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Operation spay our strays (sos) is designed for feral and free roaming cats living outdoors. The veterinary medical center offers extremely reduced fees to spay and neuter these specific animals.

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You do not have to attend our tnr class first but it is strongly recommended for safety of cat and trapper.

Feral cat spay near me. Also right now, cats and dogs in 23 san antonio zip codes can be fixed for free at four different clinics and shelters. You may bring one feral cat in a humane trap, per person per day without an appointment. $15 spay or neuter (cats must be in a trap and traps are available on loan).

Feral cat spay/neuter $35 ferals must be in a humane trap. We recommend searching through the national databases first for a provider near you. Is there a friendly stray cat that you’re concerned about?

Feral cat spay and neuter program (your cost $75 per cat) this program is for feral and stray cats that are living outdoors. Any household is eligible to participate. We can safely spay cats that are pregnant or in heat.

They will frequently rub against legs and exhibit behaviors such as purring and meowing. If you still don’t see spay/neuter providers near you, don’t give up! It does not live in a house with humans.

Feral cats are healthy, and more than 98% of cats who enter clinics can be safely returned to their outdoor homes. Tcap offers a feral cat spay/neuter program, at all 7 of our main dfw area locations, to help curb the wild cat population in our communities. Cats from any county are welcome.

Feral cats must appear healthy, hydrated and eating the day of surgery. In contrast, feral cats are notably. Register your feral cat colony with the low cost spay neuter clinic ‘feral’ means ‘gone wild’.

Have you noticed litters of kittens springing up left and right? Also, it prevents keeping a trap cat confined the least amount of time. Includes spay & rabies shot!

Through this program, outdoor cats are humanely trapped, brought to the clinic, spayed or neutered, provided a rabies vaccine, are. There is no farm/sanctuary or other colony for them to be transferred to. Listing of free & reasonable cost spay & neuter clinics statewide!

A feral cat is a cat that displays some degree of a wild state. I can’t find any spay/neuter providers near me.please try searching within a larger mile radius, within 25 or 50 miles. Do you have feral cats in your neighborhood that you’d like to get fixed?

If you don't find one that is convenient, then check your state's database if it is listed. Low cost for other type animals also available. Free spay/neuter for homeless cats.

All the details of this free spay/neuter grant for san antonio pets are here. We provide free spay/neuter services for homeless stray and feral cats. Thanks to the support of generous donors, the arl offers free spay and neuter tnr clinics (trap, neuter and release) each year to feral cat caretakers in boston.

If you can put a cat in a carrier or in the trap, you need an appointment. List of clinics changes as availability of clinics and. Cats or kittens must be true ferals—a feral is a cat that cannot be handled at all.

Surgeries are done at elm grove animal hospital in wheeling, wv. Register using email with subject: Tcap offers a feral cat spay/neuter program, at all 7 of our dfw area locations, to help curb the wild cat population in our communities.

Low cost spay / neuter clinics for pets and feral / community cats throughout florida. Anyone can use these clinics. Please keep in mind that not all spay/neuter providers treat feral cats, so be sure to check directly with the clinic before making any plans.

Please note that ffp does not remove or relocate feral cats. The tnr package includes spay/neuter, 1 year rabies, 1 year distemper vaccine. This service includes the spay/neuter surgery, feline leukemia testing, rabies vaccine and mandatory ear tipping for a cost of $15.

Fix a feral cat clinics. Stray cats are usually tame and comfortable around people. We allow this because feral cats are unpredictable to trap.

Webark estates sponsors cat clinics every week. Clinics (map) clinics (by county) special offers. See our tips for using humane cat traps on our trapping feral cats page.

Hill country animal league in boerne. A feral cat is a wild cat that cannot be touched and must be trapped. Some feral cats may have originated as domestic cats who once lived indoors with humans, and have since become lost or abandoned.

185 east indiantown road, #107 (at the seagrape plaza just east of aia on north side) jupiter, fl 33477 tel. See website for clinic dates. Cash only or $5 surcharge for debit or credit cards.

Feral cats must arrive one cat per carrier. Also, offers free s/n for pets of people with low income. Veterinarians will not spay or neuter any cat or kitten that is too young, too small, sick or injured.

Affordable veterinary services 7600 kayne blvd. Includes neuter & rabies shot!

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