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A neuter is a routine surgical procedure done to remove a male dog’s or cat’s testicles, thus making them sterile. As part of the animal population control program, the nyc department of health & mental hygiene has partnered with the aspca ® to provide free* spay/neuter for low income residents on aspca mobile spay/neuter clinics in manhattan, queens or staten island.

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We help neuter around 150,000 cats and kittens, including around 20,000 ferals, every year.

Free cat neutering nyc. For cats in new york, listed below are low cost or free spay and neuter programs, plus local information sources who may be able to tell you about other programs. Aspca mobile vans, free spay/neuter and vaccination for low income pet owners tel. Limited wellness services such as fvrcp vaccinations, fiv/felv testing, and flea treatment are also available on request and at reduced cost.

Some programs serve only low income people, but most are open to all, regardless of income. Spay and neuter certificates | friends of animals. Aspca and nyc feral cat initiative of the mayor’s alliance for nyc’s animals location:

Spaying/neutering is one of the most important pet’s health decisions you make statistics says that pets who live in the states with the highest rates of spaying/neutering also live the longest (18% for male dogs and 23% for female dogs actually.) Get more facts about spaying and neutering and answers to frequently asked questions by downloading our free brochure. Spayusa locator by north shore animal league america enter your state, then your county for a list of clinics.

The aspca mobile spay/neuter clinic: In order to qualify for this free offer, you must bring the following to a mobile clinic in manhattan, queens or staten island: Ferals in peril spay/neuter clinic for tnr/ferals in bath beach tel.

Offers free or low cost spay/neuter surgeries for all cats and mixed breed dogs in nyc. You must register with the aspca in order to use their free spay/neuter clinic, transport, and trap bank services. I had him neutered there and a microchip implanted, at less than half the cost of nyc, and i got most of the cost of the bus trip back, because i took a casino bus and got the money back to gamble.

Coupon (2 days ago) click here to learn more about our new spay and neuter ad campaign featuring prominent billboards urging people to help keep pets off the street. Patty khuly patty khuly, vmd, mba is a prolific pet health writer, occasional media personality, and a practicing veterinary clinician (for almost 23 years!). Many require tnr certification to qualify, which can be obtained by attending a neighborhood cats tnr workshop.

Two vouchers are issued at a time to each resident. Vouchers are given to residents who live in the town of brookhaven and have feral cats that need to be altered. Free feral cat spay/neuter the town of brookhaven animal shelter offers a free voucher program for free feral cat spay / neuter.

There are a number of veterinary providers in new york city who offer free or low cost spay/neuter for feral cats. Please note this offer is limited due to a limited budget and you must live in the south east london area. Our mobile clinics provide subsidized services to tens of thousands of underserved pet owners each year, with the mission of decreasing the number of dogs and cats entering the city’s shelters, and contributing to the overall health and welfare of animals in.

Check with the clinic you're interested in for pricing, how to schedule. A printed voucher for free surgery They also have the potential to spread illness, particularly from rabies transmitted from native species like raccoons.

Various areas in new york city boroughs email: Chip and snip scheme available to anyone in se postcodes on benefits or low income. Our veterinary centers perform thousands of spay/neuter surgeries each year at melrose animal clinic in golden valley and through a surgical unit stationed on university avenue in st.

Why spay or neuter your pet? Removal of the testicles also results in decreased testosterone, meaning neutering can reduce unwanted behaviors and health issues. Our recommended neutering age for your pet cat is four months.

Why spay or neuter your pet? Feral cat spay/neuter programs & clinics. Because spaying or neutering… helps your pet live a longer, healthier life.

Call 07952 680 522 for a free neutering voucher. Free & low cost spay/neuter in nyc. Some work only with pet cats, or only feral (untame) cats, but other programs work with both pets and ferals.

• neutering male cats makes them less likely Foa certificates are not valid for a cat if the cat is to be declawed. Declawing is painful, cruel and psychologically.

If you're unable to find one or want to speak to a spayusa representative directly, complete the referral form on the same page. The free spay/neuter package includes a rabies vaccination and left eartipping. Neutering for dogs & cats.

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