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Easily confused with the blue point siamese due to the greyish blue tone the lilac is a much more light silvery so can be easily distinguished in adulthood. The breed has a coat of short, fine hair.

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While you may think of a chocolate point siamese cat with dark brown points, three other point colors are considered purebred:

Lilac point siamese cat personality. Flame point siamese is a cross between a purebred siamese cat and an american shorthair with red tones. The siamese is not an aloof breed, but one that demands its owner attention and affection. Blue point siamese lulu a blue point siamese, courtesy of stazia dimarca, for more pictures go here:

Today i would like to tell you about a breed of cat that i am particularly fond of: The lilac point siamese had experienced a rather shaky start in life. The lilac point is the palest of the siamese cats and his tone areas, the same as mentioned with the above breeds, are a greyish coloration.

A lynx point cat is best described as a siamese that went from being extroverted to being introverted. Even their eyes are pale blue. Siamese cats are named depending on the color points on their coats.

Personality traits lilac point siamese: Seal point, blue point, chocolate point, and lilac point. See more ideas about siamese cats, cats, siamese.

Every cat is individual but siamese tend to be an aloof breed and are very vocal. In the united states, a major cat registry, the cat fanciers' association, considers only the four original fur colors as siamese: The blue and lilac point siamese are genetic deviations of the seals and.

Lilac (or lavendar) point siamese have pinkish grey points and light cream bodies. Lilac point siamese cats are one of the most famous siamese cat breeds. Cats are generally known to be quite aloof and very independent, but the siamese cat personality makes this a breed that stands out from the feline crowd.

Blue point with tabby mix blue point siamese cat with a mix of tabby have adorably colored cream or light grey/bluish fur that is ornamented with stripes either appearing a lot darker. He is friendly, loyal, and loves to spend time with his owner. Siamese cats are very sociable and they are certified extroverts.

Lulu her story is here: What are the personality traits of lilac point siamese? Adopt a lynx point siamese cat and you will never have a dull day.

Assess your cat’s behavior and personality. However, over the years those numbers have dwindled down to four with most registries, and those four color points are seal point, chocolate point, blue point, and lilac point. The lynx point siamese cats are popularly also referred to as tabby point in the u.k region.

Oriental shorthair cats with color points in colors or patterns aside from these four are considered color point short hairs in that registry. Siamese cat breed traits and personalities. Mia, on the left is the blue point, and gizmo, on the right, is the lilac point.

This coloration makes them genetically the dilute version of the chocolate point.lilacs are the palest of the four major breed colors; There are variations of the blue color though since a seal point siamese may have deep blue eyes while lilac point siamese cats may have paler and grayer blue eyes. Seal points, still the best.

A brief history on the lilac point siamese cat. A long time ago, when felines of this color first appeared on shows, they were harshly dismissed as a poor quality blue point or a poor bred version of the chocolate point. In which case, we have the blue point, cream point, lilac point, seal point, red point, and chocolate point siamese cats.

They can be affectionate but tend to be one of the more self reliant of the cat breeds. At one point in time there used to be around 30 different color points and marking varieties in the siamese breed for registration and showing. They were first recognized in the 1960s.

Siamese cats have become well known for being extroverts, and are extremely sociable, loyal, and affectionate. The body is long, the neck is long, the legs and tail are long. This lead to a seal tabby point siamese cat.

They are full of energy and love to goof around. Earlier lilac point siamese was not given that much of preference as compared to other siamese cats and were even called as freaks by some individuals. These cats are extremely loyal and affectionate, love being around people, and enjoy getting lots of love and attention in return from their owners.

Red point siamese cats are also known as flame point siamese cats, and this article shall uncover everything there is to know about redpoints. Cats are one of the cutest and fluffiest pet animals and a best friend one can ever wish for. The siamese cat is one of the first distinctly recognized breeds of asian cat and is one of the several varieties of cat native to thailand (formerly known as siam) and became one of the most popular breeds in europe and north america in the 20th of the most mysterious siamese cat breed traits was that they were thought to bring good.

The siamese is a long, elegant cat. The breed is medium sized but nicely muscled. I believe that every cat breed has its own particular nature, and the temperament of the siamese cat makes it quite unlike other breeds.

Purebred siamese is cream or white cats with “points” on their ears, faces, tail, and feet. The flame point siamese cat. The fine coat of the siamese is less noticeable than the longhair breeds, says kolencik.

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