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If your cat is female, we have an entirely fresh list of exotic names prepared for you. Girl cat names fit for a queen!

Sleepy Pants. Exotic Shorthair CatNamedPants Pinterest

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Exotic cat names for female. Modern kacie and variants are phonetic forms of the initials k.c. Choose a cute name for her instead. A unique and interesting breed with different colors and patterns, bengal cat is an affectionate one.

Female names for bengal cats. Exotic names for female cats. Peruse the list, and you should be able to find your beautiful cat a purrfect name.

More about tiger lillie bree 10.11.2016 for the cat name bree its a cute name for a cat because it is purrfect.and it is a very cute name for a female and kittens. Whether your name makes you and your friends smile, reminds you of something just as cute as her or somebody or something you admire. This decision is the first step to educate a feline correctly and, consequently, improve the relationship with them.

Sometimes a popular cat name like bella, max, tigger or chloe just won’t do. The personalities exemplified by these protagonists are languid and certainly feline in their characters. 105 exotic names for bengal cats.

100 unique names for tomcats; Cat mania amy is the founder of cat mania and a life long cat lover. While some may consider it a stripper name, we think that candie has an undeserved reputation.

The best female cat names are the ones which suit your kitten and you the most. Looking for exotic female cat names? Just read this list, write down the ones you really like and you will have no problem picking the right exotic asian female or male cat name to suit your needs!

In this way, when you have been home for a couple of days, you will already know if your pet or puppy likes to sleep a lot or if he loves to make small noises. It is quite rare to find a sarcastic name but hey the world is full of surprises. 211 unusual, exotic & unique cat names for your precious friend you've done your research, you've bought some kitty litter, you've prepared your home, and you've even found the perfect feline friend to welcome into your family.

Or variants of the irish name casey alert: If you did not find a fitting name here, consider searching under male or female cat names. You can choose a name for it based on its appearance, ancestry, colors, and patterns.

This name suits a sweet, charming, white and cute kittie. If you have a cat with african origins, choosing an african name may be best for your cat. Cat owners often believe that the choice of name is not as important, and are usually wrong.

Likewise, minimum training is as important as the education of a dog so. The tempest—ariel is a magical spirit that serves her master, prospero, in shakespeare’s the tempest. The cat fanciers association recognized the breed in 1967 and called it the exotic.

The name is from the movie the aristocrats. I think this list has some exceptionally graceful and evocative female exotic cat names that are just perfect for the ocicat: Looking for exotic cat names?

The majestic names for female cats come to us from myth and literature. Awesome cat names with meanings The name is borrowed from the movie homeward bound.

If so, exotic cat names are the way to go. This exotic name is often used as a nickname. 100 unique names for female cats;

You can also choose the name based on the personality of your pet. Picking exotic cat names means it’s extremely unlikely that someone else will have the same name for their kitten, and it’s also a fun conversation starter to explain how you picked the name and what it means. Including black, white, cool & funny names for female cats.

The choice is endless, but the end result will be just right. Maybe she looks cute rather than regal. If her coloring is a that of a point, choose a season of the year.

Discover our collection of popular male/female african cat names. For the female names, we also took a lot of inspiration from characters and beings in mythology, history, and fantasy. My kitty tiger lillie 10.25.2016 for the cat name tiger lillie i was thinking about nature names for my cat and came up with tiger lillie.

Find the perfect female kitten names with our collection of 500+ popular & unique female cat names. Go with exotic names or english girls’ names. Here is a collection of exotic male/female cat names, along with their meaning.

Most common names for a asian cat. We have some from every continent, so take your pick. We have a list of 100 exotic girl names to get you started.

Don’t forget about names of spanish or mexican origin, either. What you need to know when you pick asian cat names is that you can find a plethora of names. In some other associations, it’s known as the exotic shorthair to differentiate it from the exotic longhairs that sometimes appear in exotic litters and are considered by some associations as a breed unto themselves.

You can use these as a first name, middle name or pick two names from the list for the first and middle name. She also writes for various other pet related websites. This italian word states something as ‘everlasting.’

You have a lot of material to work with, since your cat’s a girl. Here is a collection of most popular exotic female cat names. Whether we’re talking about exotic female names, exotic boy names or exotic names for cats, choosing a name that comes from another country, culture, language or is just plain unique can carry with it a sense of originality, playfulness.

Therefore we want to help you choose your cat’s name with a list of names for exotic cats for both males and females.

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