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Gamo is not over priced, diana is over priced. If you are looking for an air rifle to hunt small game and reduce the number of pests around your home then this.177 caliber rifle would fit the bill.

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After testing the whisper, i brought out my tuned beeman r1.

Gamo whisper silent cat decibels. This air rifle has a loudness of 87 decibels, or as loud as a crowded, noisy restaurant. The silent cat is a cheaper version with the same workings. In my experience gamos start out sounding real springy and quiet down after a few thousand rounds.

All have been very accurate and dependable. You amazing accuracy and precision making it easy to have quick and precise shots.the rifle. It’s equipped with sound dampening technologies that reduce up to 25% volume.

Specially made for the serious pest control user, it’s great for getting rid of common garden vermin and pests. The other guy had it backwards. Whisper fusion mach 1.177 cal.

At gamo we have over 50 years experience in designing high powered adult air rifles, airguns and ammunition for small game hunting and pest control. The noise muffler is mounted to the barrel, making it silent without sacrificing performance and efficiency. If you want a break barrel rifle that will work to your advantage no matter the application, the gamo whisper silent cat air rifle is exactly what you’ll want in your airsoft arsenal.

I tested the rws 48, gamo big cat and the gamo whisper. I'm not sure how the barrel shroud of the silent cat compares to the baffling device on the whisper, but they do make a difference. The gamo wildcat whisper also features noise dampening technolgy, patented by gamo.

Is it possible to safely remove the supressor from a gamo whisper without damaging the rifle? The gamo wildcat whisper pellet rifle features the igt (intert gas technology) piston that allows higher velocity, less vibration and a longer lifespan than traditional spring powered airguns. It's a.22 and makes substantially more noise on impact than the.177 whisper (i used a silent pellet trap), but its discharge is noticeably quieter.

Air rifles, the gamo whisper silent cat is designed to keep the sound down while you?re out shooting. The gamo raptor whisper air rifle is available in both 0.177″ (4.5mm) or.22″ (5.66 mm) calibers. The gamo silent cat is a quiet air rifle that’s made for hobbyists.

It’s also for the outdoorsman who wants to shoot small game and birds. It is a very quiet and accurate rifle, suitable for target practice and for hunting small game. Gamo has a velocity of 1200 fps with pba.

But i wanted something more accurate and with a little more punch so i picked up the gamo whisper silent cat igt.22 and a leapers utg ao scope and long story short 3yrs later i still can’t reliably hit the side of a wall with it. It’s perfect for target practice and for improving your accuracy and aiming. Gamo whisper silent cat air rifle.

It’s very pellet tolerant and this is a strong benefit for the practical airgunner. The most quiet air rifle for neighborhood use is the gamo silent cat air rifle. It doesn't have the adjustable stock, or the good looks of the whisper.

Gamo whisper silent cat air rifle. Powerful, quiet, and reliable are the three words we can think of when it comes to a rifle like this. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for gamo whisper silent cat air rifle at

It also lacks 50 fps which isn't important. A new rifle will be louder though unless tuned. One of the reasons for our success is that we inspect.

While each of gamo’s air rifles are among the highest quality on the market, these three specific model stand out among the rest due to their power, ergonomics, and their ability to be used for hunting. Gamo whisper silent cat air rifle is one of the quietest air rifles you can buy because it offers exceptional power and accuracy without compromising on silence. 1200 feet per second with pba.

Gamo raptor whisper air rifle. The gamo bonecollector in.177 and gamo silent cat in the same caliber. I also have a gamo whisper fusion in.22 caliber.

Just like the gamo whisper silent cat air rifle, this air rifle has a whisper noise dampener which helps in reducing noise. Gamo silent cat air rifle gets the job done quietly. I have owned 3 gamo air rifles.

I don't want to put the supressor on a different gun, i just want it off mine. Gamo whisper silent cat air rifle. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

Gamo whisper fusion mach 1 air rifle. They work best with crosman premier ultra magnum pellets. The bonecollector is by far the most accurate of the three though.

Whisper fusion mach 1.22 cal. I got my first ‘real’ air rifle which was the gamo whisper.177 and it was great. This gamo silent cat air rifle is one of the best air rifles on the’s a silent rifle and also very high one of the quietest air rifles, this gamo cat makes taking down the small game a silent affair.

It has a noise dampener mounted at the tip of its barrel. Up to 1,300 fps using gamo pba platinum pellets, igt (inert. Muzzle velocity is close to gamo’s claims, with the maximum of over 1150 fps coming from the lightest weight alloy (pba) gamo raptor platinum pellets.

This rifle has a dampener that cuts the noise by more than half of normal rifles. This gun has an fps of 1200 which is the maximum you can have without making that loud pop and this means you can shoot down some nasty animals on. If you are thinking of the quietest air rifle to buy, then the gamo has the quality you are looking for in a rifle.

A fairly standard.177 with skeleton stock, this little beauty is capable of shooting up to 1200 feet per second with pba ammo. After testing several gamo air rifles, including the three for this review, the whisper fusion, whisper silent cat, and varmint air rifle remain the top three choices for the typical shooter. Comparing a whisper to a big cat the whisper is about 50% as noisy.

The gamo whisper tested by ham gave consistently excellent accuracy with all the pellets tested. I like the way the rifle shoots since i have installed the grt iii trigger, but can't stand that ugly thing on the end of the barrel. 4×32 air rifle scope with rings.

The gun is specifically for killing pests. Gamo whisper silent cat air rifle :

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