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Convenia adverse reactions in cats/felines and dogs/canines. My vet says she has never yet had a cat react badly to convenia.

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3 this does not mean that convenia works for this long or, if there is a side effect, that the side effect will last that long.

Convenia injection for cats dental. The study looked at shelter cats with an urti and divided them into groups. I had my kitty to the vet 11 days ago for a ruptured anal gland and she was given a shot of antibitotics convenia injection that lasts 14 days. Convenia ® (cefovecin sodium) injectable antibiotic for pet skin infections convenia is fast acting, safe, and effective.

A single injection of an antibiotic like convenia is capable of working in your cat’s body for up to 14 days. Two days later, my cat isn't any better, he is lethargic and i am very concerned about any side effects the drug may pose. In this study, 291 cats with infected wounds or abscesses were treated with either a single injection of convenia (n = 147) at 3.6 mg/lb (8 mg/kg) body weight or with an oral active control antibiotic (n = 144), administered once daily for 14 days.

Treats many of the most common skin infections For dogs, a veterinarian may later administer a second dose under specific circumstances if your dog ûªs response to therapy is not yet complete. She says it stays in the body for two months so if there is a bad reaction (which have been reported) you are in trouble.

1,2 one shot, administered by a veterinarian, lasts up to 14 days †, and works quickly to treat common bacterial skin infections in dogs and cats. The vet gave him a convenia injection for sneezing and a suspected uri. Convenia is an antibiotic that has a long action which allows treatment with fewer doses.

It wouldn't help to heal any mouth sores or lesions but would make them less painful. Eddie was a very healthy cat that went in for a routine dental cleaning. Dr lisa pierson recommends against convenia injection for antibiotic.

My question is will the injection help with infection in the eye and gums. Convenia is an injectable antibiotic with a unique formulation which means that one injection lasts for a full two weeks (most injectable antibiotics are only effective for 24. Convenia treats susceptible skin infections, abscesses, and pyoderma in cats and dogs.

Its potency allows for successful treatment usually with only a single administration. It is an ab that is used for skin infections and is not an appropriate ab for dental use and as you mentioned it is not worth the risk even if it was use appropriately in case of an adverse reaction. The cons of antibiotic injections for cats.

Both vet and drug company are blaming my cat's dental infection for her sudden chronic renal failure which was identified a week after she received the injection prior to proposed dental work. It okay for dogs but not cats. Convenia is generally well tolerated and is safe for young pets and adults.

3,4 ask your veterinarian about convenia The tooth was extracted, he was given a convenia injection, and his eye was flushed, and antibiotic eye ointment. I found putting the eye ointment on him makes him want to itch his eye like crazy.

In the summer of 2009, one of my favorite consulting patients (“eddie”) came close to losing his life within days of receiving a convenia injection. One dose of covenia provides up to 14 days of safe and effective antibiotic treatment for the most common skin infections. When the vet gave the shot, i didn't ask a lot of questions and was told it was a great alternative to having to give the cat pills.

If you have any questions or. 3 after this time, the drug continues to decline in concentration and could exist in small amounts for up to 65 days. It is administered as one subcutaneous injection beneath the surface of the skin, and is effective for up to 14 days, according to pfizer animal health, the pharmaceutical distributor of this medication 2.cats and dogs must be at least 4 months old before.

Buprenex is a pain medication that is often prescribed for cats as it has a limited ability to overdose on it as opposed to opiate based pain meds. A couple of my cats have had a convenia injection in the past. Secondly,i don't understand why vets want to use convenia for dental anyway.

However, if he uses convenia she would not need an injection both before and after her dental procedure, because one injection keeps therapeutic levels of antibiotic in her systems for 14 days. First off, as is the case with any medication, a cat may have an adverse reaction to the. This convenient injection is a welcome relief to many animal guardians who don’t have to struggle and fight with their pets once to three times daily, which is the typical frequency that other oral antibiotics are given.

I just saw the estimate for lolly's dental, they are doing three extractions and they are giving her rimadyl injection and a convenia injection. Now today it seems like the right side of her face isn't working. Zoetis have said that it's impossible for convenia to damage the kidneys as it doesn't pass through them.i have that as a recorded statement.

This is for pet owners, researchers, vets and anyone who wants to report and/or discuss adverse. If your pet’s doctor is not yet using convenia, he may be able to obtain enough for your kitty from a nearby colleague. Convenia injection cefovecin sodium convenia injection is the first antibiotic for dogs and cats that ensures a course of treatment in a single injection.

Convenia is a widely used third generation cephalosporin antibiotic marketed by the largest multinational animal health company in the world, zoetis (formerly pfizer). Well “convenient”, especially for the cat’s owner (because people usually have difficulty given oral meds to cats). After careful discussion with my vet, i agreed to use convenia following a dental procedure, which i’ve now come to learn is an inappropriate use for this drug.

Despite the convenience of injectable antibiotics for pets, there are some downsides to consider. I know the vets generally like to reserve use of it for more serious cases of infection, and use oral abs instead where feasible. 2,680 likes · 11 talking about this.

I have noticed neurological twitching and her head actually shaking the one day.

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