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If you neuter your two boys, you likely eliminate all traces of problematic mating behavior. Differences in public opinion on the topic of male cats vs female cats.

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This is merely anecdotal evidence, but two males or a male and a female seem to get along better in the long run.

Male and female cats together. Male cats with female cats. They nap side by side and groom each other and are hardly ever more than 5 feet apart. In male kittens the urinary orifice and anus are not close together and an undeveloped scrotum may be visible.

With the exception of those with klinefelter'syndrome, nearly all calicos are female. Although again this will completely depend on the personalities of the cats in question, male and female cat companies seem to be one of the easiest to deal with. Both from my own experience and the majority of cat owners find that male cats, especially neutered male cats, tend to be more affectionate than female cats.

Male and female cats are able to live with one another in harmony, but it also will depend on your individual cat’s personality and behavior. The pros and cons of male cats. Putting two unneutered male cats together is likely to cause trouble.

The result can be two cats forced to cohabit under stress. It entirely depends on their personalities. They are also a little larger than female cats.

Im trying 2 give her a loving home? There hasn’t been a great deal of research into the topic of male cats vs female cats, and which one would make the better pet, but many cat owners have shared their opinions on this topic over the years, and even then it’s still not a straightforward answer. Ideally, you should adopt a neutered cat from a shelter which suits your personality and living circumstances, regardless.

If you do not neuter your cat, be very careful if you have other cats in the home. They eat and play together. How best 2 get my male cat of 7yr get on with a female cat iv had 4 a week.

Cat genitals aren't quite as obvious as on other animals. They are basically slaves to the mating. Two female cats together at the other end of the spectrum, two female cats may also pose their own set of specific problems, although not typically physical aggression, thankfully.

It's almost like the cats got married, too. Help on male and female cats living together. That being said, all factors still will come into play being things like breed, age, etc.

A comprehensive poll of feline veterinary practitioners several years ago actually rated male cats as more affectionate than female cats. Can male and female cats live together? If their personalities allow, they can get along fine.

Just a bit worried if a. The shape, size and distance from the anus of the genitals will give you an idea if a kitten is a boy or a girl. For introducing adult cats, you have to make sure they belong to the same age group and are of the same size in order to prevent bullying.

At the end of the day, the truth is that all cats. Male cats have been known to literally break screens to get out (or in!) in order to accomplish their mission when there is a female around who is in heat. Ginger cats are most likely to be male.

Allowing two unneutered male cats to live together is often a recipe for disaster, especially when an unfixed female in heat is nearby! Unfortunately, all too often, cats are introduced without sufficient time and resources to successfully integrate. In female kittens, the urinary orifice and anus are close together.

Having said that, cats are also very adaptable. 2 “male cats are often more friendly than female cats,” says susan saffron, author of several books on pets and founder of the national association of pet rescue professionals. They can be solitary or learn to adjust to living in c.

However, it is possible that a pair of male and female cats living together if you introduce them to each other at a very young age. Although two mature female cats newly living together could become instant friends, they could also view each other as threatening rivals, battling it out constantly over human attention and claimed spots in the house. The space between the anus and urinary tract opening in the male is greater than in the female.

Is it okay to keep a male and female kitten together if they are introduced to each other 5 to 8 weeks of age? Evening all i already have a 3 year old neutered tom cat, he has a lovely personality and seems to get on fine with other cats in the area. It is possible to form friendships with adult cats, but it is more difficult.

Adult female cats are more territorial than adult male cats, but, if two cats of any gender (2 males, 2 females, or 1 male and 1 female) are raised together, they will. Contrasting both sexes can be helpful. A friend of mine owns a male orange cat and his fiance owns a siamese female.

Often member of the opposite sex tend to get. When they started living together, the cats immediately liked each other. My friend has a 12 week old female kitten that needs a home and i'm seriously considering it.

It is generally believed that a cat’s behavior depends on its personality. Housing a male and female together runs the risk of unwanted pregnancy. Cats don’t have the same ranking as dogs do and they either get along with other cats or they don’t.

Male cats are seen as being more friendlier than the rather aloof and independent female cats. Unlike with young boy and girl humans, i’ve never seen any evidence that boy and girl kittens think that the other gender has ‘coot. There's no reason why male and female cats can't live together.

Unfixed male cats are driven by their hormones, and as a result can get very territorial and competitive with others. While their competitive behavior can make male cats more aggressive than their female counterparts, these are generalizations and there can be exceptions. Gender is not the most important factor when it comes to choosing another companion for your cat.

While males also have a way of greeting other cats, they do it less often than females do.

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