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Cat hiding and cats in new homes. If you’ve adopted a shy cat, we recommend removing large items of furniture from the room, such as beds and dressers.

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August 26, 2020 at 10:24 pm.

New cat hiding in basement. Dogs are always comfortable where there pack is (you guys) and cats are very territorial. Help your new cat get to know you. A month and a half ago, this guy died and his 5 year old domestic shorthair cat, skippy, was in the house with him for a while and then was rescued.

I'd get worried if the cat doesn't eat by the 2nd day. Blake has some great methods to help ease the stress in these common situations. New cat hiding in basement?

Cats have a strong sense of smell and activity with their cat bowl and cat food odors might trigger an appearance. Milani says if a cat begins hiding, it’s paramount that the owner monitors the cat’s eating, drinking, urinating, and defecating. Cardboard boxes or sheets draped over chairs make ideal hiding spots when you first bring kitty home.

It is much easier to interact with a cat hiding in a box than a cat hiding under a bed. You might never find all of your cat’s hiding places, and that is just part of living with our independent feline friends. However if there is noise in a new home, then try to make it more quiet till cat opens up.

If you have just got a new cat in the house, your other cat will show behavioral changes. There she is, under the bed, in the farthest darkest corner. For my current cat hiding story:

Best of adopting a cat < help! I am feeding him twice a day and he comes out to eat and is using the litter box, but i have only caught glimpses of him. Give your cat some time.

Continue feeding twice a day, and ideally sit in the room with the cat while it eats. New cat keeps hiding in the litter box (advice wanted!) discussion. Please can i have some advice?

“if the cat is hiding due to a new pet, or even person, in the house, keep the cat isolated, such as in a bedroom. Cats withdraw suddenly from life and hide the day away when something is just not right in their universe. So give your cat his own space and let them become accustomed to the house one room at a time.

I think that for a stressed cat in a new environment hiding inside the house is way more likely. Your cat is anxious because he fears he will no longer be the center of attention. Monitor your cat’s behavior changes.

We went to go pick her up, and everything seemed fine. Cats are sensitive to changes. Ask question asked 3 years, 9 months ago.

The storage part of the basement is filled with stuff and so it is pretty easy for him to keep hidden. We now also have a cat who likes to hide in the basement rafters, he’s very skittish but loves attention as well. In my spare room there is a mattress on its side, on top there is stuff, on top there is an empty suitcase, then on top of that right up by the roof, there is juniper.

Posted by jennifer on january 24th, 2011. She seemed to really like me and we bonded well. Hiding behavior in cats could signal an illness or serious medical condition, and owners need to pay attention when this behavior emerges and is out of the ordinary.

Cat hiding behavior is not unusual and is a normal feline response. If you have been searching, having looked everywhere you can think, then you might want to wait for a while. And who should be there, eyes glowing in the dark, then this cat i had given up for lost.

He does have some sort of insect in his fur, not fleas. Active 2 years, 8 months ago. I have 2 cats one is tame and one is a scared cat, we have just moved house and i managed to move one of my cats into a cage but the scared one ran away before i could put her in her cage so she is still at the old house but won't came out of hiding and she is scared of the new tenants.

We st … read more My new cat is hiding and won’t come out! Then she ran and hid and we.

I treated that with a treatment applied to his neck. Most cats take a couple of weeks to acclimate, but it might take a month or two. Anyways, i picked up the cat yesterday, perhaps a little prematurely without asking the right questions, etc.

However, as long as you know your cat is safely in the house and not injured, it will come out eventually. The last night in the house, i went into the basement late, late at night to check and see if i was forgetting anything. Give your cat time to get used to its new home.

New cat in the house. Common reasons why your cat may cower and want to avoid the public spotlight include one or more of the following conditions: Your cat may have found a hiding spot that you have missed and may just be taking a nap there.

The second day, we opened the door to the main basement area (i really needed a desk to work on, and this way she could see me while i worked), and she came out to roam the perimeter, though she got spooked when i moved and darted back into her room. Her eyes are round and big like twin yellow glowing moons, and she cowers away when you reach towards her. My new cat is hiding and won’t come out!

The cat will come to associate her with good things, like food, which will make bonding easier. I got a new cat yesterday. If you can't find your indoor cat after intensive searching, try waiting for an hour before expanding the search.

This is a sign of anxiety; During this time, try not to force the cat to come out of its hiding spot. New cat is hiding and not eating.

I just adopted my 4 year old ragdoll last week. Now that she's home, i'm worried. A couple days ago, i adopted a cat from a lady off craigslist.

Well, he didn't like moving to yet another new place, this one smaller than before. Sometimes he disappears for hours and doesn't eat unless i put it in front of him. She was totally fine until hubby and i went to bed the first night she was here.

The best way to make your cat comfortable enough to come out of hiding is to give it time to adjust to its new surroundings. Unfortunately, on day 3 he ran out of the room and into my basement, where he has been hiding ever since. It shouldn't take too long since the cat knows you, where my cat was new to everything.

She even followed my 6 year old son around when he was getting ready for bed. A medical problem, pain, fear or stress. Once the cat is caught, she can put the litter boxes and food back downstairs for the other cats, and her best bet would be to isolate the new cat in a room of its own.

He might be hiding from you or from the other pet. Give it time, keep feeding at the same time and kitty will come around. My cat has suddenly taken to hiding, when he never did that before, and he seems unhappy or in distress.

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