in this case, a cat) mimics a dangerous, intimidating creature in order to protect itself when it feels threatened. I brought a new kitten home a couple of hours ago. Will everything be ok once they’ve gotten to know each other?

If your cat isn't accepting of the new kitten they will manifest it through their body language by hissing and threatening body postures.

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