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The highland lynx cat is a hybrid; The intention was to produce a domestic feline that combined a striking wild cat look with social and playful personality traits.

Baby highland lynx, this is Bentley. ) animals

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Highland lynx cat personality. In 2005, the name highlander was decided on for this unique breed of cat. The highlander (also known as the highlander shorthair, and originally as the highland lynx), is an experimental breed of cat.the unique appearance of the highlander comes from the deliberate cross between the desert lynx and the jungle curl breeds, also recently developed. She is an affectionate cat and is comfortable with all members of her family.

In 2004, after further crossing with some other curl breeds, the new highland lynx breed was announced (its name was changed to highlander a year later). If the cat is not registered with tica, it is not a highlander! Prices for highland lynx kittens will vary depending on location.

None of the breeds used to develop the highland lynx have the personality of a true desert lynx. See more ideas about highlander cat, domestic cat, cat breeds. Gentle, social, and intelligent, these felines inherited some of the best traits from their parents.

The highlander cat loves to play and being silly. It is a cross between the desert lynx, also known as the caracal, and the jungle curls cat breeds. Registered exotic highland & desert lynx kittens for sale updated 11/2/20

Highland lynx cat breed facts: It is recognized by the rare and exotic feline registry as a part of the desert lynx breed. It may not have a single wild gene, but the resemblance to a bobcat is amazing.

Also if you would like to learn more about the effects of vaccines on your highland lynx or desert lynx please read this page. A great deal of good information has been written about bobtail cats and highland lynx cats by highland lynx breeders and others, but it seems to me you can't get too much information on these wonderful cats. See links at bottom.) if you would like to see pictures of our past highland lynx cubs click here.

Development of the breed began in 2004 and an early name for it was the highland lynx. Acceptable patterns include the tawny (or ticked agouti), clouded leopard, and the leopard spotted. The marvelous highland lynx (this is one of 3 pages of information about highland lynx cats.

The description of the highland lynx was curled ears, a natural short tail, and some were polydactyl. Joe childers from timberline cattery in north carolina took an initiative in the development of this cat breed in 1995. However, they are also extremely affectionate and love to cuddle with their humans when they are tired.

We strive for healthy, well socialized kittens that would make a wonderful addition to your family. In the breed’s initial stages of development, the highlander was known as the highland lynx.nonetheless, it was then said that this cat didn’t have any actual wild lynx ancestry. My husband will not let me be a crazy cat lady, because, all know i probably would be if it weren't for him, so we settled on the opportunity to grow the highland lynx cat breed which means i get all the fun with kittens;

Highland lynx cat information part 1 (this is one of 3 pages of highland lynx information. The very first highland lynx litter was born on july 1, 1995 at timberline cattery. The highlander was originally developed by a breeder named joe childers back in 1993.

The highlander cat is as gentle and friendly as any other domestic cat. The highland lynx is now purely a domestic cat. The highland fold is a sweet, charming breed that is an easy cat to live with and care for.

The whole concept of the breeding program back in 1993 was to produce a cat that had the regal “big feline” look, but exhibited an amiable and loving personality. Learn what it's like to live with the highland fold cat breed and read about their origins, personality traits and physical characteristics. See more ideas about exotic cats, highlander cat, cats.

Highland lynx kittens for sale, highly prized, lovable registered, well socialized born and raised in home with family. This standard was made 20+ years ago by ethical breeders and stands the same today with the international desert lynx cat association. The highland lynx has a strong constitution and isn’t allergic to anything as a breed, but all cats benefit from a high protein food with few fillers.

Despite originally having the word lynx in their name, the mixed breed doesn't actually contain any wild cat genes in their makeup. Many people have asked for highland lynx information such as what the difference is between a highland lynx cat, or a highlander and an ordinary domestic cat. And so, in 2005, it was renamed the highlander.

None of the breeds used in the development of the highland lynx are allowed in the desert lynx breed. To that effect, we keep a very small number of carefully chosen adult breeders, ensuring they all get personal attention. The highland lynx comes in several different patterns.

The queens have free run of the house, except. A healthy highland lynx can expect to live between 13 and 16 years. Highland lynx is the only cat breed specifically developed from two existing breeds.

It was also around the same time that breeders started becoming more focused on defining this breed and their characteristics. My breed’s original name was “highland lynx” but was changed to “highlander” in 2005 by the international cat association ( tica ) during its. The highlander cat is a large cat who started its development in 1993 as a result of the crossing between the desert lynx and the jungle curl breeds.

The first generations of wild cat have long since been breed out. But, at the end of 8 weeks they get to go home to amazing families, like yours, that happen to be cat lovers like myself. No wild cat genes were used to develop the breed, rather the name refers to the desire to create a domestic cat with a powerful big cat look.

Unlike many other cat breeds, highlanders are very playful and active. Our goal is to promote and improve this exceptional breed, both for show and pet. Top class highland lynx cattery we are a small, three generation, hobby cattery in southeastern ohio.

In 2005, the name highlander was decided on for this unique breed of cat. No wild cat genes were used to develop the breed, rather the name refers to the desire to create a domestic cat with a powerful big cat look. He is great with humans, loving and affectionate.

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