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The male was very friendly towards everyone, including strangers. Intact male cats, or cats that reached sexual maturity before they were neutered, have large fat pads on the sides of their faces.

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It is much more common for male cats to gravitate towards a specific person, giving them their full loyalty.

Male vs female cats face. Some female cats spray while in heat, while some male cats have been known to be more affectionate. The shape, size and distance from the anus of the genitals will give you an idea if a kitten is a boy or a girl. Female cats are less likely to spray their surroundings.

They like to roam, sometimes leaving for a few days at a time. Chubby face and button like eyes. Many people say that male ragdolls tend to be sweeter, but plenty of owners of female ragdoll cats would say the opposite.

Male cats tend to be much larger than females. Male cats vs female which is the male cats vs female which is the male vs female cats pros and cons should you get a male cat or female. As a result, male cats often have a substantial, rounded face than females.

These factors make unaltered males a poor choice for many people. Jun 9, 2010 #2 white cat lover tcs member. An average female cat typically weighs around 2.7 to 4.5 kg (5.9 to 9 lb), 2 to 4 lb less than that of a male cat.

However, you can make educated guesses on some cats. Both the british shorthair male and female cats are equally adorable for their unique appearance in terms of physical characteristics. Males tend to be larger and more muscular than females as well.

Joined nov 17, 2005 messages 22,206 reaction score 31. In male kittens, the genital opening has a round, dotted shape. Female cats tend to be more reserved than males but are far less likely to spray.

Male cats vs female which is the better pet for me male cats vs female which is the better pet for me male vs female cats pros and cons purrfect cat breeds “there is no ultimate answer to the question of whether male cats are better pets than female ones and vice versa,” says emily parker, writing for catalogical. Males are also more aggressive than females.

I’m inclined to say there’s no real personality difference between male cats and female cats. The reason given for this is that when male cats develop and complete sexual orientation, the fat pads around their cheeks grow vigorously. Intact male cats “spray” to mark their territory and “howl” for females (this is usually not a problem if you get him neutered).

Males, or toms, can be friendlier than females. Iow, can you tell just by lookin' at 'em? While both male and female cats spray, males tend to do so more often than females.

Kittens are definitely cute, but you should focus on raising one at a time before letting your fur baby bring you a whole new litter of mouths to feed. There hasn’t been a great deal of research into the topic of male cats vs female cats, and which one would make the better pet, but many cat owners have shared their opinions on this topic over the years, and even then it’s still not a straightforward answer. Outdoor cats or those who escape the home may roam the neighborhood looking for female cats and to protect their territory against other male cats.

Male cats have been known to literally break screens to get out (or in!) in order to accomplish their mission when there is a female around who is in heat. Most adoption centers strongly encourage pet parents to spay and neuter their cats. Female cats rarely have a “favorite” person in the house.

Ginger cats are most likely to be male. The british shorthair has a round and chubby face, with shiny button like eyes and a tiny nose, make them appear a little distinguished from the other domestic cats. I know people generally say if they are spayed or neutered there shouldn't be much of a personality difference, however i've had two female cats and one male.

Male cats are often more loyal than female cats, but there are always exceptions. A male will have a much greater distance between the genitals and anus than females — ½ inch apart on a male kitten or over 1 inch apart on a male adult cat. With the exception of those with klinefelter'syndrome, nearly all calicos are female.

Males do exist, but they ar. According to studies, spayed female cats also live not ‘twice’ as long as long, like male cats, but 62% longer. Male cats are seen as being more friendlier than the rather aloof and independent female cats.

On the other hand, the female anal and genitalia. Cat genitals aren't quite as obvious as on other animals. Differences in public opinion on the topic of male cats vs female cats.

And i’ve had an equal number of affectionate female cats and affectionate male cats. You can’t determine a cat’s gender with 100% certainty without looking at their genitalia. A good rule of thumb is that it’s not about the sex of the cat, but the personality in general, so the best question to ask is whether the ragdoll cat breeder has any insight into the kitten’s personality.

This is precisely why male cats often seem more loving or affectionate than females. Male cats that have not been neutered tend to be more aggressive than females and to have larger heads and thick skin. My friend's cat that is male is the same way.

In females, it appears like a vertical slit. Females the heat cycle can begin as early as four months of age and this will repeat until she becomes pregnant. It is generally believed that a cat’s behavior depends on its personality.

They are basically slaves to the mating. The shape of the genitalia will tell you whether yours is a male or female kitty. She will do everything in her power to escape and find a mate, calling at all hours of the day and night.

I think many males get the tom cat face because they are allowed to be intact until adulthood. * over 99% of all calicos and tortoiseshell cats are females. Do you think male cats have a male type face, and female cats have a girlie type face?

Meanwhile, female cats have a look with a longer snout than males of the same breed. However the two female cats i have seem to be much more standoffish and seem to prefer a single person. When viewed together, both the anal and the genitalia openings of a male will mimic the colon symbol (:).

While their competitive behavior can make male cats more aggressive than their female counterparts, these are generalizations and there can be exceptions. The female cat lives heat in a more intense way than males as they are calling male cats to mate with them. Conversely, if the two are almost adjacent on a kitten or less than 1/2 inch apart on an adult, it’s a female.

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