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From around the web our partners Cats are always been man’s best friend, after dogs.

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There are plenty of domestic cat breeds that look just like their big cat cousins.

Exotic looking house cats. Whether you are looking for an exotic cat or a hybrid, you can find different types of wild cats that have been domesticated or wild cats that are kept for pets. In reality, there are a few small cat species that most people don't even know exist that make reasonable pets. At the same time, exotic shorthair cat meets all other standards of persian cats.

These types of pets have distinct looks and behaviors and might require special care. Exotic pets are a hugely diverse group of animals that range from betta fish to bengal tigers. These new arrivals on the cat scene have become more and more popular even though some of them are still quite rare and therefore extremely expensive pussy cats.

From the striking bengal to the unusual savannah, meet 8 cat breeds that aren't as wild as they look. The new breed first began to be developed in the 1950s by crossing persians with american shorthairs and, later, other shorthaired breeds such as the burmese and the russian blue , then breeding back to persians once the short coat was achieved. Exotics breeders can be found all over the world, including canada and the united states that offer exotic big cats for sale.

Exotic cats are easy going, somewhat active cats. These cats came about by breeding domestic cats with asian leopard cats. They have absolutely always love their animals in their care, the animals they breed are always in good health and all necessary vaccination is always needed to make sure all their exotics pet for sale or savannah cat.

If you've ever dreamed of having a tiger, panther or leopard without, you know, the dangers of living with wild animals, you're in luck: These exotic domestic cats are 100% domestic feline but you wouldn’t know it by looking at them. But, they primarily love to bond with their companions and spend some quality time cuddling.

Hybrid cats and domestic cats with wildcat looks. Many of these exotic cats are either wild species or hybrid species, resulting in unusual fur and beautifully intense eyes. Slender and muscular, this cat has a short, dense coat that ranges from brown, black, silver, or cream.

But over the years, cat lovers’ fascination with wild cats grew( read the top 10 searches about wild cats here.) and many may have wanted to bring these exotic looking felines indoor instead of the common house cat breeds. They are a cross between domestic cats and servals, an african wild cat. A popular hybrid, savannah cats are taller than typical house cats and look like small cheetahs.

They are certainly not completely sedentary as they do enjoy playing games and challenging their minds. The cat fanciers’ association currently recognizes 41 pedigreed cat breeds, and among those you will find a variety of temperaments and appearances. Wildanimalpets provides the best exotic house cats world wide with shipping, lucky for us cat lovers, here are two categories of exotic cat breeds that we can raise and love:

Egyptian cat names are great for exotic looking cats. Some of the most interesting breeds to admire are those that originated in foreign lands, or those that have strikingly unusual features. If you are looking for a cat that is not just the usual classic kitty from television or film, then these breeds of cats should help you narrow down the unique cat that's perfect for you.

The exotic hair breed was developed in 1950 by crossing persian cats with different short haired cat breeds. Exotic house cats available for sale. Domestic cats with wild looks might be just your cup of catnip.

It’s very important when you are choosing the cat, to choose which breed fits to you, as a owner. Unlike persian cats, exotic shorthair cats have short coat. They need ample room to play, especially vertical space.

There are so many different breeds of beautiful cats, it’s just depend what kind of cats you like. Anybody who loves cats has probably been hypnotized by these independent, mischievous, charming and mysterious pets. Exotic cat breeds that make great pets 1.

This entry was posted in cats, featured and tagged basic, breeds, cat, exotic pets, house, pet stories, pets animals on august 25, 2010 by bugy220. Savannah cat is a mixed breed of a serval and a domestic cat. Maybe your cat looks like the cats featured in ancient egyptian art with a triangular face and long, slim limbs?

An affectionate comb out twice per week is all that's required to keep your furry friend (and your couch) looking and feeling fabulous. That is a relatively new breed and it was recognized only in 2001 by the international cat association (tica). Browse exotic kittens for sale & cats for adoption.

Small wild cats as pets. Becoming evermore popular among cat lovers who want the exotic look of wild cat but the disposition and characteristics of domesticated feline. I personally prefer cats with longer hair, but, this is just mu opinion.

So that the exotic shorthair breed doesn’t demand daily grooming like persian cats. These intelligent, athletic, and spirited cats require lots of mental and physical stimulation to keep them entertained. Maybe your cat is a sphinx cat or mau and needs a suitable regional name to go with their breeding?

Looking for cats and kittens for sale? Hybrids are absolutely as result of cross breeding between a normal cat and an exotic cat, this gives us the best breed ever. Bengal cats feature an exotic appearance without the wild cat danger.

See more ideas about cat breeds, cats, cats and kittens. Because their hair is short, it isn't prone to matting or tangling. There are some very beautiful cats on the planet and over the last few decades more breeders have crossed certain ones to produce exotic and wild looking domestic felines.

While they might not sit on your lap and purr, they can still make unique pets. An egyptian cat name could be a great choice for such a cat. As that is impossible, a great answer for them are these five cat breeds that look like wild cats.

The exotic shorthair, or exotic for short, is a persian of a different coat. Find out about these exotic looking cat breeds!

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