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Cats wouldn’t develop urinary problems in response to stressful life changes such as owner vacations, marriages. But, there are a few that are easy to take care of, so they make pretty good pets for people who are gone a lot.

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And as long as they are being fed and their bellies are being rubbed, they will do just fine.

Most low maintenance cats. You spoil them and they will enjoy it. Generally, the most low maintenance pet of all. The following are the top 3 most low maintenance bird breeds!

But even cats can be a little needy, and that’s why those of us who are so busy we don’t really have time for a needy animal should consider one of the breeds that requires even less maintenance than others. Makes sense why it is usually a child’s first pet, right? I want to say that it’s very rare for any dog breed to hit every single criteria.

The care for these pets is simple. Always purchase them from a reputable exotics shop, or breeder. Jp, owner of beloved instagram pug aji, says that pugs are one of the easiest dog breeds to own.

Even so, there are a few factors that contribute to what most would describe as low maintenance. In addition, a cat can ways to cause trouble and make messes, and cannot feed itself or change its own litter box. The thing with cats is that they are generally quite lazy.

Even if you don’t they’ll get by and be pretty happy with it. Most low maintenance dogs have long hair that requires some constant brushing and grooming, and the cocker spaniel is one such breed. But that doesn't mean they require zero maintenance!

Topping that list is the scottish fold and the bombay, but there are few other cats that both love to cuddle and are low maintenance and those includes: With that being said, there are certain breeds of cats that require even less attention than others. Below are five different breeds that you might consider low maintenance.

One fish that does not require as much commitment as some underwater creatures do is the betta fish. A “low maintenance” dog breed can be subjective. Regardless of breed, each bird needs a spacious cage for them to fly around and play.

Taking care of a goldfish is incredibly easy. A lot of cats have a tendency to do just fine when they’re left alone for long periods of time, provided that you give them a clean litter box and plenty of food and water. These tiny affectionate birds are inexpensive to buy and are available in all pet stores.

The little budgie bird is the most popular pet animal after dogs and cats. They’re often much more affectionate than many people expect them to be, which means they don’t do well when left alone for long periods of time, like one may think. Of course, everyone knows cats are low maintenance pets and most do like to cuddle, so here, we’re focused on which breeds of cats are the most affectionate.

Assuming that you are willing to brush the coat daily and go to a professional groomer once a month, this canine is one awesome and lovable to pet companion. Depending on the owner, everyone will have different ideas of what basic dog care is. 10 most low maintenance dog breeds.

Cornish & devon rex cats; The american shorthair is healthy, gentle, easy going and low maintenance — grooming is not an issue with this breed, which weighs in at an average of. But if cats were truly low maintenance creatures, such concerns would not exist.

Never try to take a reptile from the wild. If you are looking to adopt or get a dog that is low in maintenance, check out the top 10 most low maintenance dog breeds that will fit into your family. Here are 10 most low maintenance dog breeds.

Even with their short legs and fluffy loaf (an affectionate term for a. Short, medium tendency to shed: They need a lot of love, attention, and affection.

There are a ton of breeds available, with varying personalities and some are more independent than others. They still need love, care, and lots of attention. Independent cat breeds are ideal for busy families, as they're content being home alone.

And yes, those breeds do exist. Cats have a reputation for being aloof,. While there are no truly hairless cats, the sphynx’s fur feels more like peach fuzz to.

Others are prone to health problems or require extensive grooming. As far as being low maintenance pets for apartments, cats are pretty versatile. For people with busy lifestyles those cats can become a real problem, and that’s the last thing a pet should ever be.

That's why we've put together a list of low maintenance cat breeds that are magnificent companion animals but don't require a ton of maintenance. Cats are often considered to be relatively low maintenance, but they still require a lot of care compared to other animals, and some breeds need much more care for than others. 10 low maintenance reptiles you can keep as pets 1.

The quintessential low maintenance pet if ever there was one. They also rank high among low maintenance bird pets due to their size and how well they do in captivity.

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