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The breed was not immediately recognized and it was only after these cats were found to be occurring naturally in canada, that chantilly or tiffany cats. These felines are known for being affectionate, social, and talkative.

Chantilly Cat A Cautionary Cat Breed Tale Chantilly

Chantilly tiffany are truly a one in a kind breed.

Chantilly tiffany cats adoption. Hello, welcome to the chantilly/tiffany cat project fan page. The first generation were shorthaired, shaded burmilla cats, but then the next generation finally revealed the existence of a recessive gene for long hair and sepia. The queen is our beautiful long haired pedigree chantilly, the father is a blue british shorthair.

I am fine with other cats and wouldn't mind sharing my home with other felines. They are neither placid like a persian nor overactive as oriental and lie somewhere in the balanced range. At the turn of 21st century, chantilly tiffany cats are being bred at a handful of locations in america, canada, norway and germany.

Silver/blue and cinnamon brown colors. They love to curl up in a lap and allow you to stroke their beautiful coat but they also love to play and be silly. The tiffanie is not to be confused with the very rare american tiffany breed, also known as a chantilly, which is a totally different variety altogether.

Due to continuous outcrossing, the breed […] The tiffany name is still in use with some cat fancies, but is typically combined as chantilly/tiffany. Chantilly/tiffany cats are moderate in nature and temperament.

I will sometimes let you pet me, and perhaps with the right family and lots of love and patience, i would do well in a home. The kittens all carry the blue gene and have the most unusual markings as you can see from the photographs. For a new breed, the chantilly/tiffany has been around for a long time.

Chantilly tiffany cats make wonderful pets. Our stunning litter of chantilly/bsh tiffany cross blue bsh kittens were born late last night! We offer over 65 registered cat breeds to choose from.

See more ideas about cats, chantilly tiffany, cat breeds. Update (april 5) are about to have newly born kittens!. As a result, often regular breeders make chantilly/tiffany kittens available for adoption not before fourteen weeks of age.

The chantilly cat was once thought to be extinct until a pair was discovered in the estate sold to jennie robinson, a breeder who owned the neotype cattery in new york. Chantilly/tiffany cats are ideally medium in their personality and attitude. See more ideas about beautiful cats, cats and kittens, cute cats.

Also known as the foreign longhair or either chantilly/tiffany, this breed is a result of crossing long haired asian and burmese cats. This breed originally went by the name foreign longhair. Learn everything about chantilly (or tiffany) cats.

Though the felines are affectionate and loyal, it might be seen that they develop a close relation with one of the person in the home. These cat breeders may have kittens for sale right now, that were not listed here in our cat breeders section. Mothers take long in labor and subsequently in weaning, with the young cats developing their full coat by twenty four months.

Between the 1970s and 1980s, some mysterious chocolate cats appeared at an estate sale in new york, and on a farm in canada. They know how to have a perfect balance in life that combines both relaxation and rest with activity and play. The origin of tiffany cats can be followed from 1981, by random mating between chinchilla longhair / persian and purple burmese cats, which belonged to baroness miranda von kirchberg.

History and origin of chantilly/tiffany cats. They do not have an undercoat which makes them easier to groom. It goes either by the name of chantilly or tiffany and was first discovered in the late 1960's by a breeder in new york.

You may find these cats in shelters and rescues, so remember. If you like to own one in a kind cat, that thanks to our breeding program, is low shedding (no undercoat) as well as hypoallergenic (lower levels of fel d 1), come visit our place, and experienc History the tiffanie emerged in the uk as a result of the breeding programme for burmillas, when it was discovered that when burmillas carrying the.

Find all chantilly (or tiffany) cat breed information, pictures of chantilly (or tiffany) cats, training, photos and care tips. Despite the change of status, chantilly tiffany cats maintain a kind of cult popularity, and in 1994 tica agree to have them back as a breed in their own right.

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Chantilly Cat A Cautionary Cat Breed Tale Chantilly

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