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They moved to texas on 9/6/19 i miss them.and envy them that they have no more minnesota winters! It is anticipated that they will become the most numerous deer in england.

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Reeves's muntjac has been introduced to england.

Muntjac deer pet care. If you are going to have the deer as an inside pet, then make sure the litter (dirt and sand) is close to where you are feeding the baby and where the baby is. I'm planning for my future, and i can't live without a pet. They attacked my small westie and i had a job getting the muntjac to back away as it then turned it’s attention on me, this was day one , next day we were having lunch under the trees in my garden when another one jumped the fence and went straight to attack my dog again , jumping on it’s.

They belong in the wild. There is one small species, the muntjac deer, that can be kept as a house pet in a similar vein as a dog. Meet our reeve's muntjac deer.

How could i get a license if you can get one as a pet? 04:15 est, 24 march 2010 Muntjac deer come from china and southern asia.

It's thought there are more than two million deer living in the uk. Can live in house and be litterbox trained. I do not currently know anyone that sells muntjacs outside of mn.

Hence their common name “barking deer”. By indoors, i mean that i wouldnt really let it roam. Muntjac deer are generally shy, and they tend to live in thick woods, they are used to a cold and cool climate.

An erroneous alternative name of 'mastreani deer' has its origins in a mischievous wikipedia entry from 2011 and is incorrect. Yes, it’s strange but true! The name muntjac originates from the sudanese “mencek”, which means small deer.

I knelt down and stuck my hand into the cage. How to identify a very small, stocky deer, the muntjac deer is about the same size as a medium dog. If kept indoors they can be allowed to roam free as they are easily trained to use a litter box and don't gnaw or jump on furniture.

The muntjac sniffed me and let me stroke its forehead, between its little antlers. I would care for the deer as i would a dog as far as the boundaries go. 'they're both racist and cannot care less.

Must be florida resident and have the permit required to purchase. Muntjac deer imagine if you could have your own 'bambi' as a house pet. (that can sell them out of state) your best bet is to contact a zoo in your area and go from there.

A study of these small elusive asiatic deer which colonized an english. I heard they are quite small so can be kept as a pet if you are licenced. Deer can actually make wonderful pets with the right owners.

Muntjac deer are easy to care for and can be kept both indoors and outdoors. We have some of the best muntjac for sale listed. I had never seen a deer with tusks, not to mention such a miniature version of the white tailed deer that i see almost every day in the woods.

Strawberry, a muntjac deer becomes a family pet. The muntjac deer is also known as the barking deer because bark like a dog. Muntjac deer information and care.

Almost all exotic animals are a ton of work to take care of and are extremely complicated. When you come visit you might confuse them for a dog. Muntjacs, when scared, sounds like a dog;

Buy, sell a muntjac you are interested in and click onon our website for more information. They like to jump and the tiny muntjac can jump up to heights of five to six feet. The present name is a borrowing of the latinized form of the dutch muntjak, which was borrowed from the sundanese mēncēk.the latin form first appeared as cervus muntjac in zimmerman in 1780.

Whitetail deer of texas can provide you with a wide array of whitetail deer for sale in order to improve the genetics of deer on your ranch. They can grow to as large as 20 pounds but start out looking like a tiny bambi. If a pet, the house becomes their territory.

Care it is recommended to purchase a deer which is a minimum of 5 to10 days old. They are best kept indoors during the winter if you live in an area with cold winters. (3 days ago) muntjac deer.

A deer that sounds like a dog? Where could i get one?(i can travel anywhere in england) The best part about them is that they will answer to their own name and use a litter box.

Muntjac have just started coming into my garden , and it is not the deer that need looking after. It was a tiny little deer with big eyes, a wet nose, antlers, and tusks. Muntjac deer is also widely known as the barking deer, due its unique cry that resembles the bark of a dog.

I do plan on having a rabbit, but i'm also considering a muntjac. By robin page for mailonline updated: I'm having a little bit of a hard time finding information on keeping them indoors.

The deer can jump up to 6 feet, therefore, it is advised to build at least a 6 foot high fence when constructing their enclosure. Muntjac deer, also called the mastreani deer, is a group of small deer found mainly in southern asia. They may look cute, but as muntjac deer are branded a threat to our wildlife, a victim of their mayhem speaks.

They are small and cute but certainly not quiet. Strawberry, a muntjac deer, lives on diet of peaches, rose petals and leafy greens. See more ideas about deer, animals wild, animals.

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