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Perhaps one of the most commonly held beliefs about cats — right behind the one that says that black cats are bad luck — is that cats will suck the breath. If anyone has ever owned a cat, they know that cats love to cuddle and sleep in warm places;

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Cat's eye (also known as stephen king's cat's eye) is a 1985 american anthology horror thriller film directed by lewis teague and written by stephen comprises three stories, quitters, inc., the ledge, and general.the first two are adaptations of short stories in king's 1978 night shift collection, and the third is unique to the film.

Cats stealing breath movie. Cats always seem to get a bad rap. One of my friends told me that they could and that is why she does not have any cats. The cat was still but his chest was expanding and contracting very fast !

Finally, the cat finds himself in wilmington, north carolina, the home of the little girl. I have been hearing from my family that i have to get rid of my cat because he will steal the baby's breath. With a reported budget of $15 million, the film was a.

There is a fun movie called cat's eye. The troll had a dagger and the cat would sneak in and sleep with the child even though the mother would have it kicked out because the old wives' tale about cats killing sleeping. .i snuck up to the bedroom door to check on my napping newborn ,and looking thru the cracked door , to my horror , saw the cat sitting on my sons chest with its nose almost in my sons mouth !

They don’t steal anyone’s breath and they’re not plotting to injure your sleeping infant. I have witnessed a cat stealing my son's breath , and it was very scary. Facts about cats, part 2.

He tries to climb up on amanda's bed, but is startled by the cat and a. The little girl, amanda, loves the kitty and immediately names him general, but amanda's mother is a very archaic, superstitious woman who believes cat's steal children's breath, and so refuses to keep it. No, cats are not baby killers.

Sleepwalkers is an entertaining movie well worth revisiting. No, a cat can not steal your breath. Nannysavvy , you are wrong , wrong , wrong !

If you take a closer look at this owt there may be something to it, not in that cats are actually stealing a babies breath, but rather a cat can cause the death of a baby. Maybe the story was inspired by something, cat or otherwise. Cat’s eye is largely a disappointing film.

If there is a baby in the house, its crib/cradle is most likely to be the warmest. Lewis teague's cat's eye contains three wry,humorous and creepy stories linked to the cat which roams from one tale to the next.first up there is my personal favourite quitters inc.,the story of family man mr morrison(james woods)who goes to a very unconventional place to help people quit smoking and has his life turned into a living hell.secondly,there is the ledge,the tale of a washed. While cats can pose a potential danger to a sleeping baby, most of the risk is due to accidental suffocation not from cats stealing babies' breath.

While the child sleeps, a hole opens up in a baseboard and a small, ugly troll emerges. Unconscious in my bunk bed, i was unaware that one of my academic neighbors had let a small stray cat into my room during the night. Anonymous coward ( op ) user id:

A stray cat is the linking element of three tales of suspense and horror. With drew barrymore, james woods, alan king, kenneth mcmillan. Get rid of your cat !

The japanese believe that cats are lucky, but there are a lot of qualifiers. Cats suck the breath from babies, sometimes killing them. With brian krause, mädchen amick, alice krige, jim haynie.

Amanda's mother immediately disapproves of her keeping the cat as a pet, saying that cats can steal a young girl's breath while they sleep. But in the movie, it is a little troll creature stealing the breath of the girl and the cat rescues her by killing the troll. This ridiculous myth probably started because some cats enjoyed curling up next to the warmth of babies.

Teague had previously directed another stephen king adaptation in cujo. A have had a cat lay on me before and have never experienced this before. I always wondered why there was that myth or whatever you would call it, that cats steal your breath while you are sleeping.

In that superstition, the cat was supposed to be stealing the child’s vitality by magic. What movie/show had a cat that saved a child's life from a breathe stealing troll, while children sleep? Again, there is the tendency toward overkill and candy clark’s overacting in the segment gets a little too much.

(the cat will climb in the crib and try to drink the milk from the baby's mouth and accidentally suffocate it.) is this true or is it an old wives tale? The three stories are connected only by the. That night, the cat sleeps in amanda's room.

The cat that used to do that ran away after she did not come back. .cats ” do ” steal babies breath ! Cat's eye is a 1985 anthology film produced by dino de laurentiis, directed by lewis teague and based upon short stories by stephen king (the first two of which are part of the night shift collection, while the third was written by king for this movie).

I snuck to the bedroom to check on my napping son and looking thru the cracked door , i saw the cat sitting in a ball in the center of my son's chest , that alone making it difficult to breath , the cat had its nose and mouth perfectly aligned against my son's nose and mouth , the cat. I witnessed it myself ! Drew barrymore appears in the film's last segment in one of her.

Centuries ago, some people believed cats would climb into the cribs of newborns and put their mouth to the baby’s, stealing the innocent’s breath, ultimately killing the child. Not sure if it was a tv episode or short stories in a movie.

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