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It depends on what you mean by “lump.” if you mean a large bump, like the size of an almond or bigger, then this is most likely a hernia from the surgery. Previous cats only had a little swelling at the incision site (external stitiches).

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I know some swelling is considered okay, but 'some' is a relative term.

Cat spay incision soft lump. Transform your studio at a fraction of the cost. In the case of a spay procedure, the lump will appear around the incision line on your dog's abdomen. She did climb under the covers last night to snuggle, which isn't normal for her.

Reasons for a lump at the surgery site. Its gotten bit bigger overnight. If you see a lump near your cat's surgery site, you should contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.

If you can take the cat to the vet who spayed her, many will not charge to quickly inspect the incision, as long as no further procedures must be done. This is usually caused by an overactive immune system in response to excess movement and activity by the cat. I would say it’s about half a tablespoon.

Many veterinarians place kittens on preventative antibiotics after spay surgery. These firm swellings are not painful. I have had numerous cats spayed over the years and this is the first time i have ever seen a lump like this before!

Other reasons include a hernia, scar tissue or infection. There are several possible causes for a lump under a spay incision. One for the abdominal muscles and one for the skin.

Just noticed kittens spay incision has small lump under it, doesn't seem sore or bothering her. The cat has not licked the wound excessively (i work from home so i have been monitoring her closely), nor does the lump seem painful. Spay was a week ago.

A postoperative lump or swelling at the surgery site can mean a few different things. A listless kitten with a fever should be seen quickly by a veterinarian to treat possible infection. There is now a small, soft lump under the incission site.

The lump feels liquidy and it doesn’t seem to hurt. She is eating and playing normally. Your vet is the best source of feline health advice.

Posted by 1 month ago. Causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment posted in lump , reviewed & updated on may 6, 2019 after surgery, perhaps not immediately, but in the weeks thereafter, it’s possible to develop what feels like a hard lump beneath your rehabilitating incision scar. But she still doesn't seem affected much.

A seroma is an accumulation of fluid, which is called serum, within a pocket of tissue under the skin. This is exactly as it sounds, a lump in the area that has the incision for the operation. There are two sets of sutures necessary;

My last cat we had spayed had a huge lump within the first couple of. The lump feels firm when i press on it. If you’ve just had your cat spayed you may have noticed what’s called a cat spay incision lump.

Soft swelling at the incision site, drainage, redness and oozing can be symptoms of a bacterial infection. A seroma appears as swelling at the surgical site, and this can occur during the recuperation period that follows any surgical procedure. Active cats may develop a large, firm swelling around the incision.

Cat spay incision lump ‏today is day five of my cat’s spaying surgery recovery, the incision itself looks fine but the lump got bigger. See why our authentic, approachable diy equipment is second to none. In most cases, though, it is nothing to worry about.

I had my two 6 month old kittens spayed two weeks ago on saturday. A small amount of redness and swelling is usual. If the lump is a big as your thumb, that's awfully big to be a suture reaction.

One possibility for a lump under a dog's spay incision is a seroma, which is a collection of fluid. No oozing or discharge from the area. Most common reasons for a spay incision lump:

It’s more than likely nothing to worry about, but you need to have it checked out. Scabs may form over the incision site and around the sutures (stitches), but the incision should not be painful to the touch. She doesn’t care when i touch it.

The area looks okay with the exception of an oblong quarter sized lump that sticks out about 3/4 inch from her abdomen. Hard lump under incision after surgery:

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