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While we would never wish pain on any animal, it doesn’t mean there isn’t still humor to be found in the situations. Maryskater wrote:i'm glad to hear that a bee sting, even in the mouth, can heal okay.

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We’ve chosen the most ridiculous ones to share with you today.

Cat stung by bee on cheek. The bee sting on the left cheek has made it a lot more fluffier. If the cat is stung by a bee, scrape the stinger off immediately with a credit card or dull knife. To get the bottom of it, we teamed up with the special effects team at.

“it was a bee, and despite her best efforts to drop it, it stung her on the lip. Cat had to be put down after being stung by a bee contaminated with toxic lily pollen that made its kidneys shut down. I don't feel there's a need to take her to the vet as she has no.

While i was removing the bee, ghost ambled past with his cheek the size of a golf ball. How to handle a bee sting. Unless you’re allergic to bees, most bee stings can be treated with home remedies.

I have a cat that seems to have been stung by a bee on the right cheek below the eye, i am not certain she wasn't stung in the mouth. Also could be an absess but i doubt it would come on so quick. Bee strings are never fun, but for most people they’re just a temporary jolt of pain, swelling, and redness.

If you are able to remove the stinger from your cat, that may help reduce the pain. This embarrassed cat has an oversized paw, left, while another had its cheek stung big foot: Of course, cats can get stung by bees or wasps sometimes no matter what you do, and you can't always prevent wasps or bees sneaking into your home.

It is good to see what to expect, thanks! My cat was just stung by a bee, i think it was a yellow jacket. Last year i got stung on the cheek bone by an angry bee about 1.5 hours after we had been in her hive.

Do not pinch the affected area. Richieri, adding, “if it is swollen and a little puffy, it is a localized reaction to the sting.” to stop the venom from spreading, try to remove the stinger as quickly as possible. Although harmless to most animals, lilies are highly poisonous to cats

My cat loves chasing them and eating them, stupid thing. If your cat has gone into anaphylactic shock. He turns up often with a paw twice the size of the other one, swollen cheeks and chin.

Preventing cats and bee stings. The cat was pouncing on a bee in the backyard and got nicked in the face. I have looked arou … read more

I've searched the cheek and can't find anything. I had little, almost no, reaction. The severity of any pet's reaction to a sting is difficult to predict and can be highly variable.

However, the victory came at a cost. Got stung by a bee on my shoulder yesterday, today got swollen lymph node occuring in armpit, is this normal reaction? It is a bit worrying it it's inside the mouth though so i'd keep an eye on him and his breathing.

A cat stung by a wasp or bee reacts in one of two ways. The stinger will look like a small black splinter. I think my cat was stung in the mouth by either a bee or another insect,his little mouth is swollen on his left cheek.

A bee stinger can continue to seep venom into the skin for several minutes after the sting is delivered. My 8 month old cat has come home and her cheek is swollen, i think it's a sting on some kind. After all, they do look pretty goofy with their random swelling faces and paws.

During the battle, the cat was stung on both its paws and now both of them have swollen up and the cat cannot walk properly. Yesterday morning i got stung on my eyebrow by a guard bee while doing a quick job (no suit required, or so i thought!) and my face looks very like yours! If not, your veterinarian can remove the stinger for you.

She seems fine and doesn't even seem to notice it, the first thing she did was come in have some biscuits and water. Try to remove it as soon as possible. But there are measures you can take to minimize the risk of your cat getting stung.

Most cats suffer from localized pain and swelling at the site of the sting, such as poor lizzie developed after the wasp stung her. Bees produce melittin, a mild venom that causes pain but is only a real concern if your pet is allergic or is stung by multiple bees. Has this ever happened to anyone else's cat and what was the outcome?

In most cases, there will be mild swelling and tenderness where the dog or cat was stung, usually on the face or paws, says dr. If your cat is nervous or anxious, restrain the cat if necessary. Dangers of bee and wasp stings to dogs and cats.

He's been stung by a bee i would think. He was stung near his left eye. I'll just hope that, if she does get stung, it's not in too sensitive a spot, and maybe then she'll learn to leave bees alone.

A tiny bee sting left this little kitten with a comically swollen left front paw Getting stung is never fun! Your cat will experience some localised pain and irritation from the sting, just like a human, but this should go away after a short period of time.

If your cat is stung by a bee or wasp they are most likely to suffer from a swollen paw or face, which are the most common places for cats to be stung. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. If the cat was stung by a bee (rather than a wasp), the stinger is likely to be embedded in the cat’s skin.

If so when should swelling go? It is extrememly swollen in that area and hard. If the stung area is swollen and hot, apply cortisone cream and hold ice on skin for a short time.

Ria hunts insects, including bees, in the garden. If your dog or cat is ever stung by a bee, wasp or yellow jacket, you may be able to treat them effectively at home, or you may need to make a trip to the vet. If a run in with a bee has left you with a painful sting, you’ll want to know how to reduce the pain, and treat the wound.

If your cat has been stung by a bee in the mouth, as the area can quickly become swollen, causing difficulty breathing. Pet owners who suspect their cat or dog has been stung in one of these areas should seek veterinary advice immediately. This is what happens when pets get stung by bees, folks.

Doanh nguyen, md, faaaai answered 13 years experience allergy and immunology I had visions of her getting stung in the tongue or throat and choking to death. Bees leave their stinger in the victim.

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