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While there’s nothing wrong with taking the more traditional route when it comes to choosing a name for your cat, many owners like to inject a bit of creativity into the naming process. Japanese cat names are an excellent choice for your cat or new kitten, especially if you are searching for a unique meaning.

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And for many, it’s a love of all things japan.

Japanese cat names female. The lists below include names for both female and male cats along with their meaning. Including black, white, cool & funny names for female cats. In japanese, new names can easily created by combining name elements together.

Make a play on names. If you pick one of these names, it’s almost a guarantee that no other cats you know will have the same one. To celebrate japan’s cat obsession, we’ve compiled a list of cat names inspired by japanese pop culture and naming trends.

1] [2 ] ai (chinese: Meanings and origins of female japanese names. Japanese cat names have become popular choices all over the world.

Girl cat names fit for a queen! Japanese names have clear sounds and syllables that are easy to pronounce, so your cat will learn when you are calling them easily enough. Japanese name meaning love song.;

We are suggesting a best name for your cat then check below. You can find short names, long names, cute names, and more. Whether you’re stuck for inspiration, or just want to see what ideas are out there, we’ve got plenty of names for you to choose from.

Nanako — child of the greens. A name for a cat should sound nice, but it should also fit their appearance and personality. Cats guard the holy buddhist shrines from mice and rats.

Best 250+ japanese cat names (with their meanings) for male and female kitties. Japanese website iris pet recently completed its annual survey of japan’s top cat names, in which 839 respondents gave the names of the collective 1,694 cats they own. Whether you or your cat have japanese heritage, a japanese name will be a perfect fit.

What is a good japanese name? The most sacred form of cat found in japan is the “maneki neko”, a depiction of the japanese bobtail cat which is the symbol of good luck and fortune. Maybe you’re the one who likes to have fun.

326 japanese girl names with meanings as with many other cultures, japanese girl names have lovely meanings that reflect the positive traits, flowers, and beauty. Just like cats say “nyao” in japan instead of “meow,” so too does the country have its own trends in names for feline pets. Take a look through these japanese cat names and see if you find one that’s perfect for your new cat:

More names for cats in japanese. Japanese name meaning love child. Japanese cat names make a great choice if you are looking for an original cat name.

Japanese names have a unique beauty in and of themselves. First starters, japanese cat names are unique, exotic and beautiful. They are even featured in japanese artwork and plays.

No matter whether you or your cat have japanese heritage, a japanese name will be a sure hit. Or use names from children’s movies. Here is a collection of the most popular male and female manx cat names.

Choosing between cute cat names can be a highlight to pass the time while you wait for a new cat or kitten to come home. Keep researching japanese cat names for your female cat and if you need you can simply see the female calico cat names, below are the japanese female names, have a look at them too. Here is a collection of most popular japanese and korean cat names, along with their meanings.

Nearly 500 japanese girls’ names. Below are some meaningful and exotic japanese cat names to choose from. Japanese name meaning 1) indigo or 2) love.compare with another form of ai.

If your girl cat has kind of a ditzy personality, she needs a name that suggests her goofiness. To help with that last task, japanese internet portal iris pet has released its newest list of the most popular cat names in japan, compiled from responses from 1,671 cat owners. Why should you consider japanese cat names?

There are lots of names to choose from. Just like with human names, kitty moniker trends change over time, so let’s take a look at how things have changed since last year for both male and female cats, as. We’ve compiled some more japanese cat names and organized them by gender, so you can easily find japanese cats names for female cats and male cats.

Find the perfect female kitten names with our collection of 500+ popular & unique female cat names. For many of us, japan holds a mystical sense of allure and interest. That depends on what you’re looking for.

It's been falling out of favor in recent years, but at one time “ko” was the most popular syllable to end a girl's name because it means “child”. More japanese cat name ideas. Below you will find a small sample of burmese, cambodian, chinese, japanese, korean, korean, mongolian, and indian names.

In either case, your cat should have a funny female name. Nakano — famous female warrior. A japanese name for female cats can be a good choice, especially if you know what it means.

Maybe your cat just has a funny personality. By jerome london updated june 16, 2018 >. But they become even more special once you know their meaning.

(chanting this name in a public restroom is believed to summon a. Namika — flower of the wave. Did you know that haruko means “spring child” and harumi means “spring beauty”?

In the western world, a japanese name is often considered an elegant and unique choice for a cat name.

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