Is Lavender Essential Oil Safe For Cats

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If you plan to use it, observe your cat to see if he has unexpected reactions. So, is lavender safe for cats?

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The aspca web site also lists common house plants and household items that are toxic or dangerous to your cats and dogs.

Is lavender essential oil safe for cats. Fresh lavender is not toxic to felines, only the essential oils derived from the plants are. 3) just because paws have leathery pads that doesn’t mean it’s safe to apply essential oils to them. If you have lavender oil in a diffuser, put it where kitty can't get.

It is also a great flea repellant. Based on my experience, i can say that they are safe for cats. Just like in humans, lavender oil eases pain, tension and anxiety in cats.

And don’t worry, the sleeping cat in the photo above is safe. With this in mind, essential oils are safe to use and the higher the quality, the safer and more effective they will be. Peppermint much like with cedar wood, peppermint essential oil is great for keeping fleas and other pests at bay without harming your feline friend.

2) all it takes is 6/100th of a drop of lavender oil to calm pets down. Because of this, we researched the toxicity of essential oils to cats. The american society for prevention of cruelty to animals (aspca) lists the lavender plant itself as toxic to cats.

It has a calming effect, so it’s great for car rides, vet visits or other commonly stressful situations. You should keep an eye on duchess for the time being to be on the safe side and visit your veterinarian if any symptoms present. Cats are sensitive to certain essential oils researchers have identified two major categories of essential oils that are more dangerous to cats than other mammals (such as humans, dogs or horses).

Read on for 6 essential oil safety tips to keep your cat safe (without throwing away all your essential oils). Lavender essential oil is widely studied, and demonstrated as being safe for cats. Certain essential oils can cause gastrointestinal upset, central nervous system depression and even liver damage could occur if ingested in significant quantities,” according to the aspca.

Lavender essential oil is the most toxic form of lavender for your felines. This is a popular question and one that draws mixed views among cat parents. In short, there aren't any safe essential oils for cats;

They all have the potential to be toxic to your fur baby. They offer precautions, as reactions will most likely occur. “cats are more susceptible to essential oils than some other species as they are missing a specific enzyme in their liver that helps them metabolize certain drugs, including essential oils,” says richardson.

Unfortunately for cats, lavender is toxic. Unfortunately, lavender and cats are not a safe combination and is not recommend. In conclusion, essential oils generate various effects on your pet, but the general conception is that, as long as you only choose oils acceptable to cats, and these oils are kept in concentrations and levels which are low to moderate only, chances are your cat will be safe from any possibility of toxicity.

8 things to know about cats and essential oils 1) essential oils are not meant to be used near the eyes and ears of humans or cats. It can be used topically, aromatically, and internally. Dangerous essential oils for cats and dogs.

Is lavender essential oil safe for cats? There are some oils that can be used on or around cats… just do so with caution and dilute them more than you would for yourself or another animal. My three cuties like chamomile and sweet basil essential oils, too.

What oils are safe for cats? As stated above, every cat is unique and may react differently. Certain essential oils were once considered to be safe for cats and were recommended for such uses as treating ear mite infestations, upper respiratory problems and for stress relief.

As for cats, the essential oils that aren’t safe to use are eucalyptus, clove, lavender, spruce, cassia, lemon, birch, and more. What we found was a lot of contradictory information, with some sources claiming that all essential oils are toxic to cats. A few common essential oils that are safe to use for your cat include lavender, copaiba, helichrysum, and frankincense.

Some claim it is safe while others seem to disagree. Because of this, probably very few essential oils are safe for cats to ingest. Before we look at what scents are safe for cats, you should know which ones to avoid.

The essential oils not safe for dogs are garlic, clover, oregano, rosemary, thyme, tea tree, and wintergreen oil. Discontinue use if redness, swelling, heat or pain result from application of this product. Because an essential oil is so concentrated, the natural enzymes in them can be anywhere from 500 to even 2000 times stronger than the original plant.

Often made without phenol, cedarwood is a safe essential oil for cats—though you should always check the label for contents before use. Lavender is certainly not safe for ingestion. The north american essential oil and aromatherapy experts has explored essential oils safe for cats, as well as many veterinarians and pet wellness explorers.

1 being sourced from the lavender plant, this means that lavender essential oil is. 4) got a norwegian forest cat? Castile soap is safe for cats when it doesn’t contain any essential oils, however the quantity of lavender oil in the soap is small and exposure was short;

As the aspca pointed out, in their concentrated form (100%), essential oils can absolutely be a danger for pets, including when the oil is placed on their skin, fur or paws. They are less saturated than essential oils, but they can have residual matter from the plants that can be toxic if ingested or even inhaled. 80% carrier oil, 20% essential oil.

Warning however, compelling evidence has now demonstrated that essential oils can be toxic to cats, whether taken internally, applied to the skin, or simply inhaled. If you diffuse oils in your home, it should not cause a problem for your cat, as oil used in a diffuser is highly diluted (versus direct topical application or dietary supplementation). Sweet basil essential oil is an effective essential oil to use as an air freshener and is safe to use around your cats.

My cats are usually satisfied with the lavender fragrance, and they have never shown any signs of poisoning.

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