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You can either program this door to work with your cat's existing microchip, or you can purchase a collar id disc for your cat to use. Normal operation ® normal operation couldn’t be simpler.

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The sureflap microchip pet door is battery powered using 4 c cell batteries which last up to a year with normal use.

Microchip cat door with app. Cat mate elite id microchip disc cat door 3.6 stars rating the cat mate elite super selective works with rfid technology to unlock the mechanism and let the cat in. Plus the app lets me be a cat geek by showing my patterns of what time my cats usually go out and how long they stay out before they come back in. It is designed for cats and small dogs.

The pet mate cat mate elite chip and disc cat flap offers flexible options for how you can use it. Once programmed, sureflap will only allow entry for your cat(s), denying access to intruder animals. If you’ve got a standard cat door you could be feeding the local, feral tom every single day and causing your cat unnecessary stress.

The cat needs to wear a collar tag containing a unique id that will be read and recognized by the control panel, unlocking and allowing the cat to push the door and get through. Installs into timber doors, glass windows & doors or walls. Selective entry cat door though any animal can exit.

Simply program your pet’s microchip to the door with the press of a button. Check out our bundle deal). The sureflap microchip connect pet door is the most innovative microchip pet door on the market for cats and small dogs.

The link between your connect products and the sure petcare app, enabling you to control connect products. The sureflap microchip cat door, the dualscan microchip cat door and the microchip cat door connect run on 4 aa batteries. As a pet door, rather than cat flap, the sureflap microchip pet door connect is quite chunky, measuring 262 x 281mm, with the door taking up 178 x 170mm.

Hub sold separately microchip cat door connect, app control. The sureflap cat door is an electronic door which unlocks to allow entry for pets with programmed microchips. To enter the house, the cat puts their head in the tunnel to push the flap open.

Flap size 178mm(w) x 170mm(h) works with a pet's existing identification microchip or rfid collar tag (one tag supplied) compatible with all microchip formats worldwide Prevents intruder animals entering your home; Intruder animals can’t get in with the installation of the sureflap microchip cat door as the cat flap remains locked for unwelcome cats and wildlife.

Battery powered with up to 6 months battery life (4 x. Sureflap cat flaps will also work with their microchip collar keys, but no keys are included with the door. Connect with the hub (sold separately) which links the microchip cat door connect to the sure petcare app.dualscan technology so you can keep one cat in and let another cat out.you can also set curfew mode via the app if using this door with the hub.

The sureflap microchip pet door has been tested on raccoons in a zoo environment. The sureflap microchip cat flap identifies cats using their unique identification microchip, unlocking only for your pet when they enter the home, preventing intruder cats from gaining access. Typical battery life is up to twelve months with normal use.

The app controlled microchip pet door; When the batteries start to run low, an indicator light will flash. The most advanced cat door ever features:

By connecting a hub to your microchip pet door and downloading the sure petcare app, you will be able to monitor your cat or dogs movements. (requires connect hub to work with the app. The sureflap microchip cat flap connect is a new generation of cat flaps, enabling far more functionality and data than you could think possible from a small plastic door.

The sureflap dual scan microchip cat flap is battery powered, and the door opening is approximately 120 mm in height and 142 mm wide, so it is pretty big for small to medium cats and even small dogs. Whichever method you choose, your cat will be able to enter or leave your house without risking allowing unwanted animals entry to your home. If you have a multiple cat household, you can set up the individual.

A microchip cat flap will fit in the same space as a regular cat flap but give you so much more security and peace of mind. A sensor detects the cat’s presence and then quickly reads the microchip, opening the catch if ®. Read on to learn more.

Includes mains adaptor and ethernet cable. Connect with the hub which links the microchip cat door connect to the sure petcare app; Share app access with friends and manage their permissions;

For bundle offers, visit the microchip cat flap connect or the microchip pet door connect page. Works with 9 (avid secure), 10 (fdxa) and 15 (fdxb) digit microchip numbers; It will be great to be able to lock and unlock microchip cat flap remotely anytime, anywhere by the use of a mobile phone.

Lock and unlock cat door remotely via the sure petcare app. Batteries are not included with the product. Also available in dual scan and the larger pet door models.

Give your cat a key to your home! The new sureflap microchip pet door connect is the worlds first microchip app controlled pet door. The sureflap cat door requires 4 x aa batteries (not included).

That makes this pet door suitable for some. Paired with a hub, the sureflap pet door pet hub feature allows you to control various features of the pet door straight from the app on your phone, tablet, or pc, from any location. If your pet already has a microchip implanted, this door should work with it.

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