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We are the only balinese polydactyl breeder in the world. The chantilly/tiffany should not be confused with the tiffanie, a breed recognized by britain’s governing council of the cat fancy (gccf).

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The chantilly/tiffany is devoted to its people and is known to follow its favorites from room to room.

Chantilly tiffany cattery. Specializing in balinese, sphynx, and chantilly tiffany. As the name suggests, it is closely related to, and in some registries considered distinct from, the tiffany (or tiffanie, a.k.a. Biasanya kucing ini lebih dekat ke satu orang dalam keluarga.

They know how to have a perfect balance in life that combines both relaxation and rest with activity and play. The breed originated in north america. Toward strangers, it can be aloof, but it happily coexists with other animals in the household.

In 1967 with jennie robinson (neotype cattery) of new york. Breed council, calls them the chocoholic's delight it has a glorious plumed tail, a neck ruff and ear furnishings that accent its striking. I showed them in acfa and loved the breed.

I had over 22 chantilly cats at one time. Soft, smooth and lacking any undercoat makes the coat easy to groom. What is a tiffany/chantilly cat?

They love to curl up in a lap and allow you to stroke their beautiful coat but they also love to play and be silly. See more ideas about cats, chantilly tiffany, cat breeds. Tracy oraas, head of the tca.

I have one cat that is half chantilly left after all. See more ideas about beautiful cats, cats and kittens, cute cats. Chantilly diperkenalkan oleh sigyn lund dari sig tim hil cattery dengan nama tiffany.

Our balinese cats are true hypoallergenic. In 1967 with jennie robinson (neotype cattery) of new york. I didn’t know anyone was still breeding chantilly/tiffany cats.

My mother also worked on this breeding program.purrplace cattery. 1,917 likes · 20 talking about this. I purchased my breeders from tracy many years ago.

We also produce kittens that are polydactyl in both the balinese and chantilly/tiffany breeds. We are the only chantilly/tiffany breeder in north america. Kucing chantilly/tiffany termasuk kucing yang loyal dan mudah dekat dengan manusia.

The chantilly was thought extinct until the 1960s when two of these cats appeared. Kucing ini tidak semalas kucing persia tetapi juga tidak seaktif kucing ras oriental. See more ideas about chantilly tiffany, cats, kitten pictures.

Chantilly (dahulu bernama tiffany dan bulu panjang asing) adalah salah satu ras kucing domestik yang berasal dari amerika serikat.ciri khas kucing ini adalah warna cokelatnya yang unik dan menarik. This moderately active cat has been produced mainly by crossing the asian and the burmese cats and comes mostly in color chocolate. The chantilly cat was once thought to be extinct until a pair was discovered in the estate sold to jennie robinson, a breeder who owned the neotype cattery in new york.

Die chantilly, auch bekannt unter dem namen tiffany (jedoch nicht zu verwechseln mit tiffanie), zeichnet sich durch einen vielschichtigen charakter aus.sie ist einerseits im umgang mit ihren menschen äußerst liebevoll, kann aber anderen haustieren sehr kratzbürstig sein, da sie zur eifersucht neigt. Kemudian para peternak kucing dari kanada mengubah namanya menjadi chantilly, karena di britania raya juga. Learn everything about chantilly (or tiffany) cats.

Also known as the foreign longhair or either chantilly/tiffany, this breed is a result of crossing long haired asian and burmese cats. The american tiffany (tiffany/chantilly) is also not related to the british tiffanie or australian tiffanie. The chantilly/tiffany breed had its official beginning as a “foreign longhair”.

They have a round face, square muzzle, protruding ears, long whiskers and a bright pair of golden eyes, set far apart. The chantilly/tiffany breed had its official beginning as a foreign longhair. Find all chantilly (or tiffany) cat breed information, pictures of chantilly (or tiffany) cats, training, photos and care tips.

We specialize in balinese, sphynx and chantilly/tiffany breeds. Kucing ras tiffany/chantilly ini terdaftar di cca/afc (canadian cat association / association féline canadienne).

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