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When you talk to the breeder, don't forget to mention you found them on pets4you.com. English cream golden retrievers are intelligent and highly trainable, and they are quick to catch onto new commands and tricks.

Pink Female White English Labrador Retriever w/ Champion

We are a small conscientious holistic and homeopathic specialized breeder of top quality akc certified english cream golden retrievers with an emphasis on longevity.our golden retriever puppies and their parents are being tended to 24/7 in our loving home and treated.

English cream retriever puppies near me. More importantly however, studies performed by the golden retriever club of america, kennel club in the united kingdom, and other organizations, found significantly lower rates of cancer and joint probems among the english. Puppies will not be sold with breeding rights. We breed and raise our english cream golden retriever dogs and puppies on our 16 acre farm in grabill, indiana.

We love our english cream golden retrievers! English cream golden retriever puppies for sale in blacksburg, virginia united states. $1700 for males and females.

A game of fetch, a trip to the dog park , going on a hike, or going swimming are great activities to do with your golden retriever. My dogs were originally imported from europe and i have retained their pure european lines in all of my breeding for those that are considered full english cream or european. We love puppies and we enjoy working together as a team with our family.

As english cream golden retrievers.we are english golden retriever breeders who strive to produce only the very best representatives of the breed with regard to health, temperament, and appearance. We pride ourselves on breeding and raising quality, healthy english cream puppies. English cream golden retriever puppies.

Our english goldens are akc registered and also known as english cream goldens or english cream golden retrievers. Our dogs and puppies are american kennel club (akc) registered golden retrievers from champion bloodlines with ofa certified health clearances. 3) english cream is a color name only.

Today, the color of golden retrievers can range from light cream to dark gold. English cream golden retriever puppies for sale in massachusetts. Whether it is on land or water, they want to play and have fun.

Summer brook breeds and trains what is commonly referred to in the u.s. Great to have you here! English cream golden retriever puppies are often referred to as white golden retriever puppies or blonde golden retriever pups.

Our dogs get lots of love and attention everyday. The english cream golden retriever came to the united states much later, when breeders began importing the lighter colored dogs in order to improve their own lines of golden retrievers. They are important members of our family and nothing would make us happier than to share one of our beautiful, calm english cream puppies with you.

My husband and i purchased a bus & traveled multiple states to adopt the perfect akc registered purebred puppies , it was quite the adventure. Our adult dogs are all titled in conformation as well as in obedience. As part of the retriever breeds, golden retrievers love anything that has to do with play, activity, and retrieving.

English cream golden retrievers are extremely friendly and social, so they get along with just about everyone. English cream golden retriever puppies love spending time with families and children! Welcome to highland hill english cream golden retrievers settled cozily on a hill, 25 minutes south of fort worth,tx, we pride ourselves on raising the highest quality golden retrievers.

They interact with myself, my wife and all of our children throughout the day and are part of our family. I have carefully selected my breeding stock (our family pets) from countries all over the world. Some people like the golden shades and some people like the creams.

Our family kennel only has a limited number of litters (usually only 1 per year, or 1 every other year), so our beautiful english cream golden retriever puppies are usually spoken for well in advance. Massachusetts english cream golden retriever puppies. By choosing animals from all corners of the earth i have created my own individual outstanding purebred lines.

Find golden retriever puppies and breeders in your area and helpful golden retriever information. We health test our parent dogs for a variety of breed specific diseases to produce the highest quality english golden retriever puppies. Available puppies english cream golden retriever.

We work hard to preserve the english cream golden retriever tradition in the united states, because we believe the english cream golden retriever breed is a treasure worth finding. Looking for an english cream golden retriever? It’s always an exciting time at hill haven kennel when there is a new litter on the way.

Our high quality, health tested and beautiful dogs are achieved through our knowledge and careful care as professional breeders. After a lot of research, we both decided that they were the breed we were looking for. Indiana goldens family has been raising english golden retriever over 20 years.

Golden coat colors generally darken during the first couple years. They do tend to calm down as they grow into adulthood, but will still need several walks a day to get plenty of exercise. That said, they do well with children and make great family dogs.

Learn more about wisteria goldens’ english cream golden retriever puppies for sale, available puppies, current litters, upcoming, and planned litters. Our puppies have imported champion bloodlines. The english cream golden retriever is a high energy dog breed.

Litter description golden retriever puppies for sale. Our english cream golden retriever puppies come from champion stock imported from europe, and are ready for registration with the akc, though on a limited basis. We are in home quality breeders of english cream golden retrievers with very high standards.

Having benefitted from 20 years experience in dogs, our precious puppies receive the best of care. The english standard allows for extremes of coat color and is the standard used in europe. I also work with a great breeder of show golden retrievers and she provides me with outstanding show quality traditional american golden retriever females every few years.

Once we came across the golden retriever english cream we fell in love immediately. We import our lines and take special care to keep health as our number. Akc english cream golden retriever puppies for sale white golden retriever.

They love being involved in any family activity, and they excel when they are part of the family action.

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