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It is basically a shorthaired persian. 10 years in the wild, 20 years in captivity.;

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How does the exotic cat differ from the persian cat

Exotic persian cat lifespan. An exotic shorthair is a cat or kitten from an exotic breeding program that exhibits the traits of a persian, but with a short, plush coat. Chinchilla, himalayan and exotic) 76% of this group lived to 10 years or more and 52% lived to 12.5 years or more. This breed has its playful side, but it prefers to cuddle and relax for most of the day.

A persian cat’s lifespan depends on quite a few factors as mentioned above. A breed with only 50 years of history, the exotic shorthair, also known as the shorthaired persian, is a popular breed for cat fanciers who walk on the calmer side of life. Later other breeds were used as outcrosses including burmese and abyssinians.

As such, different cat breeds have different life expectancies. In many ways the exotic shorthair resembles the persian from which it came. The history of its origin is full of secrets and the exotic looking cat might have up to 100 colours!

The desired coat is dense, plush and stands away from the body due to the thick undercoat. It has a large square head and flattened face much like its persian family members. Usually when someone says exotic they mean exotic shorthair, although the two varieties exist (lh and sh).

Until the late 19 th century, when breeding and showing cats became popular, longhaired cats from persia, turkey, afghanistan and other exotic locales were known simply as “asiatic” cats and were often bred together. The international cat association recognized the exotic shorthair cat in 1979. Persian cat persian cats are popular for their adorable looks and flowing coat which requires special care.

The exotic longhair made its debut on the cat scene in the mid 20th century, along with their siblings the exotic shorthairs. Cats come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. What to know about servals.

Balinese cat the current generation of balinese cats are adapted from siamese. Exotics have stout frames with big bones and solid features. The exotic in many respects is just a shorthaired persian cat.

The exotic shorthair is an attractive breed. In many ways the exotic shorthair is just like the breed from which it was derived, the persian. Here we'll tell you why you should adopt an exotic shorthair cat.

Do look for special persian/exotic kibbles if you plan to feed your cat a dry cat food diet. In 1950, the siamese cats was crossed with the persians to create a new breed with the body type of the persians and colour type is like siamese and put it name as an himalayan, after other colour point animals such as the himalayan rabbit. Most popular exotic cat breeds:

Thus, leaving the persian cat as the only available outcross breed. A unique version of their origin does not exist, but one way or another persian cats came to europe from the east, and then. In 1971 the first exotic shorthair achieved the status of grand champion.

Just like the persian cat, the exotic shorthair cat is very affectionate and loyal. According to the 2010 edition of the guinness world records, the oldest cat ever recorded was creme puff, who died in 2005, aged 38 years, 3 days. The male cats are heavier than the female cats.

However, as is the case with many purebred cats, there are some health conditions that this breed is predisposed to. Indoor or outdoor persian cat. Servals, which originate from africa, are probably one of the more popular.

Some associations consider these kittens to be a breed of their own, called the exotic longhair. For tips and advice on cat nutrition visit the chapter on cat food. The persian is particular in every aspect:

The breed is the result of crossing american shorthairs with persian cats. Moreover, these kitties are also among those that have higher expectations on living for a long time. The exotic shorthair, or exotic for short, is a persian of a different coat.

It craves attention and like to be played around with. In 1991 an exotic was the cfa's cat of the year and in 1992 the cfa's best kitten was also an exotic. Maximum lifespan has been estimated at values ranging from 22 to 30 years although there have been claims of cats dying at ages greater than 30 years.

I recently wrote an article about the persian cat life expectancy and the different factors that affect the lifespan of your cat. Their lifespan is no different. Exotics have large, rounded heads with full cheeks and a short, broad nose.

American shorthair breeders wanted to cross their breed with persians in an effort to obtain an american shorthair with a silver coat, emerald eyes, and blockier body type. Average weight of an exotic shorthair cat. They have had championship recognition in tica since june 1979.

The persian cat is probably the most popular and recognisable breed of cats. To get a better idea of your cat’s expected lifespan, check out this list of cat breeds and average ages. Most popular exotic cat breeds:

The exotic shorthair is a breed of cat developed to be a shorthaired version of the persian. The exotic shorthair is a relative newcomer to the cat fancy originating in the united states in the 1960's. We’ll look closely at what they are below.

The expected lifespan is between 15 to 20 years. In uk it is also known as colour point longhair. The new breed first began to be developed in the 1950s by crossing persians with american shorthairs and, later, other shorthaired breeds such as the burmese and the russian blue , then breeding back to persians once the short coat was achieved.

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