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Cats generally do not like intense scents, and herbs are in this category. Decorative rocks or gravel if you have trouble with your cats using the dirt in your plants as a litter box, the solution may be as easy as adding in some stones to cover the dirt so that they can’t dig.

Cat Repellent How To Keep Cats Out Of The Yard Plants

Some plants give off smells that cats dislike.

Keep cats out of plants. Marj baker offers an alternative, i have lots of plants and the cats generally leave the house plants alone, but there is always one kitten who can't keep his paws or jaws of any green growing thing. Cage the plants using wire shelving units. If you still can’t keep your cats away from your plants, don’t give up.

This will help protect plants, but really adventurous. Cats sometimes dig up the soil in planters, whether the plants are set outside or growing as indoor houseplants. You can purchase cat friendly potted plants at a pet store or supermarket.

Attract cats to a cat garden. Some may even consider plants a litter box. Grow spices and similar herbs.

It will keep cat away from plants and digging the soil out of boredom, and will also be a great distraction from the unwanted behavior as cats react better to praise rather than punishment. Citrus peels to keep cats out of plants. The scaredy cat plant is a fantastic option.

Cats are not fond of lavender (lavandula), rue (ruta graveolens. She was upset with this problem as her plants kept dying. Some oils to try are eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary, lemongrass, and other strong scents.

These plants are very easy to take care of so if you have an area where a cat is trying to use it as a litter area, jut plant some of the scaredy cat plants and it will be all taken care of. The screen top allows some air circulation, but your cat will have to keep her claws to herself. Instead of classic indoor herbs, get a few jars of herbs, and cats will not touch such plants, or simply place smaller jars of herbs around a plant that you do not want the cat to touch.

However, when it comes to garden and landscape areas of the house, some people will rather have cats kept out of such areas. Place them in the areas where cats usually come into your garden to make sure they. These repellents can be sprayed around the perimeter as well.

I and my wife love our plants as well as our cats, but no matter what we did in the past, how high and out of sight we placed our plants, it didn’t work even a bit and we couldn’t figure out how to keep cats out of plants. But don’t worry, if you are wondering how to keep cats out of your yard there are effective ways of doing so! You need to learn how to keep cats from eating plants asap.

Cats will be attracted to areas covered by certain plants, and hopefully leave the rest of your yard alone. Before you decide between your plants and your pets, try a few of these techniques to help everyone get along. Plants work to deter cats in two ways.

Cats are pets people love to keep at home. So, what can you do to keep your cats out of your indoor plants? When the cats smell the pee smell, they steer clear of it and will go out of their way to avoid it.

Cats hate the smell, so placing them in or around your plants and flowers will keep the kitties away. Other ways to keep unwanted cats out of your garden include diluting essential oils in a spray bottle with some water and spraying it around the plants. If this is the case, it might be more difficult to keep your cat out of your own plants.

Or just buy a bunch of things cats like! Create a plant room and keep the door closed to keep cats out. Another trick using water is to fill bottles of water halfway up.

There are still a few more options. One such plant, coleus canina, goes by the common name scaredy cat plant. it is also useful if you want to keep your dogs away from your landscaping. This is the classic cat “training” technique.

Have a spray bottle of water handy, and give your cat a spritz when they get near your plants. Some plants have strong scents that keep out cats without bothering our human senses, and some even have a pleasant aroma that we can enjoy. Grow plants for the cats.

Keep cats out of yard. One is to keep the cats out of specific areas by planting a few varieties they don’t like. Cats seem to love to dig in whatever dirt they can find, including your potted plants.

It’s one of the top cat repellent plants and will keep furry explorers far away from your greenery. They may use the planter as a litter box or they. Give your cat her own plants.

Put plants in a screened aquarium. Citrus sprays seem to work well too. I know some cats are extremely sensitive to plants though.

Our cats achieved to reach them every time. Cats might enjoy chewing or eating plants. Sunrooms work well for this, but sunny bedrooms or bathrooms will suffice.

To keep cats out of yards, you can try sprinkling offensive substances around the area such as cayenne pepper flakes or ammonia. Cats love to eat plants, despite being obligate carnivores. However, cats can also cause destruction to gardens by digging (and leaving unauthorized deposits), using plants as a soft napping spot, and chewing.

By donna [543 posts, 483 comments] july 22, 2009. Again, you can also incorporate plants that cats dislike. One of cats' natural enemies is water.these animals hate water, so if you want to keep cats away from your garden, a good option is to have a hose or to install an automatic sprinkler in your garden.water won't harm cats but will scare them off.

Deterring your cats and distracting their attention can keep your plants safe from the curious paws of kitty. I have never had a cat poisoned by any of my plants. These are all normal behaviors for cats, especially if they are always indoors.

Sprinkling in hot pepper (nope), cayenne pepper (nope), even adding clam shells into the soil (nope. The felines will soon learn to avoid plants that have an inhospitable soil. There are several things you can do to keep your cats out of your potted plants without resorting to toxic chemicals or standing guard with a squirt gun.

The best way to do this is by cultivating cat repelling plants around areas you want to keep these pets out of. Besides their companionship and charm, cats are helpful to the flower garden in that they keep pests like rabbits, voles, and moles away. Cats and other pets are fun to have around until the moment they start disturbing your garden or destroying your flowerbed.

How to keep cats out of planters. My sweet kitty just loves when i dig up the dirt to plant my flowerbeds and thinks that she's discovered a new litter box! But these habits may become annoying to you and could kill your plants.

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