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Apply the dumbo x standard ear rules above to determine whether or not the babies are dumbo. Dumbos are bred specifically for their gentle temperament.

As it turned out, my pet Dumbo rat Rowan was a girl & her

How long do dumbo pet rats live?

Dumbo pet rats. I would recommend getting your rat babies from brian. The aspca recommends a minimum cage size of 2′ x 2′ x 2′ (60cm x 60cm x60cm) for two rats. Fancy pet rats & hairless rats!

We named our baby trixie. You can tell how passionate they are about the care of their animals. See more ideas about dumbo rat, cute rats, pet rats.

Dumbo rats are a result of a mutation of the fancy rats. We have two litters of weaned, socialized rats to rehome. They are distinguished by their large round ears, set low on the head.

Like the other rats mentioned so far, dumbo rats can come in any color. Do not contact me with unsolicited services or offers; They should have a long body and be strong boned

Dumbo pet rats (orlando) qr code link to this post. She is super cute and likes to play. Sweet and litter trained (mostly lol).

Respiratory diseases are very common in rats, and this includes the dumbo breed. Dumbo rats are a variety of fancy rat. Rats like to roam over as much space as you can give them.

See more ideas about dumbo rat, pet rats, cute rats. Eating oxbow young rat pellets. The types of rats available include dumbo, hairless, hooded, albino, siamese and endless other color variations.

Rats regulate their temperature through their tails. However, because these cute critters are selectively bred to be docile, friendly pets, they can often be. Temperament despite some early claims of dumbos having more docile temperaments, this does not appear to be a dumbo trait.

Feeder rats & mice, live & frozen; The exception to the glossy coat is the rex version that has more of a coarse coat. We have two litters of weaned, socialized rats to rehome.

Most rats live a long and healthy life, but there are a few health considerations to think about. Dumbo rats are more prone to become obese than other rats, so make sure that you feed them a balanced diet. If you are looking for a very specific type of fancy rat, say a sable burmese dumbo or an agouti rex, you will need to go through a breeder.

Do not contact me with unsolicited services or offers; Dumbo rats should have smooth, short hair like most other rats along with their coat being glossy. Pet rats are amazing and so much fun.

She is healthy and happy. 3 girls and 5 boys. Therefore, dumbo rats can be rexed and rexed rats can be dumbo eared.

They’re very friendly and love a cuddle! You could have standard furred rats, poor rexes, or even kinked. If you have any interest in owning one as a pet, oc rat breeders is the best (and in my opinion the only) place for you to visit.

Most are multi colored dumbos. There's sure to be a rat suited to meet your physical preferences, and its personality is sure to win your heart! Dumbo pet rats (orlando) qr code link to this post.

We are looking forward to picking out a friend for trixie when the. They are easily described as the domesticated norway or brown rats with large ears and a flattish head. Rex rats can have different types of fur, depending on whether they are good or low quality rexes.

Dumbo rats like to keep their bodies cool, so keep a large bowl of water for them to splash around in the summer, otherwise a glazed tile is a great cool surface for the rat to. The fancy rat (rattus norvegicus domestica) is the domesticated form of rattus norvegicus, the brown rat, and the most common species of rat kept as a pet.the name fancy rat derives from the idea of animal fancy (the promotion of domesticated animals) or the phrase to fancy (meaning to like or appreciate). Most rat pet lovers love the dumbo rats’ adorable expression which is created by their smaller lower jaw compared to other rats.

Dumbo rats have been bred purely as fancy pet rats instead of as snake food. Most are multi colored dumbos. If the pet has already been health checked by their own vet, make sure you get evidence for this in the form of vet records and phone their vet to confirm this.

20 reviews of oc dumbo rats picked up our baby dumbo on friday may 4th ans couldn't be happier. Female rats are more active and love to explore their surroundings as compared to males, so if you want your pet to sit with you for longer periods, choose male rats. We also have pet quality fancy rats such as dumbo, rex, hairless and specialty colors, as well as breeder size females available.

Therefore, toys that allow your pet to chew and wear those teeth down are invaluable. This means they typically receive a wealth of handling & cuddles at just the right time: Dumbo rat is standard furred, while the mate is a simple rex (full coat, only 1 rexed parent).

A dumbo rexed rat is a rat that not only has adorable rounded dumbo ears, but a luscious curly rex coat too. Debbie the rat lady ducommun, internationally recognized expert on rats and founder of the rat fan club, says “a reputable breeder working to breed pet rats, and not feeder rats, is a very good source. I can no longer take care of my dumbo rats due to personal reasons.

Dumbo is a recessive genetic trait, meaning that if both parents are dumbos, all the babies will be dumbos. Brian was professional and friendly and you can tell that he really cares for these rats. One dumbo parent mated with a regular rat could produce litters with either some dumbos or no.

Rats must chew constantly in order to wear their teeth down, which grow on a continual basis. So choose the biggest cage you can afford and fit into your home. Dumbo rats are one of the most common rats for first time owners due to their mild temperament and teddy bear like.

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