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The french bulldog was the result of a cross between an english bulldog and french ratters. Many breeders of quality french bulldogs have each dog in the litter spoken for long before they are ready to go home with you.

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This results in their precious long hair.

Long haired french bulldog price. The long hair gene in the french bulldog is a gene that produces a layer with higher capillary length. Long haired french bulldog, blue french bulldog puppies, bulldog puppies for sale. Pets4homes found 1,805 french bulldog dogs and puppies for sale in the uk, which meet your criteria.

Rare long haired fluffy french bulldog puppy breeders. The long hair gene is recessive and there are five variants. French bulldog puppies with good family records always have a very high price, and it is not easy to buy them.

The average price of a french bulldog or puppy falls between $1600 and $3500. When two frenchies have this gene and are bred, they pass it to their offspring giving their frenchie puppy two copies of the long hair gene. With the recent rise of its popularity, there’s has also been a lot of confusion about breeding techniques, health concerns, and how to take care of a.

They have the typical frenchie look with its “bat ears,” heavy facial wrinkles, short nose, and wide apart eyes. They are beautiful, but its important for buyers to understand that the temperament, traits, and personality of the french bulldog would be altered and maybe little different as a cross bred dog. Extra care tips for french bulldog owners.

Our beautiful blue fawn female frenchie is paired with a small toy size 5 lb yorkie male to get that gorgeous and smaller look! Example, the one i met in person was absolutely gorgeous, but. A breeder who shows their dogs is likely to be disappointed by a rogue longhaired puppy, and let them go to the right parents for a ‘pet’ price which reflects the cost of safely rearing them for.

This is a gorgeous dog and is in high demand. These super rare long haired french bulldogs are taking thefrench bulldog playful and smart cute baby animalslong haired blue […] Results per page update search.

But long haired french bulldogs do exist, however rare they may be. It is present in numerous breeds. Selective breeding from then on produced the standard we see today.

The french bulldog has been around since the 1800's. As mentioned earlier, buying a french bulldog from a pet shop or breeder may cost you a higher price. Read our french bulldog buying advice page for information on this dog breed.

They’re the perfect breed to act as a companion since they don’t bark or howl often, are very playful, crave human attention, and interact well with children, people, and families. They are not seen very often but they do exist. Their rareness makes them so appealing, and some long haired frenchies will even cost a pretty penny to acquire.

French bulldog dogs and puppies for sale in the uk. Long haired blue french bulldog puppy long haired french bulldog discovered long haired french bulldog discovered sieh dir ses instagram foto von super rare long haired french bulldogs long haired french bulldog carril carril5583 sur pinterest. It is possible that you have to pay more than this amount, depending on the aforementioned factors.

Origin of the long haired french bulldog. Long haired french bulldog puppy price since very few long haired french bulldogs are sold every year, it’s harder to estimate the price of them. These puppies are usually priced above $5000 , these are nearly completely purebred and have former generations that used to win the biggest prize of the big dog beauty shows before.

French bulldogs average around 2 200 for a pure bred and up to 10 000 depending on the breeding history. March 1, 2019 buyers guide. Long haired blue french bulldog puppy | adorable | cães for long haired blue french bulldog price.

As you can see, producing healthy long haired frenchies takes a lot of effort and money, so that’s why they are so expensive. House frenchies blue and exotic color french bulldog puppies for sale.in the gene pool since the beginning and merely affects the hair and eye color,. Surgery for this is very expensive, around $3000 to $6000, and might not be fully covered by your insurance.

As with every pedigree dog, they are a man made breed. They look exactly like the frenchies but have longer hair than usual. It poses no threat to health, however in some breeds it is considered absent or a genetic alteration of the breed and many criticize them but the dogs are healthy and they do not have to have any problems.

Like a typical french bulldog, long haired frenchies are affectionate, charming, and will make great pets, but they will require more effort to groom because of. How much does a long haired french bulldog cost. You can find these french bulldogs on the internet.

Part of it can also be attributed to the frenchie s body shape. Finally, french bulldogs are known for having eye problems. A long haired french bulldog is not so easy to find, and the breeder who wants to breed these puppies should perform dna tests that are high in price.

The only thing that sets them apart from the traditional french bulldog is the length of their coat. Compared to standard coat frenchies long haired frenchies are higher in price. Find french bulldog puppies and breeders in your area and helpful french bulldog information.

This is because the frenchie has a genetic problem of the hair genes of the puppy parents.


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