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(learn more by reading our spay/neuter your pet page.) If you are considering neutering or spaying for your cat or dog, you should get informed on the average cost of spay and neuter clinic.the costs may vary according to the way the procedure is performed, when it is performed and the location of the clinic.

Please spay and neuter!

Spay and neuter surgery is a personal choice and one that comes with many medical benefits for your pet.

Cost to spay a cat. Dogs can cost from $115 to $275 for males and $120 to $410 for females, depending on size and age. 710 russell road, newington, ct 06111. Prices paid and comments from costhelper's team of professional journalists and community of users.

These routine surgeries typically cost up to $200, depending on the vet and the facility. Neutering a pet can have multifold benefits and should be performed so that the growing number of pets without owners is controlled. Another situation is performing a spay on a pregnant cat.

The cost of spaying, which is more complicated, usually ranges from $100 to $200. Some vets have very busy surgery schedules. $122 in ohio, $169 in west virginia and $340 in illinois.

How much cat spay or neuter should cost. Please make your appointment as soon as you receive your spay/neuter certificate, and be sure to mention you are using an indiana humane services’ certificate. In most cases the cost to spay a cat will vary from $100 to $200 dollars.

The average cost to spay/neuter a cat can range anywhere between $50 and $100. The average cost of cat spay or neuter paid in the united states is $261 according to our users. The total cost of the procedure usually covers the surgery and anesthesia as well as hospitalization.

Although the cost to neuter a cat varies, neutering usually costs a little less than a spay surgery. See website for clinic dates. Average cost to spay a cat.

Connecticut humane society’s fox clinic low cost spay/neuter program. Cats can be spayed at most points during the pregnancy, but how far along they are will impact the cost. This number will vary state to state and also depending on your special needs.

The cats are dropped off in the morning and picked up the same day of surgery. The cost of spaying a cat will fluctuate according to these variables. Feral cat spay/neuter $35 ferals must be in a humane trap.

Low cost for other type animals also available. A random sampling of veterinarians showed the following prices: When checking fees, please ask what is included.

Cost for cats is $70 for males, $105 for females. How much does it cost to neuter a cat? When considering the average cost to spay a cat you must understand that the price can vary from area to area and vet to vet.

Costs vary quite a bit depending on the sex of the cat and the individual vet practice so check with your local vet. Neutering tends to cost less because it is a less complicated procedure than having a cat spayed. The cost of neutering usually ranges from $50 to $100.

Most vets will check liver and kidney function prior to surgery. Register using email with subject: How much does neutering a cat cost?

When you’re budgeting to adopt a cat, don’t forget to include the cost of a spay or neuter procedure. The minimum price paid for cat spay or neuter we have registered is $10 and the maximum $610. Requesting a spay/neuter appointment at our low cost central texas mobile clinic.

We encourage you to research the best option for you and your kitten or cat. To help these cat caregivers, we offer discounted spay/neuter surgeries for community cats. On average, one would expect to pay at least $50 and $100 additionally for a spay surgery on a pregnant cat.

Cash only or $5 surcharge for debit or credit cards. Thanks to fix’n wag’n and their mobile unit, we are able to offer low cost spaying or neutering for your pet, community cats, or feral cats.

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