Finding A Lost Indoor Cat Outside

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The most important thing you can do to ensure your cat can be found is to microchip your cat. Follow the edge of the house or building:

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In the event that your indoor cat that has gotten out is not nearby, you’ll need to alert others in your area that your cat is lost.

Finding a lost indoor cat outside. Finding a lost indoor cat isn’t like looking for a missing person or even searching for a dog, but there are several things you can do to bring kitty home safely. A panicked cat will typically follow along the side of the house, rather than risk slinking or bolting out into the open. Search in dense foliage, under porches, in crawlspaces, and in garages and sheds.

When a cat becomes lost and scared, it will often run to the first hiding place it sees. This is a term that kat albrecht coined to describe the lost cat behavior when a sick, injured, or panicked cat will hide in silence. Your cat has gotten loose and you don’t know where they are.

You can do this by posting signs around your area with a photo and detailed information about your cat. Follow the tips in this article to help you find your missing indoor cat, and have every faith that your beautiful kitty will return to you. Bringing your cat safely home is all about staying calm and thinking clearly.

Once a cat has wandered out of their comfort zone anything can happen to scare them further: Let others know your indoor cat is lost. Consider having your cat microchipped to increase the likelihood of being reunited in case he is ever separated from you, and only take your cat.

Any loud noises like shouting their name or clapping your hands will tend to further startle them. If you’ve ever had a cat escape and run away from home, you know how upsetting it can be. For both indoor and outdoor cats, being displaced means ending up somewhere outside familiar territory.

How a cat behaves when in its normal territory will influence how it behaves when it becomes “lost” or displaced into unfamiliar territory. This guide is written to help you find a lost indoor cat or a cat who doesn’t go out very often and certainly doesn’t stray very far. An indoor cat that gets “displaced” may have somehow escaped through the window or a door that’s been left open because he was chasing a smaller animal, running away in fear of something, or the simple reason.

Even if your cat is an indoor cat, you should still start looking outside your house if you can't seem to find it indoors. Try to keep the cat in sight, but normally when an indoor cat gets outside, the smells and the sounds tend to be overwhelming and the first thing they want to do is hide close to home. While an adventurous indoor/outdoor cat is more likely to roam, a scared cat may not trust their inner compass, get confused and get lost.

Aside from putting up signs and talking to neighbors, there are a few tricks to lure your cat back home. If your cat recently got out, try out these tips for a happy reunion. Here are seven things you can do to help the search if your indoor cat got lost!

Wow, that would be awfully scary to lose an indoor cat outside. Barking dogs, wildlife, loud traffic noise, teasing school kids, the list is endless. Indoor cats that sneak out usually stay nearby in their own yards, or hide under decks, foundations, and shrubbery.

My indoor cat got lost outdoors — here’s how i found her. When indoor cats get lost: Use a baby monitor on your porch:

Start looking as quickly as possible — especially for the indoor cat that has just escaped. Look around your neighborhood, and ask your neighbors if they have seen your cat, and put up cat missing signs, and check the animal shelters. Find a cat lost away from home.

Start looking in the area immediately surrounding your house before searching your neighborhood. Going onto someone’s land my start and argument that could scare your cat away if there. Where is the cat hiding?

Get permission from your neighbors to look around their yards. Knowing how to find a lost cat can save time in your search Sadly, if your indoor cat has been a inside all of it's life, then he probably can't find his way home.

It’s every cat owner’s nightmare: Our indoor cat once got out, and we found her 1 week later. I can understand about losing a cat in your house.

Lost cats requires immediate attention and knowing something about cat personalities can help you locate your missing cat sooner rather than later — or not at all. He seemed very happy, catching mice in the hedgerows and bringing them home, he was a real outside cat, he would come in and make a loud deep cry and we knew he had another mouse for us, so as i said eddy vanished and we were really upset working he. Losing a cat is a traumatic, stressful event.

The cat is almost certainly very close at hand. Also check under in sewer drains, and inside pipes and vents. If you have an indoor only cat then it is unfamiliar with the outside world, and probably is scared and hiding nearby.

I’m a dog person and when i find a lost dog, that’s the first thing i look for. Create flyers with pictures of your cat: Feline temperaments that influence distances traveled.

Even though exclusively indoor cats live longer and are safer from trauma and infectious disease, they may have a reduced homing ability and may become disorientated and frightened if lost outdoors. Does your cat wear a collar with a name tag? Leave a bowl of food on your porch with an electronic baby monitor or other home monitoring system targeted on the bowl.

The next step would be to tell your neighbors who live on your street. Start near the place the cat was lost and search outward. It is a natural form of protection for a cat to find a place to hide under a house, a deck, a porch, bushes, or any place they can crawl.

Losing a kitty is a scary time;

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