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The longest standing breeder of the savannah cat. Exotics breeders can be found all over the world, including canada and the united states that offer exotic big cats for sale.

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A savannah cat is a cross between an african serval and a domesticated house cat.

Exotic house cats savannah. Cats make great house pets. Photo by aussiegold via flickr. All our kittens are raised in our home & underfoot.

Hybrid cats and domestic cats with wildcat looks. They have absolutely always love their animals in their care, the animals they breed are always in good health and all necessary vaccination is always needed to make sure all their exotics pet for sale or savannah cat. Savannah cats were created by crossing your average house cat with the african serval.

Hybrids are absolutely as result of cross breeding between a normal cat and an exotic cat, this gives us the best breed ever. All are raised in a state and federally licenced facility in Wildanimalpets provides the best exotic house cats world wide with shipping, lucky for us cat lovers, here are two categories of exotic cat breeds that we can raise and love:

If you already know the genetic difference, then you will know that a savannah is a serval that has been crossed with a domestic cat, and therefore, a savannah will be smaller and usually less wild. While savannah owners are quick to defend their pets, some organizations have questioned the morality of keeping and breeding these animals. As the longest standing savannah cat breeders, we have the knowledge and experience to produce beautiful exotic cats for sale.

Exotic cats are easy going, somewhat active cats. In reality, there are a few small cat species that most people don't even know exist that make reasonable pets. Small wild cats as pets.

This breed is one of the largest of all domestic cat breeds, and it takes a generation or two of the hybrids for them to be considered suitable house pets. We offer lots of exotic cats for sale at frazier farms exotics including bobcats (lynx rufus), canada lynx (lynx canadensis), eurasian lynx (lynx lynx), sand cats (felis margarita), carpathian lynx (lynx lynx carpathicus), and mainecoons. Becoming evermore popular among cat lovers who want the exotic look of wild cat but the disposition and characteristics of domesticated feline.

But, they primarily love to bond with their companions and spend some quality time cuddling. The savannah is however and still has many of the serval's beautiful qualities but with a more amiable temperament and better house hold habits. Savannah cats live longer than the average house cat, usually ranging between 17 and 20 years.

Select exotics has kittens available for sale. We have beautiful exotic savannah kittens for sale! Browse exotic kittens for sale & cats for adoption.

Their exotic looks, larger size and domestic temperament make them a suitable alternative to exotic ownership. Exotic cat kitten breeder of bengal and savannah kittens lakeland polk city florida, bengal and savannah cats and kittens for sale. We are always happy to welcome our guests and ready to bring joy to your house!.

You can have a personal contact with any kitten you like in first in the world exclusive. F1 savannah kittens, f2 savannah kitttens, high quality savannah cat breeder providing you with socialized luxury hybrids! Luxury savannahs is located in las vegas nv.

If the extreme serval type is the most important factor when deciding which generation is right for you, than an f1 is your best choice. See more ideas about cats, beautiful cats, cats and kittens. Bengals are generally healthy, but the following diseases have been seen in the breed:

Browse our list of energetic, quality savannahs and take home your kitten today. Savannah cat is a mixed breed of a serval and a domestic cat. The savannah has a captivating exotic look.

Browse our list of hand bred savannahs of the utmost quality. Exotic house cats available for sale. The savannah is a smaller version of the african serval, weighing in at around 20 pounds, as opposed to 40 with its ancestor.

And therein lies a controversy. There are only a few hundred savannahs in the world at this time, making them very special and highly sought after companion pets. They are certainly not completely sedentary as they do enjoy playing games and challenging their minds.

Exotic pets are a hugely diverse group of animals that range from betta fish to bengal tigers. At the moment our cattery is one of the two in the world who produced these valuable kittens. That is a relatively new breed and it was recognized only in 2001 by the international cat association (tica).

Bengals are very active, high energy cats and as a rule are not couch potatoes. Savannah cat breed has savannah cats and kittens available for sale. Browse our kittens available page for photos of the new arrivals.

Overall, savannah house cats are healthy, hardy and athletic, and are considered to be one of the healthiest of the domestic feline breeds.

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