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If you have dreamed of a miniature kitten, this dream is warning you to stop listening to other people and to. In a dream, cats can have varied meanings depending on the context.

You spin me right round baby right round Funny cat

In general, they are believed to be representative of the feminine and intuitive side of our souls.

Dreaming of kittens drowning. Dreaming of a black cat may signal a fear of using and trusting your intuition. This dream reflects your own sense of independence, suffocated with anything or any person. A beautiful sea portends success in business or at work.

Dreaming of small amounts of water. I had a dream about a cat who was being sucked in and drowning in a huge. To dream that you are drowning suggests that your feelings are pressing down too hard on you and that something you buried long ago is awakening.

What's even better than one kitten? The dream of kittens is a link to your feminine side and this is why this dream is normally associated with females. Your dream refers to a state of helplessness.

To observe a kitten running in your dream is connected to independence, womanly instincts, originality, and supremacy. Dream of drowning in the sea and not getting out of it is a sign of anguish and despair.read more… Such a dream might also be an indication to appreciate more the things you have in life.

The idea has ended before it has even started. You are expressing some concerns about your future. Cats or kittens symbolize some type of women in your life.

If you drown and die, this represents a passionate rejuvenation. You could be moving too fast if you are attempting to dig into your subconscious. While other people says cat noise or meow can serve as a way of satanic plans to kill a person untimely.

Cats are domestic friends, feral perils and artistic muses. Last night i had a dream of little kittens running around, and one of the kittens had a lot of energy and starts running in circles, and then it started to dig its claws into my left foot, it was a black greyish cat, and i tried to kick it off, but the cat was really latched on my foot and 3 of. The sound of a cat is threatening.

Recall the feeling you had while dreaming. Means that you are allowing yourself to be vulnerable and accepting help from others. Many people says cat meow is destructive, and can bring bad luck to a person.

In whichever way you look at this, dreaming about cat meowing is a bad dream that means the entrance of sorrow and mourning. If you have a dream in which you are drowning kittens then this means that something has happened recently which has put you in a very serious mood, and you are not receptive to the antics of others. If you personally believe that black cats are bad luck, dreaming of one can symbolize the presence of something.

Dreaming of a litter of kittens. To see a person drowning indicates good news and joy…. Dreaming that you are drowning and can’t help yourself it’s a sign of great despair and anguish.

Dreaming of rough and violent seas indicates confusion, conflict and fear. The dream about kittens drowning is one of the dreams to us. I brought the kittens home and found i was being followed by many other kittens of all ages.

Kittens are known for their sense of playfulness and their sense of innocence. Dreaming of small amounts of water may mean that the problems to which we are exposed are manageable and minor. You may be getting to the truth of something.

If you saw kittens gathered around their cat mother, this dream is a very good sign, signifying abundance and wealth. There is also a feeling of being self sufficient, which may also be perceived as a kitten. The dream is a harbinger for your goals and purpose.

Rescuing drowning kittens dream interpretations are you ready to uncover hidden and forbidden meanings of your dream about rescuing drowning kittens?click and reveal mysterious and secret meanings of dreaming about rescuing drowning kittens by interpretations of the dream's symbolisms in various cultures. If you dream of a litter of kittens, it could mean that you are feeling absolutely swamped and you need to invite more fun, enjoyment, and relaxation into your life. The more kittens you see, the more troubles await you in the near future.

You are unprepared for what is ahead for you. We an move on from them without much difficulty. 128k members in the kittens community.

I love cats, so dreaming of them may not be unusual, but i can’t figure out why they were under water…and how they were breathing. Kitten to verify a white kitten on your dream, shows deceit and undertaking. You are having some doubt over the sincerity and honor of some person in your life.

Not sure of your life circumstances, but generally speaking, drowning can signify suffocation or entrapment, and kittens can signify youth. Dream interpretation is complex process, as dreams signify different meanings to different people. I know that in my own dreams any kind of cruelty to little animals is connected with some horribl.

Baby animals drowning in the dream such as puppies or kittens typically relate closely to the baby drowning dream. Getting into the sea means abundance or wealth. Dreaming about a friendly cat following you:.

The feeling you had about the. You are starting to shed your outer wall or lose your. Dreaming about kittens with their mother.

Life is too precious and that you need to make the most of your time everyday. They were all under water, but not drowning. A calm sea means friendly relationship with your superiors.

Maybe it is a sign of some friends visiting you soon. Dream about saving kittens from drowning hints your efforts to combine your talents or energies to achieve a mutual goal. Dream about saving kittens from drowning symbolises a fortunate change in your life.

Also, dreaming that we receive a glass of water or water in any other container, could be an omen of good times such as marriage, pregnancy or just a situation that we longed for and will finally occur. At least in waking life. To dream which you're saving the life of an animal, potential which you're effectively acknowledging particular emotions and traits represented with the help of the animal.

Kittens, seen in a dream, predict minor troubles and tribulations. Dreaming of rescuing or saving a drowning baby; Dreaming of a miniature kitten.

They were white and the mom cat was friendly.

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