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With vets promising owners neutering will stop cats from spraying, is it really the ultimate solution to every problem? “the answer is yes, they can and many do!

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Male cats have longer, slimmer urethras than female cats, and neutering can narrow the urethra even more, making blockages more likely.

Does neutered cats spray. It's a question that has puzzled many cat owners for decades. Yes, male cats do spray after being neutered. Neutered cats do still spray unfortunately.

Your male's stalking, mounting, and chasing your other cat away from important resources may reflect territorial issues or pushy behavior. So, if your neutered or spayed kitty has started to spray and mark around the house (remembering that unneutered cats will naturally want to spray when looking for a mate!), it is worth considering why. Many owners may ask, can neutered cats spray? well, some cats spray when they feel threatened, causing them to act in a territorial fashion.

Cats spray for a variety of reasons once they reach sexual maturity, and neutering a cat usually nips this problem in the bud. Cats are sticklers for routine, any changes in their daily clock and they get frustrated. Unfortunately, neutering sometimes won't stop a cat who is spraying urine outside the litter box and you'll have to take other measures to stop a neutered cat spraying.

But i owned a male siamese that lived with two females and kittens, never sprayed once in the five years i had him. And i’m going to talk about the different reasons your neutered kitty is spraying. No, male cats will not spray after they are neutered.

That’s because while most testosterone is produced in the testes, not all of it is. They’re not just spraying for the sake of it. My vet said that a neutered cat (he didn't specify gender so i assume both) will sometimes spray as a way of showing anxiety.

Kathryn primm of applebrook animal hospital shared with us some interesting information that many will find rather surprising: Other reasons cats might start to spray after being spaying include behavioral issues such as such as being stressed or threatened by cats in the neighborhood. However, even neutered cats may spray;

But neutered male cats will still spray, too. Susanm9006 said a partial blockage can cause this. Male cats accomplish this by releasing tiny amounts of urine on vertical surfaces, while both males and females may spray a deluge of urine on a flat horizontal surface, or mark it with defecation.

Even if the spraying behavior is more common in male cats, females may spray also, when in heat. Some of it is produced elsewhere in the body too. Intact males, or tom cats, have an unmistakable odor that is very strong and pungent.

While neutering a tom cat often eliminates urine spraying, that's not true in every case. Well, the answer might surprise you… dr. Neutering the cat will remove the odor and, often, reduce the motivation for spraying.

Intact kitties are more likely to spray than other cats. But, does that mean that cats can no longer spray after neutered? However, it is more common with males than it is with females.

Prior to that, they may get along famously, and then suddenly the cats’ social ranking starts to matter. While cats of all types, males and female (neutered and unneutered) can spray, neutering and spaying tends to greatly reduce this practice. They might also spray if they had reached sexual maturity before being neutered for a time.

It may even be a sign of a health problem. There are reasons for this. Cats reach social maturity between the ages of 2 and 4 years.

The short answer is yes, neutered male cats do sometimes spray. Also, neutered cats sometimes spray if they are neutered too late. The worst sprayer i ever had ended up having a blockage so.

If your neutered cat starts spraying, there's generally a physical or emotional reason for his behavior. So, in theory, a female cat would be much less likely to spray than a male cat. Approximately 10 percent of male cats will continue to spray urine after they're neutered, but the urine should not have the same malodorous smell.

This low level of testosterone can still trigger spraying behaviors. It is fairly common for it to happen with cats that aren't fixed, and fixing seems to stop this problem. Feb 21, 2020 #11 fionasmom tcs member.

So, if your neutered or spayed kitty has started to spray and mark around the house, it is worth considering why. Find out if neutering really stops cats from spraying and much more here. Or to just get on your nerves.

One of my previous cats was neutered when he was about 8 months and i think he sometimes sprayed because he was a nervous little soul, so in his case i am sure it was a behaviour problem. Moving the furniture or moving into a new home, may lead to this odd behavior. Neutered male cats may also spray when they are angry or displeased about something.

Cats are very territorial animals and mark their territory by spraying on walls and furniture. The spray has an extremely unpleasant smell because it contains pheromones. If it has been recently neutered then it will still have the urge to mate for about 3 months

Joined jun 21, 2014 messages 1,817 reaction score 2,789 location los angeles. Sexual marking is only one of the reasons that cats spray. While cats of all types, males and female (neutered and unneutered) can spray, neutering and spaying tends to greatly reduce this practice.

All cats can spray, whether they are male or female, young or old, fixed or not fixed; Cat spraying is a problem that can be difficult to deal with. And if they never learned how to spray with urine, then these cats will phantom spray instead.

Whoever said this does not know what they are talking about. Typically this is due to a medical condition or stress. Do male cats spray after being neutered?

The statistics are hard to ignore, when about 1 in 20 fixed female cats sprays, about 1 in every 10 male cats spray. Cats spray to mark their territory and this is a means of communication between cats that are seeking a partner to mate. Male cats do not get spayed.

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