Cat Ran Away And Never Came Back

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We thought she would never come back. About two years ago, i spent christmas and new years and a couple days after in the hospital.

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We assume she went to sleep and peacefully died.

Cat ran away and never came back. I miss him a lot and i'm not able to concentrate on anything else. All of a sudden he's been missing for a week. I’ve had many cats go out and not return, and one or two that came home and died.

Do you think she'll know the way back home ? We took a walk the next evening, calling for him, asking neighbors if they had seen him. Then one day, she showed up (hungry of course) but with frostbitten ears.

He returned with some pretty bad injuries. For indoor cats, many people want to know if their cat gets outside will it come back. Look at the tips listed here and start making changes to your strategy.

He was fine after that and came home regularly twice a day. Will she come back ? His owner said the cat had stopped getting along with his own mother.

Knowing this, you want to keep them close by. If your cat was away for a long time, you don't want to traumatize it further. She is 6 yrs old and is spayed and she is a very intelligent cat.

I cried for days just thinking of how scared she must be. All of our male cat run away & never come back. My cat went out one night and we never saw him again, till 7weeks later!

It's life. i was actually more relieved that i wasn't dealing with a dying cat. Found the research that cats are usually very nearby. A lot of dog owners give up too early.

She always comes home at the same time of night to eat and sleep, everyday faithfully for the 13 years, on christmas we let her out and she never came home and is no where to be found. Hope u find your cat! But we didn't give up right away.

I got a call when they found h. I searched and searched for 7 weeks. The tips of her ears were gone.

My cat penny recently passed away at the age of around 20, i think. Gigi was an indoor cat; My cat is about 3 years old.

But i’ll tell you a story. The next day, it rained. Talk to your animal and show your love.

I’m not that worried because my other cat ran away 3 times and came back every time (sometimes after more than 20 days of being gone). Anyways, when he never came back home i had prepared myself. Please help me by giving me tips on how to find her?

My cat ran away far from home! I know that the first one got addopted cuz i saw him a year latter (unmistakable facemark), he hated my mom so he never came back, but the other male, like many other cats & small dogs in the neighborhood, became food for hawks & coyotes, & we live in a freaking city! He had been missing for a week when he was about a year old.

Though we tried to catch her , it ended in vain. Shouting “my dog ran away and never came back” is a tough thing many dog owners go through, but it’s important to keep your chin up and work hard on the search. This purebred himalayan was given to me by a client.

I accidentally left my back door open and i guess she ran away. My male domestic cat ran away about 2 weeks ago, and hasn’t come back yet. I had a cat that was gone for weeks in the middle of an illinois winter.

Never been outdoors on her own. My cat ran away in the night. Prior to that, i was the o.

Tonight my mom put her outside since she kept peeing on the rug in this one corner. If he doesn’t come back, try not to assume the worst. This is all you can do and it is never a good thing to give up.

We got penny at the age of around 18. We let him leave the house sometimes and the longest he's been away has been 4 days when he then came back sick but later got better. She is an indoor cat, shes in heat, and she loves my mom.

Over a month later, we find her sitting by the mailbox. My cat is an indoor cat, we've had her for 6 years. After three years at my house, dickens ran away and established residency at the very posh subdivision nearby.

Did everything, put up signs, walked and walked, looked everywhere. Our theory (right or wrong) was that someone picked her up and took her somewhere and left her there. It needs to find its marks and get used to the environment.

It sucks knowing that your cat could be in someone else's home or dead or scared by herself. My cat ran away last night and i was wondering if she will come back? If it’s in your cat’s nature to wander off for days at a time, try not to worry.

This place is new so i'm worried if she will.b ok.and if she would return. Your cat might be injured. She ran away one night and never came back.

Hi all, my female cat ran away yesterday night as she was in heat and we saw that she was with some male cat. I am worried about her as she don't have experience in hunting or stealing food. Losing a kitty is a scary time;

I left some food & water under a bench. They likely won’t travel too far from where they got loose. Here are seven things you can do to help the search if your indoor cat got lost!

We never knew if he just ran away, was taken in by someone else, or died. Microchipping is very helpful as it can help insure a cat from being lost as well as being stolen or taken in accidentally as a stray. Don't let your cat out too soon after its disappearance.

I have just shifted to a new place and it's been only 4 days. My dear sweet purrty got out and ran away. I live in a wooded area with lots of wild life so i imagined the worst.

I've had my cat, carlos since he was born. Most cats will attempt to find their way home which can be dangerous. How long do you think she'll be gone ?

Let your animal rest for a few days and offer plenty of food. He probably ran off to die somewhere. I keep looking around for him but i've never even seen him.

A veterinary clinic should have a scanner to scan lost cats and return them to their own after they ran away. A vet once told me that one of the main reasons for lost cats ,is that they can travell up to five miles to find a mate,especially if they havent been spayed or neutered. She isn't at an animal shelter, and she is really vicious to other people she does not know so i dont think anybody could have picked.

My cat is 13 years old and has been an indoor outdoor cat for her whole life. The first step is to understand that a cat in an unfamiliar area will try to hide as soon as possible. I went out every night with the kids calling himand looking for him but nothing.try ringing the lacal vets and cat places near you.

She's never been outside all on her own for a long period of time before. I took care of his stray mom and when she gave birth to him and his siblings i kept him bc his mother ran away and never came back. When they told her they were moving to texas, she decided she was a yankee after all, and came home.

My indoor cat got lost outdoors — here’s how i found her. She used to run away and come back everyday in my old house.

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