High Flow Cats Vs No Cats

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I installed the kooks with no cats the decibel of the exhaust is fine with the npp but it is raspy like a mustang. Its time to get headers with high flow cats!

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A great mod to remove them.

High flow cats vs no cats. Discussion starter • #1 • aug 14, 2016. The resonators reduced the rasp probably 20% and the cats reduced the rasp another 10%. I want to have an aggressive.

As i have been on the dyno and at the track. It would have been about 4 hours but two of the bolts for the muffler clamps were seized and broke when we were trying to loosen them. No headers on the car and pretty certain stock thermostat.

However, if its going to be a recurring problem that will really bug me on such a clean and low mileage srt8. 2 40.0% no cats votes: Jump to latest follow do you like the change?

The rumors for a 10k fine for no cat is a fine for 'tampering with a motor vehcial' were as 100cpi cats is just a defect if you fail an omission test otherwise it's impossible to tell without removing the cat. I have the kooks high flow cats that i ordered at the same time and read a bunch of people having issues with cats and forced induction cats so i decided to go with out them. The green cats are rated for a higher horsepower and slightly better oxidizing according to kooks without packing in etc.

Yes in the sense that they allow for the more efficient flow of exhaust gasses, removing restrictions that can impede performance. Replacing the factory item for an xforce high flow racing cat can show a significant increase in horsepower. Our 1000hp air flow bench reads 407 cfm stock and 549 cfm gutted and no hp gain at 775rwhp.

Xforce metallic and ceramic high flow cats has shown to flow as much as 550cfm for a 2.5″ ceramic cat (400cell), and 750cfm for a 3” metallic cat (200cell as tested). What type of cats you should use: All magnaflow catalytic converters are normally.

I dont really drone,, mds is off all the time. 3 60.0% total voters 5; I recently bought a 2003 mustang gt it has no cats no mufflers and stock h pipe.

In order to pass emissions legitimatley, the car needs to have cats on it. High flow cats vs cat delete mid pipes. Joined aug 14, 2016 · 20 posts.

Do high flow cats increase power? This thread will be of the same exhaust before and after the only change is the. Feb 20, 2017 #1 hey guys new to the site but i'm needing some help.

You won't gain significant power but will selfishly release harmful nitrous oxides, carbon monoxide, and hydrocarbons into the environment. Browse all magnaflow catalytic converter replacements for your car, truck or suv. Loss of low end tq no way.

Poll closed mar 2, 2017. 0 0.0% total voters 1; Feb 20, 2017 1 0 1 31.

Headers likely will not deepen the tone of your exhaust. Karl’s east coast speed 827hp shelby. Stock was “0” hp on their ‘06 mustang.

High flow cats vs no cats high flow cats votes: Like the previous reviews it is at least a two person job and it took us about 5 hours total. Car runs normal with the cel light on;

Discussion starter • #1 • apr 15, 2013. Has anyone heard of high flow cats causing a cel to be thorwn intermittingly? You can even get high flow cats that will be less restrictive than stock still pass emissions but maybe not as good as no cats.

Removing the cats gave me 3 to 4 tents faster in the 1/4 mile. I don't think you want to go with no cats, the smell of sulfur will get old quickly. Headers, 3” x pipe and no cats.

Joined apr 15, 2013 · 14 posts. On the other hand if you don't mind the smell of rotten egg sulfur smell then you will gain a few more hp from what i hear with no cats. As long as you dont live in california.

Sold mid pipe h 2001 gt with high flow cats. For most applications the regular high flow cats have been fine. Show us your flow tests.

Today a buddy's dad helped me instal belanger high flow cats. High flow cats vs o/r h pipe. Luckily my buddies dad owns a muffler shop and tweaked some other bolts to fit just fine.

Ran back to back tests at 600hp and 700hp. 9 years old, but cats burn exhausted gas that isn't reused via smog pump, thus cleaner air. Is there a big difference between a hi flow vs a cat delete mid pipe?.

High flow cats i cant tell ya. Had full exhaust on a l67 and when i changed to 100cpi cats (only thing changed) it got very loud!!!! There is no magic super free flow catalytic converter out there and any company that tries to sell you one is not quite telling you the truth, the sad thing is, there are some web sites claiming they have high flow performance cats, and by the way at a huge inflated price, when in fact all you will be buying is the same converter you would.

Grow up and leave cats on. However they do rustic flow therefore causing back pressure. If you're too cheap to pay for high flow cats (which you can get for a couple hundred bucks), leave the stock ones on.

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