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They are native to india, southeast asia, and southern china. The name muntjac originates from the sudanese “mencek”, which means small deer.

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Muntjac are capable of breeding at 8 months old and breed all year round, with does able to conceive again within days of giving birth.

Muntjac deer pet uk. If you are walking through woodland, farmland, across a park or common, or even down a village street you might catch a glimpse of one of these cute, diminutive deer with large, melting eyes. Muntjacs are also known as the ‘barking deer’ because of its loud barking call. There is one small species, the muntjac deer, that can be kept as a house pet in a similar vein as a dog.

The muntjac deer today are not readily available as pets but with a little perseverance you can certainly find one. Chinese water deer are the least common of the uk wild deer species, they are a territorial species and their distribution is largely limited to the midlands and east anglia. It has had a broken and healed petical on one side which was possibly the result of a fight with another muntjac or more likely a bump with a car.

But there's something about this little deer. You would need a licence only. An alarmed muntjac may scream, whereas maternal does and fawns squeak.

Some utter bs on here. Since the beginning of the pets travel scheme in 2000 over 1 million pets have. Muntjac deer come from china and southern asia.

Muntjac are considered a pest species, and as such there is no limit to the amount that can be shot as the national deer herd is massivley overpopulated. The muntjac gets its latin name from john russell reeves who first introduced the species. Muntjac buck deer trophy skull mount taxidermy.

Muntjac deer are the eldest deer. An erroneous alternative name of 'mastreani deer' has its origins in a mischievous wikipedia entry from 2011 and is incorrect. They have been in the country for longer than muntjac and have a potentially higher birth rate (usually twins or triplets) but although they are increasing in range, they.

Muntjac deer, also called the mastreani deer, is a group of small deer found mainly in southern asia. Muntjac numbers have soared in recent years and there are now more than 150,000 in the uk. The deer can jump up to 6 feet, therefore, it is advised to build at least a 6 foot high fence when constructing their enclosure.

See more ideas about deer pictures, deer, animals. Muntjac buck deer trophy skull mount taxidermy. They were imported from china in the 1900s to grace woburn abbey, an estate belonging to the duke of bedford.

What is an exotic species like the muntjac deer doing living in the wild in the uk? Muntjacs, also known as barking deer and mastreani deer, are small ruminant of the genus muntiacus. I first came across one when i was in a petting zoo near my house.

As for muntjac they do taste rather nice though! Nowhere beats the uk for sheer wealth of family friendly activities and days outour small island is brimming with museums castles adventure playgrounds and theme parks pretty villages vibrant cities and quirky and delightful visitor attractions. The muntjac deer was introduced into the uk from china in the 20th century.

The muntjac has stolen my heart. In contrast to all other deer species of deer in britain, muntjac do not have a defined breeding season (rut). There are deer magazines and exotic pet magazines which advertise the muntjac for sale.

One of the most common and widespread species is the indian muntjac (muntiacus muntjak) which is also known as the common muntjac or red muntjac. They attacked my small westie and i had a job getting the muntjac to back away as it then turned it’s attention on me, this was day one , next day we were having lunch under the trees in my garden when another one jumped the fence and went straight to attack my dog again , jumping on it’s. Muntjac have just started coming into my garden , and it is not the deer that need looking after.

All six of the uk’s deer species found in the wild have been spotted in the southern oasis of the new forest. Muntjac are a small but stocky species of deer that stand at around 0.44 to 0.52m tall at the shoulder. There are more deer id slides with identification markers built into bite sized lessons in our website at

Muntjac deer are generally shy, and they tend to live in thick woods, they are used to a cold and cool climate. Muntjac go from 10lb adults to 90 lb dependent on sub species they make great pets done need to be walked play with you like cats and wont jump on the furniture please if you know nothing refrain from speaking, just makes you look stupid., they are classed as vermin in the uk and a noxious species dosent stop people keeping rats does it ? Muntjac deer is also widely known as the barking deer, due its unique cry that resembles the bark of a dog.

The present name is a borrowing of the latinized form of the dutch muntjak, which was borrowed from the sundanese mēncēk.the latin form first appeared as cervus muntjac in zimmerman in 1780. Deer can actually make wonderful pets with the right owners. With no natural predators here in the uk and the ability to breed twice a year muntjac deer are having something of a population explosion in east anglia.

When fully grown males (bucks) weigh between 10 to 18kg as adults and females (does) weigh 9 to16kg. It has gained a stronghold in south east england, where it can cause damage to our woods through browsing. Called barking deer because of their cry, muntjacs are solitary and nocturnal.

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