My Cat Ran Away And Never Came Back

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He hasn’t been neutered, would mating be the reason of his disappearance? How long and far can a cat like this go … read more

Looks just like Wylie when he "runs like the wind" Dog

Most cats will attempt to find their way home which can be dangerous.

My cat ran away and never came back. A cat's home will never be complete without the love and affection of. If you want to know will my cat come back home after they run away, it's hard to say. My dear sweet purrty got out and ran away.

So last night i went outside to call my other cat, kate, inside. My cat, sunshine ran away a couple days ago and just got back. But my “lost cat” newspaper ad caught the eye of the family he was mooching from.

A vet once told me that one of the main reasons for lost cats ,is that they can travell up to five miles to find a mate,especially if they havent been spayed or neutered. Hi all, my female cat ran away yesterday night as she was in heat and we saw that she was with some male cat. But are there any other ways?

My cat ran away far from home! I searched and searched for 7 weeks. We were so close when he left.

I believe he’s turning a year old this same month (found him meowing outside my door). Knowing this, you want to keep them close by. We looked for him ourselves but other than that there really is nothing you can do.i know it's sad but you have to move on.

I miss him a lot and i'm not able to concentrate on anything else. He loved to cuddle with me and followed me everywhere. I live in a very rural area and the vet can't see him until tomorrow morning.

I went out every night with the kids calling himand looking for him but nothing.try ringing the lacal vets and cat places near you. I agree that it's a good idea to do a very thorough search of any potential hiding places near your house. Home / checklist for lost cats / tips to lure a cat back home.

This place is new so i'm worried if she will.b ok.and if she would return. But i’ll tell you a story. Only emergency services are next day.

I think he was hit by a car. He was fine after that and came home regularly twice a day. I'm assuming that she went into the sun room when my husband let the dog out in the morning before work and didn't realize that she got out and shut the door behind him.

🙁 we put up posters and asked people around us if they seen him. A veterinary clinic should have a scanner to scan lost cats and return them to their own after they ran away. A lot of dog owners give up too early.

When i looked in the front yard i saw my boy who had been missing for 21 days. My cat went out one night and we never saw him again, till 7weeks later! Stray cat ran off and has not been back!

Found the research that cats are usually very nearby. My friends' indoor cat ran away and came back the next day. I saw him a few more times but he ran away from me every time.

Sad, because i have a vet just two blocks away from my house. I am worried about her as she don't have experience in hunting or stealing food. Shouting “my dog ran away and never came back” is a tough thing many dog owners go through, but it’s important to keep your chin up and work hard on the search.

Did everything, put up signs, walked and walked, looked everywhere. Please help me by giving me tips on how to find her? He had been missing for a week when he was about a year old.

He was onlyonlyonly about 2 or 3 when he disappeardisappeared. One time my female cat disappeared for nearly a month and finally came back home blade thin and she never again set foot off the yard. My cat ran away last night and i was wondering if she will come back?

Prior to this month, he was gone 9 days, came back, gone two weeks, came back, and left again. He never came back the 3rd time. After three years at my house, dickens ran away and established residency at the very posh subdivision nearby.

And she is the only one i could strike a deal with. However my male cate never learned his lesson as he ran away 3 times for weeks a time. He grew up with me.

I accidentally left my back door open and i guess she ran away. All of our male cat run away & never come back. She is an indoor cat, shes in heat, and she loves my mom.

About two years ago, i spent christmas and new years and a couple days after in the hospital. Prior to that, i was the o. I have just shifted to a new place and it's been only 4 days.

I got a call when they found h. He cant walk on one foot and his body, near the ribcage hurts when i touch it. The first step is to understand that a cat in an unfamiliar area will try to hide as soon as possible.

My cat ran away will she come back? It was common for him to be gone for a few weeks but he never came back. He returned with some pretty bad injuries.

When i was real little my cat ran away too. All of a sudden he's been missing for a week. I have talked to the maintenance in my apartments.

I know it sounds trite because of the song, but cats are smart enough to know where they live and who feeds them. They sat on their front porch talking and here comes her cat walking home like la de da. She's never been outside nor has she ever really had much of a desire to go.

Two years ago, my cat, named candy disappeardisappeared. I keep looking around for him but i've never even seen him. Like i said, she was not to the point where she would stay put if i came outside, but she never did anything like that.

My outdoor 10 year old male unneutered cat has been gone a month. I’ve had many cats go out and not return, and one or two that came home and died. He was just skulking on the porch.

This is all you can do and it is never a good thing to give up. I was 9 when my dad gave him to be, he was just a kitten. We do know that 75% of lost cats are found within 500 m of their home.

Look at the tips listed here and start making changes to your strategy. She used to run away and come back everyday in my old house. She is 6 yrs old and is spayed and she is a very intelligent cat.

It just never occurred to me. I found him under the deck. Though we tried to catch her , it ended in vain.

When i tried to call for him he ran away. It was around christmas and my dad or brother let him out. My hope is t hat we can encourage cat owners to immediately get busy trying to attract their kitty home so that their cat does not need to be found by someone else.

I know that the first one got addopted cuz i saw him a year latter (unmistakable facemark), he hated my mom so he never came back, but the other male, like many other cats & small dogs in the neighborhood, became food for hawks & coyotes, & we live in a freaking city! My cat ran away in the night. They likely won’t travel too far from where they got loose.

My year and half old, female, spayed cat got outside. My cat is about 3 years old.

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